Prepping For New Diet

Well I’ve been speaking with one of my numerous bosses at work because he has lost 15 pounds since the beginning of the year.  Okay so what is wrong with this??….He is +50 years old and he is a guy.  So you’re probably thinking why is she so against guys, well I’m not against guys it is just that they have an unfair advantage when it comes to losing weight.  They don’t carry as many fat cells around as we do and so it is easier for them to lose weight then it is for females.

But still I’m going to start doing some of his tactics concerning dieting.  He is using a protein shake for breakfast and then he goes out and walks.  He stated that even he had a hard time getting started on walking and thankfully he is now up to 3 miles which he walks almost every day.  So he has inspired me to want to try something similar.  But there is a problem with what he is doing and what I hope to copy.  He substitutes his breakfast for a protein shake and he kind that he uses is not an isolate whey product meaning that he is not lactose intolerant and yours truly is but there is hope.

One of the sites that I’ve been checking out on this protein drink sows that others also have the bloating and gas feeling in their system but they seem to handle it by taking the fast acting lactose chews, so that is something that I might try out while I look around for this particular type of protein shake.

So what is so special about this way of dieting that makes it work, well that is what I’ve been trying to figure out.  I asked him for specifics but he was rather vague, so I’m interpreting the simple plan he told me.  Like all ways to lose weight, the winning way is to focus on the diet because that is where the majority of things happen.  He didn’t count calories, but he did pay attention to the amount of protein and cut back on the carbs that he consumed.  Hmm, sort of sounds like a what I used to do, right?!! So he limits his amount of sugar, even the sugar consumed in fruit which is rather important when it comes to dieting but he said when a good diet is combined with even a small amount of regular exercise it is a winning plan.

Okay isn’t that just what I used to do??  Well pretty close with one of the changes that I will end up doing.  He is substituting the protein shake for his breakfast and then an hour later he goes out for a walk.  Now this protein shake was loaded with vitamins and was a little bit different on some of the counts compared to the Isolate Whey Protein that I had been taking but even if I took it more than one day in a row I was getting the bloated feeling in my system.  But I digress, so he then will drink lots of water after his walk and then he would have lunch and then eat what his wife fixed him for dinner.  So I thought that doesn’t sound too bad especially since he said how full he got after having the protein shake but since he didn’t want to walk on a full tummy, he would wait an hour before walking.

I would love to just jump right in and start doing the diet plan but I have to find where this protein shake is sold because the boss buys it at one of the wholesale clubs which I’m not a member of but I may be one in the future.  My point is that I would hate to get a membership only to find out that I can’t take the protein shake because it doesn’t work right with me, so I’ve got to find the lactose chews and try it with another protein shake to see if it works right.

Now I don’t mind walking but be truthful I really don’t enjoy walking that much especially when I know that I have to stop soon and then go start getting ready for work.  Yet he can do it and he works a 10 hour day where I only work an 8 hour shift…hmm, I think I’m just making an excuse for me…what do you think?

Well I just got through dropping a poop-load of money on a tadpole trike and the picture on it is on my other blog, Recumbent Trike Riding.  As stated I dropped a lot of money on it and I know that I had better start riding it to justify my spending so much money on my trike.  I can say this much, I love riding my trike and it has renewed my love of bicycling.  I first joined a group that rides every Saturday and that was nice but I found out that they didn’t post the routes they usually take so I wouldn’t know if it was going to be a short ride or a long ride nor what type of surface we would be riding over i.e., paved street good condition, paved street but pothole city, cement bike trail or rough trail, etc.  Besides that, I was getting tired of just doing one ride per week, so I started going out on Sunday and riding which was fun.  Now that I’m considering doing the diet plan, I realize that I need to do more riding, almost every day and wouldn’t you know I found a group that rides almost every day.  There are different people in charge of the rides so it is not the same person but I like that they ride every day or at least offer you a trail/route to ride and let you know more about the ride scheduled for that day.

In the past I have gone on one or two trails that they posted but always on my days off.  Now the trails that I’m talking about are 18 and 24 miles which will start conditioning me and will also teach me about climbing hills although there are no really big hills….well there are a couple but they are not long climbs.  The hills will still present a challenge but the even bigger challenge will be for me to get up early, drink my breakfast then head out and do my ride and then come home.  Now if I get good that means that I might be able to take a bat nap to refresh myself before work or maybe not.  I’m sure in time I will become faster or at least I hope so.

