Primal For 21 Days – Day 17 – Late Entry

Well as you can tell this is a late entry, it should have been done on Friday but obviously it was not so now at least I can review everything that I did.  Allow me to say that everything went kind of wonky and my schedule was severely thrown off.  First off my brother came in from out of town on Wednesday evening and in case you didn’t tune into Thursday’s plight well it was busy, busy, busy.  Mowed the lawn for exercise, you remember I using a human powered mower to mow the lawn.

Burned a lot of energy Thursday but there was still lawn to do the next day which was what I did on Friday, day 17 of 21.  Although I didn’t have much to do, it took almost as long because I was busy pulling up weeds that have spread from my neighbors’ yards since they really don’t give a flip about what is growing in their yards.  So stopping to pull up weeds really stretched out my legs which was probably good because the day before I didn’t do any type of stretching and almost twisted my knee which would have been very bad.

Okay so had to let the sun come up more so that the grass would be standing up making it easier for me to mow, did I say easier to mow.  Wow, that’s a fib.  I still had to go back and forth over the grass and unfortunately I got two reminders from my neighbors showing that they are bad dog owners.  They let their dogs out and wander around when the dogs need to take a dump and then the dogs wander back into their yards.  So guess what happened…..yep you guessed it.  I found two very unpleasant surprises buried in the grass and didn’t realize it until I rolled over it with the lawn mower and it was all over the wheels but at least I didn’t step in it.  Lucky for me I guess.

So I mowed the grass, washed away the dog poop, pulled weeds and then the sun got a bit too high in the sky and my time ran out so I had to quit and come in and shower very quickly so I could race downtown to pay my parking ticket.  I thought they closed at 3 but they closed at 4 but either way it got paid.  So yeah now my truck is no longer in danger of having a warrant issued on it.  Yippy my truck is still a law abiding truck, that was the first ticket it and I had been issued and for what….a parking violation.  Oh well the first in 20 years, guess that isn’t too bad.

So ticket paid and I come home and finally managed to get something to eat then went and dried/straightened my hair then we rushed out to catch brother #3’s step-daughter’s football team game.  She is on the dance team and although we were the visiting team and they were playing to the home team side, what we could see of the routine was rather nice.

I was quite proud of myself, I was starving, really starving but when I went down to the concession stand the only thing that I could have was water and diet soda.  So I opted for the soda since I don’t like the bottled water selection and I sit up in the stands and cheer her team on but not even my cheers helped the team as they lost by 11 points.  So we got home and finally I could eat and then I spent the rest of the night bringing brother #2 up to speed on downloading apps on his phone.

Hey cut him some slack, this is the first smart phone that he has gotten and now he is getting good on it and when he returns back home Monday he will be able to show his wife how to use more things on her smart phone.  I know what took him so long to get a smart phone, well he was more concerned with getting his daughters and a young man he helped sponsor and who looks upon my brother as his father, but anyway he has him on the pay plan.  So he changed providers and his bill went from $270 to $125 and so he could afford to get a smart phone for he and his wife.  Any way, so we were up late last night downloading different apps and since I never had a chance to rest after mowing the lawn earlier, well I just went to sleep.  Thus why I’m late in posting this.  I will be late posting the stuff for Day 18, we are going to Octoberfest in our city where my brother will be singing and we are hoping to get something to eat.  Brother #2 is a vegetarian, Brother #3 is singing and brother #4 will hopefully be joining us.

Going to quickly post things because we’re going to go visit my uncle who has lung cancer and then we will probably head out to the Octoberfest.  So maybe I’ll post day 18 later tonight.



Egg, Large 2 0.74
Coffee w/Sweetener/Cream/FV creamer SF/WC SF 1 mug 2



Pork-Natural Seasoned Pulled Pork 2/3 cup 4



Cheese – Provolone 1 slice 0
Chicken Spread 1/4 cup 0


Day 17 totals:   13.48 GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES

I managed to get dinner eaten after the football game which was okay if it wasn’t so late at the night then I would have felt better.  So that was what happened yesterday and it was a very busy but fun day.


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