Primal For 21 Days – Day 18 – I Survived Temptation

Yea for me, I definitely survived a lot of temptation and was very, very happy about managing to do it.

So thankfully I woke up late and guess I really needed the sleep and best of all it was not a allergy meds induced sleep.  I was feeling fine and I can only hope that this keeps up.  Tonight I went to visit with my uncle who is receiving chemo due to cancer in his lungs and he has COPD but that was after we went to the local city Oktoberfest.  But let me tell you why I’m a touch apprehensive and that is because while visiting my uncle I discovered that they have a cat and to make matters worse, the litter box for the stupid cat is in his bedroom.

So something told me to be careful as I sat down in his room which I did and then I saw his wife doing something but I really couldn’t tell what she was doing, until a minute later and I thought that I smelled poop.  I was right because there she was cleaning out the cat litter box that was in my uncle’s bedroom/sitting room and then I saw a cat that started walking towards us.  My mother also noticed it as did brother #2 only he doesn’t know how highly allergic to cats I am, but thankfully she was.  She kept an eye on me to make sure I did my best not to move around and she watched what I touched.  So I sat on a sofa where the cat will usually climb upon which set me on high alert.

Because of the cat it meant that I had to be very careful and not move around very much and she even pointed out when I started scratching my face especially around my eyes.  One look from her reminded me that I was scratching around my eyes which made me stop scratching but I was also very anxious the whole time we were there.  Once I got home I immediately shed my clothes and showered and then swallowed some children’s liquid Benadryl to make sure I don’t start scratching.  So far so good but I guess we will know for sure come the morning.

Oh yeah, so we went to Oktoberfest to hear brother #3 sing and it was okay but it was held in a small facility where the German group regularly meets.  We walked by a booth that was selling potato pancakes.  Brother #2 bought two, one for him and one for my mother.  I managed to escape without any damage to my carb count.  So then I decided to go get a bratwurst and after paying for it I put mustard on it, which still kept me well within my stats.

Once brother #3 and his wife, who was dressed very beautifully in her German clothes, came by the table and offered to buy me a beer.  I passed but once he brought back one for him and one for his wife, I asked to smell it.  He kept on trying to convince me to just take a sip and said that it wouldn’t hurt my diet.  But I resisted and then I asked to smell his wife’s beer which smelled more to my liking and she too offered to let me drink it but I stayed true and passed on sampling any of the beers and all other drinks except diet soda.  It was okay but it was in a very small venue so you didn’t really have to even wander around to see the whole place.  It was small and getting crowded as we were leaving to go visit my uncle.  My brother’s group sang well and as we were leaving a couple asked to join and so I told them to ask my sister-in-law and they said okay and now they have two new friends.  Yippy for them.

Enough chit chat, let’s see what a good job I did to stay within my limits because I’m so damn proud of being able to say the temptation was there but I just passed on what was bad for me.  It should be noted that the bratwurst that I had only had mustard on it, I cut it up in the bun so it wouldn’t slip and slide around in the dish they served it in.  But in the end the bun that had some mustard on it remained whole, I wasn’t even tempted to nibble on it.  So yeah for me especially when you see what I’ve eaten for the day.  Let’s take a look and see how I did.






Chili Cheese Burger-minus bun 1 3
Coffee w/Sweetener/Cream/FV creamer SF/WC SF on ice 2 mug 4



Bratwurst 1 link 1.3


Late Snack:

Chili Cheese Burger – minus bun 1 link 3
Green Beans-French Cut w/mushrooms 1 cup 6


Totals for Day 18, a day of temptations:   17.3 GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES


Wow, I’ve been below 50 most of these days and thankfully I have not been feeling as hungry as I imagined I would.  One thing I’ve kept in mind is that including today I only have 3 more days left before I give myself a break and allow myself to eat in a moderate amount and then I will go back to eating primal.  Hopefully I will be able to keep this up and maybe I will be 200 or less pounds come Thursday which will be after my 21 days of being primal and despite having cake last week I keep on thinking about how much easier things were this time around.

So the trick will be for me to allow for some splurges on that day but not to go overboard.  I want to look as if I’ve obviously lost weight by Christmas time when my nieces come in from Africa where she is working, her sister is working in Washington D.C. and my niece who is coming in to see us from her University where she is a senior.  Wow and last but not least I want to show my other niece who is even larger than me that this diet is doable and with a little bit of determination she can survive for 21 days and she too may see a difference.

Only 2 days left.  Thanks for joining me on the ride and we’ve got 2 more days of fun left.


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