Primal For 21 Days – Day 12

Well woke up with a slightly scratchy throat but feeling considerably better than I was last Sunday.  So it rained most of the night so no mowing of the lawn.

It was a pretty uneventful day which is good and I also slept through breakfast.  Oh I got up in time but could feel my allergies acting up so I took another nap and slept until noon.  So here’s what I ate for the day.






Chicken Spread 1/4 cup 0
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Mushroom/Dressing 1 cup 6



Chicken Breast – Grilled Seasoned w/Rosemary 1 0
Green Beans-French Cut w/mushrooms 1/2  cup 4
Egg – Hardboiled 1 Large .0.38



Coffee w/Sweetener/Reguar FV Creamer 1 mug 5


Total for Day 12:   15.38 GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES


Okay I got to work and saw that all I had in my drawer was a regular International Delight French Vanilla creamer which had a higher carb count but I wanted coffee so I made the sacrifice and it didn’t really hurt me.  So nothing much happening except still eating good.


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