Heck I remember when 2 summers ago I was riding 18 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes and sometimes even in one hour.  It was the reverse 18 that really killed me and I would often taken 1 hour 30 minutes or 1 hour and 50 minutes to complete the 36 mile ride.  Why is this important, well as I started riding my trike I noticed that it took me 2:15 to ride the 24 miles.  Heck my fastest time for the 36 miles was 2:17 but maybe it was also because I was in better shape although I weighed about the same but had better wind if you know what I mean.

So I will be trying to start this diet on Friday and not Thursday for several reasons.  I have my massage appointment on Thursday morning and this is my makeup appointment since I was feeling sick and slept through my last appointment.  Besides my hands/shoulders could use some relief from CTS.  This also gives me a day in which I can try to find this special protein shake as well as try out the lactose chews and see if those work any better.  I’ve been checking around and nothing seems to be rating as high in vitamins, and other items such as proteins, carbs, etc.  Now sure it may have more carbs but it s a pre-mixed drink with milk isolate in it so that may cause a problem, thus why I need to do some experimenting.

The reality is that I don’t expect to lose weight as quickly as that one boss because like I said men are cheaters when it comes to losing weight because of their genetic makeup.  So if I can lose a good amount in just a week or two then I know that will keep me going and hopefully put me on the right path.

As I said I spoke with my boss and he tells me now that he even jogs, not an option for me thank you bad knees and poor feet, and he ends up drinking the protein shakes for breakfast, lunch and as a snack if he gets hungry but he doesn’t really get hungry until the evening.  He said that his stomach has shrunk which is good and I know that I could do that too.  Then he said if I decide to do that, he will encourage me to do light amount of arm exercises since I won’t be using my arms quite as much when triking.  Thankfully I already have light weights so it will be repetition time to build up muscle.

So that is my plan and now I have a day to gather my wits and products to prepare.  Speaking of preparing, I also had to do a little bit of work to get my trike ready.  I just bought some oil and got BMX style pedals so now all I have to do is apply those two things to my trike.  I know that the BMX pedals will not be as good as clipless but because of my continual shattering of my sesamoid bones, I can not wear clipless pedals.  So I even tried out some bicycling shoes that look like tennis shoes and they don’t slip off but I put off buying the shoes for at least today and may hold off until tomorrow or next week to buy the shoes.  I’m trying not to go crazy by buying everything that I will need for a more comfortable ride.  I already have bike envy and wish I had more money to have bought a higher end trike but my current trike will take me where I need to go an my hope is that it takes me down the path of weight loss and health.  Only time will tell.

So I was thinking that maybe I should call it something special so I was thinking ‘Get Off My A$$ & Ride Diet’ but that seems a bit long.  Maybe Recumbent diet because I hope to have it based around riding my trike. Hmmm, let me see GOMAR diet…nah doesn’t sound right.  Well let me think about it a bit more Protein Recumbent Diet (PR diet)….nah.  Oh well I’ll think about it and let you know what I decide to do.  For now I’ve got to sign off and start getting ready for the next shift to work and then fight my way through traffic because a large concert will be letting out just about the time I get off work.  Oh joy!

Oh so why do the diet, well I weighed myself the other day and was at 219.1 and then the next day at 218.2 and the point is that I had been almost t 200 pounds before Thanksgiving but obviously I’ve allowed myself to back slide.  My goal is to try and fit into regular BDU’s, not having to have wear custom ordered big size and if I get really lucky I will sew a costume that will display my weight loss…but maybe not.  This year they will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Stargate ( a movie that evolved into 3 television spin-off shows) and I want to look good ad march in the parade.  So that is my goal and I’ve got a long way to go so I had better start prepping for my


Lost My Way

Well I didn’t really try very hard during the holidays to control things and it really shows.  I now have problems even fitting into my work pants much less fastening them without having to suck my gut in.  So you could say that I succeeded in gaining weight but that wasn’t really what I wanted to do.

Then I thought that I would start in January but kept coming up with excuse after excuse and before I knew it I had hit a record high on my weight….. 219.9, I said it.  I got up to 220 lbs and I had not been that heavy since early 2000.  Now of course in the spring of 2000 I lost 17 pounds in 15 days.  The thing is that I didn’t realize that I was losing that much weight and it came off so easily.  Probably the reason I lost it so quick and easily was because I was on vacation.  Bet that is the first time you’ve heard of people losing that much weight while on vacation. I went to Spain then Portugal back to Spain, to the UK (Rock of Gibraltar) and finished up in Spain.

