Primal For 21 Days – Day 10

Well as they say the best laid plans of Mice and Men often go awry, well that was exactly what happened with me.  You would think that I had been out drinking all night the way I felt when I woke up.  I actually had to start thinking about what I had done and if my body had snuck off and left my brain behind and started drinking, well the answer was no but that is what I felt like.  Oh wait a minute, I wasn’t drunk my allergies were kicking my butt.  Oh never mind.

It didn’t help that I was still feeling guilty about having the chocolate cake yesterday but that is the past and now I will be better, maybe just not today.  Oh I was a good girl when it came to eating but I wasn’t better today.  My throat was sore yesterday even after gargling and the glands in my throat were still swollen and tender to the touch.  I forgot my prescription yesterday and so today I took it to the store and was told it would take an hour to fill it so I ran a few errands such as looking to see if the stadium closest to me was open so I could walk stairs in the future and it was and there was one person running the track so maybe I will have to chose another stadium.

My head was throbbing and I knew better than to try and exercise when it was my allergies that were once again kicking my butt.  Then I realized that I hadn’t taken my allergy medication and that I hadn’t eaten breakfast.  So that is what was wrong with me…no wonder I was off my game.

So I went to one of the higher end grocery stores to find a particular type of egg that one of my friends suggested because these eggs were from actual free range chickens who were fed only natural things and who are free to roam around on a large farm and they are from a relatively local farm which was great.  So I figured why not try these almost $5/dozen eggs and that way I could say I tried them and then I could go back to my normal eggs.  Yeah I’m cheap and can’t afford to normally eat the more expensive free range chicken eggs but I figured why not because this guy was really raving about them.  He said that the yoke was very tasty and I figured why not give them a try.

First I had to go pick up my antibiotics and few other things at the store which I quickly took home and got ready for an extremely late lunch.  So I decided to try these expensive eggs and to get the best taste out of them I decided that I would have them over medium, sorry but over easy is too runny for me and besides that I haven’t liked them over easy because there has been little taste in egg yokes.  I cooked 2 eggs over medium and heated up some bacon and cut into the egg yokes to make sure they were over medium and they were, what a mistake that was.  It was a mistake for me to cook them over medium, they should have been over easy and the main reason was the yoke.  They were brown eggs, and the color doesn’t really matter to me and when I cracked them the first thing I noticed was that the shells were a little bit thicker than my usual eggs.  Right away when I put the eggs into the frying pan I could see a difference in the color of the yoke as well as the size of the yokes.  The yokes were larger and looked a deep yellow but not pale yellow but a very rich deep yellow and they were also larger than usual.  So I cooked them up and was happily surprised to taste them and learned just how good eggs were, just like I remember when I was a kid.  In a way I wish I could eat bread so I could sop up the yokes with bread but I’m doing okay with just the bacon strips.  They were the tastiest eggs I’ve had in a very long time and so glad I spent the money on them.  They were put out by Vital Farms and since I live in Texas they were and when I go back to the store, which is out of my way by about 6 miles I will gladly pay the extra money and will make sure I have them so that I can enjoy the yokes.  I love my new egg find.

Alright now that I’ve ranted and raved about my late lunch of eggs, I took my antibiotics and had such a pounding headache from my allergies that I fell asleep for about 3 hours and woke up feeling better, even my throat.  My sore irritated throat has been a part of why I’ve not been anxious to eat in the morning because it is so darn raw and sore but this evening is the first time that my throat is not sore from what feels like claws being dragged up and down the inside of my throat.  So hopefully things will go better tonight and I will wake up feeling better.

Enough of this, let’s see what I’ve had to eat today after a bad day like yesterday.






Egg, Large 2 0.74
Applewood Bacon – Thick 3 slices 0



Hamburger-Chuck/Cranberries/Mushrooms 1 15
Salad:Lettucex2/Tomato/Mushroom/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5



Coffee w/Sweetener/Cream/FV creamer SF/WC SF 1 mug 2


Day 10 Carbohydrates:       25.24 GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES


Despite my being so high yesterday I was really down today but don’t feel bad about it.  It keeps my system guessing and not falling into a rut.  So I’m really hoping that my allergies will be in better control so that I can go walking tomorrow.  Okay, well half way through the day I will have hit the mid point.  Or as they say in the commercials….  HUMP DAY …. YEAH..WOO HOO!!!

My goal is still to be able to wear regular jeans at least by Christmas and not be in fat lady jeans.  So in order to do that I’ve got to get busy and start working out.  Now if I could just get rid of this cold and control my allergies then life would be better.  So here’s to an even better tomorrow!!


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