Primal For 21 Days – Day 14

Okay so it is hump day for me and believe me I’m celebrating it at work and thankfully it was an easy day for me at work.  Definitely on my way to being completely well, not quite there but I’m getting there.

Finally I woke up early enough for me to end up being able to cook breakfast which was a real treat for me but also I took the steaks that I moved from the freezer to the refrigerator and put them out on the counter so they could finish defrosting so I could cook them before lunch.

Well then let’s get right into things and see how I’m doing.


Egg, Large 2 0.76
Applewood Bacon – Thick 2 slices 0
Coffee with Stevia/Creamer 1 cup 2



Beef – Sirloin grass fed 4 oz 0
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Mushrooms/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5



Beef – Sirloin grass fed 4 oz 0
Green Beans-French Cut 1 cup 5
Mashed Potatoes – Prepackaged 1/2 cup (4 oz) 17



Coffee with Stevia/SF FV Creamer/Cream/SF WC 1 cup 2


Totals for the day:   34.26 GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES


As you can see I had time for breakfast and managed to gobble down lunch.  Yeah I know I’m suppose to relax and enjoy lunch but that didn’t happen because I was busy cooking the steaks and then having to get my lunch ready for work and then I had to fix a salad.  At least when I fixed my salad today I made enough to last a couple of days.  I will have to start planning a few meals in order to eat right for these days that I have left.

I think that I can say that I’m getting used to focusing on getting my carbs from mostly vegetables.  Now twice this week I’ve had mashed potatoes and that is probably more than I should have but considering this last time I’ve had them I have the carbs to spare.  Didn’t have too much to spare the last time but that is a work in progress.

I’m hoping that I wake up early enough to enjoy and relaxing walk after or before breakfast so then I can take my mother grocery shopping.  Heck there were so many things that I forgot to buy the last time I went shopping that I’ve made at least 3 extra trips to the store.  I must remember to make a list of what I need.

So this has been a great day food wise although I was rather rushed for lunch but other than that I think I’m doing okay.  Again I can’t say that I know for sure because tomorrow is weigh in time and knowing my luck I will have gained weight because I haven’t been exercising.  Too bad dieting isn’t enough for me.

Don’t worry I’m not getting down on myself I’m being truthful, I know that the first 5 pounds or so is just water weight and seeing that I haven’t really been drinking enough water which is something that Mark talks about and unfortunately I really have not been drinking as much water as I should.  As a matter of fact I was drinking more water when I was sick and although I drank more then, I’ll pass on getting sick again.  Why, well #1 is because now I can finally taste the food and that is why I brought out the steaks.


Odds are I will be having steak a little more frequently, they are so yummy.  See this is why this type of diet is good for me, I love protein (meat) and I can handle vegetables although my selection of vegetables is usually quite limited.  Oh well as long as I can eat meat then I’m happy.

The nerves have officially set in as I await my weigh in tomorrow and if you suddenly hear sobbing mid morning, then know that it is me crying because I gained instead of lost weight. I can only have a shadow of hope that I might have lost a 10th of a pound.  It sucks having to work hard at losing weight, it wasn’t hard to put it on.  I wish it would be as easy to lose as it is to gain.  Oh well time for me to get out of here, pack up my work stuff and go home.

Good Night Folks!


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