Primal For 21 Days – Day 5

Well I went to bed rather late partially because I was working on a project and partially because my allergies were acting up.   If I had been smart I would have gotten up and gone to the store for more allergy meds because I was out but no one ever accused me of being smart…a smart-ass but never smart.  So I did not go to the store and in the morning I woke up feeling okay but I had only slept for about 5 hours so I opted to take a nap for another hour.  Bad decision.  I woke up with my nose all clogged up and then after I washed my nose it started running while I was standing still.

So I skipped breakfast because I did sleep in a bit late and I showered and washed my nose as I stated above.  Then I ate my lunch which was okay but already I’m getting tired of it so that is a bad sign.  That is when things started to go downhill.  I started sneezing, a sure sign that my allergies are about to act up but still I didn’t do anything to fix that problem.  My nose then stopped up and stopped running only every time I stood up and started to walk about it was drip city.  So now here I am at work feeling miserable and wishing that I had thought ahead.

So tonight I need to make a late night run to the store and pick up some more of my sparkling water, some distilled water since I’m rapidly running out of that having to wash my nose more than once a day and get some more allergy meds, maybe I’ll buy two boxes worth so I won’t have to worry so much.  Oh and I was going to use some other salad dressing that was a Fat Free version and was shocked to see how much higher the carb count on that was, so I will pass on that one and pick up more salad dressing tonight after work.

Well as I stated, I’m starting to get bored with what I’m eating so I did remember to pick up something different for my source of protein for dinner tonight and maybe that will make a difference.  So I guess there is nothing else to say except…bring on the food listings.


Slept In



California Chicken Salad-Senoma Diet 1 cup 11
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Bacon/Cheese/Dressing 1 1/2  cup 7.5



Savory Seasoned Chicken Breast                                              142 gm                                                    5

Green Beans – French Cut w/Mushrooms                              1 cup                                                        6



Hydrating Drink – Like Gatorade Only Local 16 oz 10

The saddest part of this is that I think that I’m starting to get really, really bored with the food that I’m supposed to eat.  Guess I will need to jazz it up a bit.  But for now I will live with what I have ready to go.  I wish I could cook my dinner because I would love to have Ahi Tuna steaks for dinner but that will have to be for lunch since I can’t cook that at work.

I know that Mark had suggested having at least one salad a day but well that too is getting boring, guess I will just get used to it until I really start seeing some results on me.  My focus will be on eating good and maybe soon my pants will not feel so tight.  I will eat right…I will eat right.  So far so good and I only mildly think about other things but I know sometime down the road I might indulge in having only a small bite of things so I can sate my cravings.

However, I’m not there yet, I still have 16 or 16 1/2 since today is not fully over before I can even consider eating anything not low in carbohydrates.  I’m also getting kind of anxious because every time I go outside my allergies kick me in the nose and wipe me out.  I’m about at the point of washing my nose but if I do that now and my nose acts up again later tonight at work I will be up the creek without a paddle…or even a boat.  I’m anxious to feel better because I’ve not been able to do any type of exercising, not even walking as suggested…now that is probably what is bothering me the most.  So for now I’ll just have to wait until I get off and then hit the 24 hour store for some relief.

Well just in case you are wondering why this popped up again, it is because I had to make some adjustments to this because of what happened to me all day.  What happened?  Well simply put is just like I stated above, my nose was running and it seemed to have almost a faucet hooked up to it.

By the time I got home after shopping I was coughing so hard I was almost upchucking, sorry to be graphic but that is how intense my coughing session had become and of course my nose was running as fast as the fluid could be put back into my system by water or sparkling water.  So it was a horrible night.  Finally I grabbed some Bendryl and took it and stayed up a couple of hours until I could feel it working on me.  During that time of waiting is when I slugged down the hydrating drink which is a local store mixture similar to Gatorade.  I lost so much fluids blowing my nose all day that I knew I needed it and once that was in my system I was able to relax enough and sleep after of course I washed my nose twice.



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