Back To 21 Days

Well I’ve been off of being Primal for just over a week and boy oh boy am I regretting it.  I have gained weight and now my weight is 204.6 pounds.  So in the week that I was off I gained 6 pounds…yeah I know, 6 pounds.

Oh and just i case I forgot to post it, I was finally able to fit into regular jeans and not stretch jeans which is wonderful.  The only not so wonderful thing is the fact is that although I could put on a regular pair of jeans and button them up, if I bent over it made breathing difficult.  So I’ve got some serious losing to do in order to make up for what I’ve eaten over the past week.

I’ve had pizza at least 3 times and other stuff that I regretted after I ate them but I didn’t really care at the time.  What a fool I was to think that.

However, there was one constant while I was off of my diet and eating willy nilly; I was constantly having indigestion and my complexion turned bad.  It was embarrassing having pimples at my age, so I’m back to eating right.






Cranberry/Cheese/Hamburger              1 patty                   13 carbs



Cranberry/Cheese/Hamburger            1 patty                    13 carbs

Broccoli                                                         1 cup                          6 carbs

Cocoa Roast Almonds                             1 pkg                          8 carbs


Total for day:       40 grams of carbohydrates


Well I’m keeping a count of what I eat just to make sure that I’m eating correctly because that is the best way to make myself stay on the diet.  Every time I would forget to count the carbs I would find in the past that I was defeating myself and not eating right.  One thing I’m going to try and keep with is no grain products.  So here we go again only this time I’m hoping to include some exercises since I’m almost completely well.


Oh yeah about being sick…. well my allergies are still raising their ugly head but I’m trying my best to keep them under control.  So here’s to being healthier both weight wise and allergy wise.  See ya soon!!


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