I know you’re thinking trick diet, no it was just being on the go all of the time.  We ate at least 3 meals a day but we walked everywhere and I was carrying around a camera bag.  So I was lifting weights (my camera bag) and walking 5-10 miles a day.  The funny thing was that I was eating all sorts of unhealthy things…well not really unhealthy but let’s just say that a breakfast sandwich of egg/bacon/on a roll for breakfast/lunch/dinner wasn’t the wisest choice but it sure was tasty.  So now that I think about it, the person I was traveling with didn’t like the local cuisine too much so we ate a lot of American fast foods.  When we did eat locally it was pork or seafood and yes there was a lot of starch items such as rice, lots of rice in the dishes that we ate.  The thing was that we did a lot of exercise and despite them having siesta, we were still pretty much on the move.

I wish I could have stayed longer and maybe I would have lost more weight but that didn’t happen but it took 2 years of bad eating for the weight to start coming back.  So the lesson I should have kept in mind was exercise, exercise, exercise.  Because I was so active I managed to burn what I ate.

I know I’ve probably recognized that before but right now it is really hitting home because of my pants being so tight as well as my sports bras.  That part really sucks.  Just a few months ago I had loose fitting clothes and now they are fitting very tightly.

So the other day during one of the few very cold days in our city, I came across an older gentleman (only saying that because of his white hair and beard) who didn’t act old.  He had just stopped in a convenience store right across from my station and I had a chance to talk with him.  I was riding a red trike and it was all decked out, I’ll explain later.  So after speaking to him a bit I learned that he started his trike journey in Seattle, WA, turns out he has traveled well over 2100 miles all on his trike.

So his trike was all decked with a computer, mirrors, flags, lights, rack w/saddlebags, water bottle holder and windjammer.  The windjammer covered the front giving him some protection from the elements of the road which pulled down over the top of his trike.

I was really amazed at what he had been doing but I knew that he was in a hurry to get in as the weather was getting colder and soon it would be dark and he also needed to get checked into his hotel.  But I asked him how comfortable it was to ride and he said it was the best ride.  I mentioned that I was interested in one and he asked me why and I said because I have CTS.  He smiled and said he too had CTS, back problems and some minor knee problems.  I asked how he was able to make such a long ride and he said he was because of the trike.  He pointed out a few things to me and then suggested that I should do some research on the internet but to be careful if I decide to buy one and to buy one that would last me for years because if I really like bicycling and be prepared to drop some money on it.

Boy was he right!  I took a look at some of the trikes and right away I found some but they were almost $1,000 and that was a bit high.  So I did some more research and landed on a couple of manufacturers and then I truly had sticker shock at seeing their price tags for their trikes.  Then there were Delta trikes and Tadpole trikes and so I did some more research into those type of trikes.

Long story short, I determined that I would be more comfortable with a tadpole style trike because the handlebars/steering was down by my side where on the delta trikes I would still need to raise my arms which had become a problem with my CTS.  After less than a week of looking for the type of trike as well as the make of the trikes then I had to find a shop that had these bikes because in my city the only type of dealer of tadpole trikes was a bicycle touring company and they only had two different makes of trikes.  So I had to drive over 90 miles to a nearby city (nearby is all relative) where I came across a recumbent bike shop.

They allowed me to try out several trikes but after one quick spin, my wallet and my heart was set on a particular trike.  So a few hours later I come home hurting in my wallet but happiness was on my face.  I bought my trike.

Just in case you are wondering what I bought, my wallet allowed me to buy a Catrike Pocket tadpole trike.  It was fitted for me since probably no one else will be riding it and then off I went with my trike in the bed of my truck.

So I had lost my way for about 2 1/2 months.  I’m truly hoping the purchase of my new trike will be lots of fun and maybe then I will get back into being active.  You might want to check one of my other bogs, “Recumbent Trike Riding” for some more details about my trike ordeal.

I will be checking in and letting you know if that is helping me be more active.  I will say that I have had  blast riding it and I look forward to the weather giving me a break so I can ride it some more.  So maybe that will help me see the light at the end of the long weight loss tunnel.