Anxious To Start

I know, you are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, well allow me to elaborate.  I got on the scale the other day and in 2 months of not giving a flip what I ate, I ended up putting on about 10 pounds or so.  I stepped on the scale the other morning and was shock, yes really shocked at how much I weighed.  I have not been this heavy since 2001 when I went to Spain.  You were wondering what I weighed, well when I started the trip I as a whopping 222 pounds.  Seriously weight there but only 17 days later I was down to 202, so I had a weight loss of 20 pounds in 17 days and I actually had fun when I did it and guess what, I ate whatever I could eat.  Okay yes I was 12 years younger than I am now but in case you forgot some of my earlier posts, I did a heck of a lot of walking.

Some of my earlier posts also mentioned that I did a lot of walking and that was great and I was lugging around at least 10-14 pounds of camera and gear.  It wasn’t that the camera was as heavy as ‘Big Mo’, my professional grade camera, but it was till a pain to my shoulder.  Now I don’t have 17 days to just do nothing but walk so the idea of doing this now to lose weight is out because of my having to work and already I’ve accounted for my vacation days and holidays.  Most of those days will be spent in Atlanta and others going to other cons, so what’s a person to do?

Well, one of my bosses told me about how he lost 15 pounds since the beginning of the year, don’t know if I said this already but bear with me if I have, I’m almost done.  Well he will start off his morning with a premier protein shake and then an hour later he goes for a walk around the block.  Because the blood is pumping in his stomach area he says he doesn’t really feel hungry.  So he eats a light lunch and then he has a reasonable dinner.  He is now at the point that he walks 3 miles each and every day and he eats whatever he wants at dinner and he is still losing weight.  He is obviously in the zone of losing weight.  He says that he focuses on eating protein and tries to reduce the carbs.  One of the guys working here has lost 45 pounds in a couple of months but he works out quite a bit too.

So I tried doing that but things didn’t work out as well because I did not increase my water intake.  Now that was mistake #1.  My next mistake was switching the dairy digestive product, I tried something new and let’s just say it was not my friend.  Earlier this week I went to see my stylist for my hair and she was experiencing the same problem and she suggested that we text each other every day, well we said that 3 days ago and we have yet to do the texting thing.  So my experiment into the protein shake didn’t turn out as I had planned.  Then I bought a recumbent tricycle and was planning on doing exercising, well the weather has not been my friend when it came to riding.  Okay also I’m a bit hesitant in riding in the street, because I’m down so low and in my city most car drivers believe it is okay to honk, jeer, throw trash at the rider and get as close as possible to the bicyclist.  I must admit that some of my fellow riders are the cause behind some of the hostility towards all bicyclist but it is my wish that you are not oe of those people.  So last month I only managed to make it for 2 rides, a 18 mile ride and a 33 mile ride.

As I stated the weather has no been my friend lately.  My problem is that I don’t get up early which puts me behind on what I need to do before I go to work in the afternoon.  Then by the time I get off it is way too late to go out and exercise.  I don’t need to unwind as much as I used to because I switched work stations and am paired up with someone much quieter and in general there is less stress.  My problem is that I only slightly wired after having to drive home, it is a twisting road and there are more drunks in the area cause there are more bars in the area.

So now I’m anxious to get started on my new dieting/exercise program.  I’m hoping to be able to have one of the protein shakes as one of my meals but still continue to eat along the Primal Blueprint way or as some people call it, the wimpy Paleo diet.  Wimpy because we allow dairy in our foods we consume.  Realistically I know that I will have carbs but I hope to limit the intake of carbs from bad sources such as pasta, breads, pizza, etc.  I have my juicer so since I’m not a fan of cucumbers, celery, kale, etc, I will end up juicing them and then I know I will get my vegetables.  Now I don’t know about other people’s green juice but mine reminds me of V-8 cocktail drink.  One thing I will be doing is adding more water to my body because it will make things go smoother, if you know what I mean, and it will keep me hydrated.

Now I did mention exercise and that is exactly what I plan on doing, exercising by riding my trike.  When we did the 33 mile ride I felt like someone beat me up and left me almost lacking energy at the end of the ride.  So what did that mean, oh yeah… I’m definitely out of shape.  I was gasping for breath and started to hear a wheezing as I was breathing out.  Think I need to go to the doctor and get that checked out.  Could be some of the stuff left over from when I had bronchitis late last year is still hanging around in my lungs so that is what I need to get checked out.

Anyway, back to riding.  So I’m riding a recumbent tadpole trike (2 wheels in front and 1 wheel in the back).  o we have been getting some rain but actually it is foggy and cold.  A couple of weeks ago only 2 people showed up for a bike ride in 39 degree temperatures.  This week it is threatening to rain all weekend long but there might be a small window of opportunity for me to get out and ride.  It is my hope that soon the weather will be good enough for me to ride every day so until then I will need to learn to something else for exercise.

So yes I’m anxious to start my newest weight loss plan which will include the shake, protein bars and of course lots of time on my trike.  So here’s hoping that tomorrow’s weather will allow us to ride.  Besides, I need to get better since the group want me to join them on a 100K ride at the end of March but I will not be in shape if the weather doesn’t start cooperating.

Here’s hoping to better weather and good eating habits.

Oh and if you were wondering….I will be riding “Serenity” (name of my trike because I feel at peace and quite serene while riding) and yes I also am calling it the same name Mal gave to his Firefly class ship.  So maybe next time I’m here I will have my act better together and will be reporting on good news as far as my dieting is going.


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