Primal For 21 Days – Day 20

Unbelievable, I’ve gone this long with only the slight slip up yesterday.  I hate to say this but all day long I’ve been craving carbs but not from vegetables, from all of the horrible foods that made me so big.  You know, things like pizza, pancakes, peanut butter, pasta.  Heck I haven’t had pasta since late June and the only reason I had it then was because I really didn’t want to pay $28 for a simple hamburger or a steak.  I saw the steak when one of my friends ordered it, It was not very visually appealing.  Ya see my friend who ordered it was from Texas like myself and we both love our steaks and too much was fat and not enough meat.  Now where was I…..oh yeah, so no pasta since then since that was about all that looked appealing on the menu.  Before that, I hadn’t eaten pasta since April.  So for me to crave pasta meant that my system is way out of whack.  So like I said, I’ve been craving carbs almost all day.

Well my brother went home today and after he left I was able to get busy and start preparing for work.  I made tuna salad minus the egg so it was more like tuna/mayo/whole mustard.  Not the best but not the worse.  I ate at about 9:30 and yet when noon came around I was ready to tear open the refrigerator and grab anything to eat.  Unfortunately there are lots of things not good for me because I had to get some stuff for my vegetarian brother who really doesn’t like vegetables too much.

Well I wolfed down lunch and was still hungry and it wasn’t until 20 minutes later that it all hit my stomach and finally I was satisfied.  So the quick moral for that tale is to relax and try to enjoy what you are eating because otherwise you’ll keep on eating even if you’re not hungry.

I even mentioned how I was craving carbs at work and later in the evening one of my co-workers asked how I was doing on my 21 days.  I told him about my slip and he said to keep on going and I said that I was and that tomorrow is the last of my 21 days.  He asked if I was going to stop there or continue with the diet.  I told him that I would stop for a day or two and relax and then I would hop back on it because I feel now I can better dedicate myself to this.

Yes I know that in the past I have been on it and not been very successful but one of the problems that I always experienced when I was on this 21 days before was the fact that I was still having grains in my diet, such as bread although it was a lower carb bread it was still a grain and still kept me craving more grains and I think that is what caused me to fail on previous attempts.  For now things seem to be back under control.  Now it’s time to list what I ate.



Eggs, large                              2                         .73

Coffee w/my stuff               1 mug                2

Bacon – Applewood           2                           0



Danon Blueberry Greek Yogurt                        1                    9

Tunafish spread                                                 1/2 cup           0



Tunafish salad w/egg                                     1/2 cup              1

Salad Lettuce/Tomato/muschroom/dressing         1 1/2 cup                          7

Cocoa Roasted Almonds                              1 serving            4


Day 20 Totals:             23.73 GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES


Okay so just in case saw that this isn’t in the usual format it is because I’m using a different computer to list this stuff and I don’t have my regular chart to use for the listing so things are a little out of whack….just like me.


So another day has gone by with success.  Another wonderful thing happened to me one of the guys said that my complex looks great.  Maybe by next month I will have lost more weight so people will notice the weight loss.  For now I’ll take the compliment about my face.  As for me I can see the weight loss in my face and I’m quite proud of that loss.  So one more day.  I’m positive that I will succeed in keeping to the diet.  Then I’ll take a break and get back on the diet because it really is working only next time around I will need to exercise if I really want to lose.

See you tomorrow.



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