Primal For 21 Days – Day 6

Yea….I survived the night.

Believe me that is a good cause for celebration.  The Benadryl worked last night and I was able to sleep through most of the night.  I slept from about 0130-1050 hours which mean that I slept well about 9 1/2 hours, okay 9:20 hours…picky, picky, picky.  Either way what does that say, I was tired and drugs work good!

So at first I was feeling great and thought yippy I beat this thing but I knew my body was just waking up.  Sure enough my the time I started moving around my nose started running but not as badly as it was running last night.  I took my Emergen-C to help speed some Vitamin C and in a little bit I will be taking some Vitamin C via pills so that I can get it going through my system and not worry about the carbs on those.  I needed some relief to my throat and some B-12 which this packet has so I’m awake and feeling a bit better.  Okay then let’s see how we do today.


Vitamin C – Emergen-C 1 packet 6


Bacon Provolone Burger Patty 1 0
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Bacon/Cheese/Dressing 1 1/2  cup 7.5
Sprarkling Water – Mandrin Orange 1/2 liter 0


Pork-Natural Seasoned Pulled Pork 2/3 cup 4
Broccoli – Frozen 1 cup 6
Coffee – w/creamer/sweetner/white chocolate S/F syrup 1 mug 2


Hydrating Liquid 16 oz 10




Well why I was busy sneezing and coughing while shopping I started looking around for other things to eat, okay I broke down and bought some Angus grass fed hamburger meat and got some more cheese which means I will be making my special burgers again only this time I will not ignore the burgers while cooking, I will focus on them.  But I also found a all natural pork prepared pulled pork and on the package it states that the pigs were given an all vegetarian diet which makes me feel even better.  Can’t wait to eat it but not sure when I will eat it.  At least I’m looking forward to trying something new and it will keep me from being so bored with what I’m eating which is usually why I end up falling by the way side but not this time, I’m determined to stay the way and shortly I will be able to step up on the scale and hopefully it will give me good news, but that is two mornings away.

Although I woke up and started my day on shaky legs…I mean with a slightly running nose and a bit of coughing, this evening has turned out to be a wonderful night.  Oh sure i have an occasional cough and I’ve blown my nose a few times but I haven’t gone through half a box of tissues at work and although my throat is a bit sore I know that it will hold out until I can get home and gargle with warm salt water like I did last night and it gave some temporary relief.  Last night I would have gladly given my left arm for some Benadryl but not today.  Today thanks to modern OTC drugs I’m actually thinking that I may be on the mend.

As I looked back on what I’ve eaten in the last few days, I noticed that on Friday I had some Greek yogurt, normally this doesn’t bother me at all but on Saturday I started feeling a little stuffy in the nose and didn’t heed the warning signs my body was telling me so I had some again the next day.  Big mistake.  I can normally handle the Greek yogurt when I’m well but in my current condition apparently that will now join the do not eat list at least for now.  So by keeping track of what I ate I was able to determine what caused me to have the set back on my recovery.

If you could see me, you would see a fat lady doing a very bad happy dance because I figured out what caused me to have the relapse and although I normally can handle the Greek yogurt, not for a while.  Someone at work remarked about the obvious change in me and so I guess it does pay to talk about what you eat.

So a hint to all as if you didn’t know it already, keep track of what you eat so that way you can see where things might affect your weight.  It is very important in the beginning of dieting because as we all know this is where you set up good habits.  I wish I could say that I was already feeling thinner but I would be lying so I won’t say it, I’ll only wish it.  But if I’m not loosing any then the reasoning will be because I’ve been so sick and although diet is 80% of loosing weight, the every day casual exercise such as walking can make a difference.  Just over one more day before I can step on the scale and hopefully Wednesday morning I can do the happy dance.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed until then and will keep on watching what I eat.

Hope you have a good day because my day has been getting better and better every hour which is a 180 from yesterday at this time.  Oh and take some Vitamin C, it is good for you!!!!


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