Primal For 21 Days – Day 1

Yep that’s right I’m giving Primal a try again and yes I’m still sick.  I’ve still got a little bit left of my sinus infection which as you know was how I ended up with bronchitis and I guess my sinus problem is last step of the game.  So maybe you’re thinking to yourself as I was doing this morning, ‘Hey, I thought I was going to wait until I was well to start dieting.’

Well you are right, I was going to start maybe by this weekend but then this morning I stepped up on the scale….Wholly Cow!!  I got on the scale and I tipped the scales at 209.7 pounds.  Now I had gone to Atlanta with a weight of 202-203 pounds and came home with only about 1-2 pounds more but because I was sick I ate heavily because I was taking very strong antibiotics and by eating heavily I can avoid having diarrhea and have been eating almost anything and everything I wanted falling back on a poor mantra: ‘I need to eat heavily to avoid diarrhea’ but that came back and bit me and bit me big.

So basically I’ve gained at least 6 pounds in 11 days which is a ridiculous amount of weight to gain.  No wonder my uniform pants were fitting a bit tight and why my waistline was itching, it was rubbing up against my waistband and being squashed and of course I scratched and scarred up my waist.  Hey before you say don’t do that, I didn’t realize that I was scratching myself in my sleep until I got up this morning, I was sore from where I had been scratching so if I don’t stop it will be the ‘Chicken Pox Remedy’ for me.  What is the chicken pox remedy…well when I was young and caught the chicken pox from one of my brothers, I would scratch myself so much that I would make the marks bleed so in order to get me to stop, my mother put socks on my hands and taped them in place so I wouldn’t remove them during the night.  It worked and I did not have any scars from the pox marks.

Enough of going down memory lane.  It is time for me to focus on this.  I had opened my e-mail and saw that Mark of Mark’s Daily Apple had issued the 21 Days of Primal contest.  Unfortunately for me I did not realize that it was suppose to go from September 16 – October 6.  Now I didn’t realize that it had started on the 16th but he said that it was not too late to get started so since I’m not one for competition so I’m not registered for the Challenge.  But as Mark said, it isn’t too late to get started…it is never too late to get started.

I read the email after I had my breakfast which luckily was only a cup of coffee.  I know that I’m not prepared properly to do this but at least I have enough protein in the freezer, hey they were having a sale of sirloin tip steaks at a local market so I took advantage of it and stocked up and I found some great deals on Ahi Tuna so that will be great too.  The hard part was the greens.  I only like certain type of vegetables so that tends to limit me on what I can eat but I’m expecting to do much better this time.

So why just 21 days, well that is a good place to start because after 21 days I should build up a habit of eating better.  Oh so I guess I shouldn’t worry about waiting to start eating better because in this dieting plans I will eat better.  One thing I had noticed was that he encouraged us to eat at least one salad a day and I know that will help along with eating my vegetables, so I will need to start prepping some of my vegetables so that they can be fixed in a way that I enjoy meaning using better and coconut oil for cooking.


So here we go and let’s see how things are going by next Wednesday, I will have been on the diet for 7 days and I’m hoping to see at least 1-2 pounds of weight gone.  Now the only problem I will have is the fact that I need to exercise but I might not be able to do that for the next day or two because I have major sneezing fits every time I go outside, but hopefully with taking my allergy meds along with my Rx nasal spray and things should get better.

Here we go with Day 1 foods:


Coffee with Stevia/Creamer 1 cup 2
Vitamin C – Emergen-C 1 packet 6



Tunafish Salad:Tuna/Mayo/Mustard/Chopped Egg 1/4 cup 0.1
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Bacon/Cheese/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5
Sparkling Water – Strawberry Flavor 8 oz 0



Crab Rangoon 2 8
Sesame Chicken 2 cups 55
Broccoli – Frozen 1 cup 6
Sparkling Water – Strawberry Flavor 8 oz 0


Day 1 Total Carbohydrate Count:      84.6 grams


Well as you can see by this I really went big for dinner.  I had some left over Sesame Chicken from my dinner last night and I realized that I had been keeping my carb count down, thankfully so I could so ahead and have the chicken and that way it will be gone and I won’t be tempted to have that and rice, which I did not have and disposed of it.  But I was able to have my two crab rangoon left over from dinner last night.  So now all of the temptation food is pretty much gone so tomorrow I will be able to focus much better on my carb count.


Although I was under 100 grams limit I still need to watch much more carefully what I eat.  I also ate way too much and am paying the price for it with an over stretched tummy.

Perhaps you are wondering why I’m taking the Emergen-C vitamins packet, well seeing how poorly I’m feeling I figure it couldn’t hurt me but only help me as I continue to struggle to feel better.  Since I stayed home from work, I was able to rest my throat and it is grateful for the rest and despite the sneezing fit I had earlier I was able to clear my nose and I’m feeling better…oh yeah the 2 hour nap I had earlier also helps.

I’m planning on going to bed in a short time so I can get as much sleep as possible.  I know that is also very vital and maybe I’ll wake up feeling good enough to go for a brief walk.  I’ve got to get some exercise and get adjusted to being outside if this primal plan is going to work.  I’ll worry about exercising more once I feel better, if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s not to go crazy about exercising.

Oh yeah I guess I should tell you that my blood pressure is up and part of it is because of my sinus problem and also because I haven’t been taking my meds correctly but hard to do when it hurts to even swallow.  I was also reading of other ways in which to decrease your blood pressure by focusing on deep breathing and calming times as well as simple walks.  Besides I noticed that my blood pressure was better when I was eating healthier so maybe it will get under control with dieting and regularly exercising.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope that this time I see a big difference.  Next month I get a free pass into a local amusement park and my youngest brother is going to join me so I have a riding partner for the rides.  I need to drop a little bit of weight so I don’t squash him when we sit down on the rides.  So I have a simple goal and things should hopefully be better.  No I don’t expect to lose a lot of weight but enough so my pants aren’t tight when we go to the park.

Got to run and get ready for bed.  Have a good night and a good day upon waking.


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