Primal For 21 Days – Day 3

I want to first mention that despite how much I felt the urge to snack last night when I got off, I resisted.  I had read somewhere that sometimes when we think we are hungry it is often our body actually telling us that we are thirsty so I drank water and that seemed to quell the rumbling in my tummy.  So yippy for me I managed to avoid snacking.

Well with that being said let me tell you that it was hard for me not to step on the scale today and for anyone who has read any of my previous blogs then you will know that it is hard for me to stay off the scale.  I tend to want to have daily satisfaction so this is very hard for me to do but I am avoiding the temptation.

The best thing so far today is that I woke up and wasn’t feeling horrible, finally I think that I’m coming out from under the cloud of sickness.  I managed to sleep in which was really a good thing for me because now that I think about it I never was able to get enough rest earlier when I was first diagnosed with Bronchitis.  So at least now as my body is struggling to get better, I think the sleep helps and believe it or not I believe that my changing of my diet is also helping.  Hey it never hurts to be eating better and since I’m not eating pizza or grabbing a quick burger and fries it seems to actually be making a difference.  As for energy well I think that my body is absorbing the nutrients in order to let my body continue to heal.  So why didn’t I think of that before…no idea why.

So I woke up late and instead of trying to get up early and go walking, right now walking may not be the wisest thing at the current time.  The heat has been up and going in and out of heat and into cool doesn’t help my health either.  So woke up late but I did have a sort of breakfast, but not really.  Then I rushed out to take my mother to the market because it is raining where I’m at and since I really didn’t think she should wait in the rain to go to the grocery store, I took my mother to the store.  From there it was a relaxing day.  It was raining when we left and stopped by the time we got to the store and we got home before the rain started again.  Since then I’ve just been taking it easy and resisting the urge to sleep or else I will not get to sleep at a decent hour tonight.  So let’s get this thing started.

Day 3 Food Consumed:


Vitamin C – Emergen-C 1 packet 6


2 Egg Omlet w/mushrooms/spinach/cheese/bacon 1 3.03
Chicken Spread 1/4 cup 0


Sirloin Hamburger w/1oz Fontina Cheese/10 Cranberries 1 12
Green Beans-French Cut w/mushrooms 1 cup 6
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Bacon/Cheese/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5

All Day:

Sparkling Water – Mandarin Orange 1 liter 0



Yogurt Greek-Danon Light&Lean-Blueberry 5.3 oz 9



As I stated earlier I slept in and thanks to that I’m feeling better now at the end of the night.  Yes I know that this is late being posted and sorry it wasn’t posted earlier but after making dinner things had to be cleaned up.

So let me talk about my main course for dinner.  I took 1 pound of ground sirloin meat and divided it into three patties and saved some to top the burger.  Then I chopped up maybe 1 oz of Fontina cheese per burger but that is really being generous but it is easier to count this way.  Then I added 1/3 cup of cranberries into the mix and divided it evenly between the three burgers.  Well when I made this before I was actually paying attention and the burger was wonderful but unfortunately I was watching something in the other room and I kind of over cooked the burger so they were not juicy.  Yes I was bad and did not watch things.  I also love green beans cooked in butter but I usually saute mushrooms and throw in some garlic and some dehydrated onions in the butter and once that is done I put the bag of frozen french cut green beans in the pan and cover and just let things work together.

Ya know I really hadn’t thought about it but I’ve really been pretty low except for day one on my carbohydrate count.  My stomach has been a bit upset though so I’m debating whether or not to have some yogurt.  Now this really takes some reading at the grocery store but I found that Danon Light&Lean Greek Yogurt/Blueberries only has 9 carbohydrates in one of the single serve containers.

I’ve been pretty good so far on the diet although I’ve seen a couple of things on TV that I was interested in cooking but odds are I will not make it because why…..not on the diet.  At least it won’t be made until the 8th of next month.  Yes I have been very tempted by food especially since not everyone in the house is on my diet and it is sometimes hard to turn away from the fast food places but I want my pants to fit better and if I’m ever going to do cosplay at my convention then I have to really stay focused.  So for 21 days I need to be good and hopefully will have built up good habits.

Okay I broke down and had a yogurt so let me list it and that will now change my totals but still looking good on my totals.  So now I’m outta here and need to drink a little bit more regular filtered water to help keep me hydrated

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