Shaky Start

You know me by now and believe me when I say it was a shaky start for me … and here’s the reason why, you see I’m over due I’m in a rabbit stew…..Oh wait.  Wrong excuse.

Actually I say that I’m off to a shaky start is because of what I ate today.  It all started out yesterday.  See I don’t live in Chicago but I did live in a city where they had Uno’s pizzeria and I really love the deep dish pizza.  Well I found a recipe for it and was getting ready to throw the dough in a pan when suddenly I realized that the cake pans I was going to use were still locked up in my storage unit.  Thankfully I found my Cazuela in the cabinet above the stove.  Okay for those of you who do not know what a Cazuela is, it is a wide clay pot sort of like a pan but it can be put in the oven.  If you need more help, check out Spanish Table, it is where I bought my Cazuela.

Now where was I….oh yeah Cazuela.  So this was the only item available that I could stick into the oven or so I thought.  It turns out that the dough rose even more than I had expected in the bowl and I really should have cut the dough into two pieces but dummy me didn’t.  Any way I spread the dough out in the pan after having lubed up the pan with olive oil.  So then I put my cheese and tomato stuff on it and then made a mistake of putting raw mushrooms on it.  Why mistake, well mushrooms have a lot of water in them and that came out as the pie continued to take…enough said.

So now I had this deep dish pizza pie that I had just pulled out of the oven.  Well I only ate 1 1/2 slices and it was way too much, I should have stopped at 3/4 of a slice, slice not the whole pie!  Well it turned out to be too much bread on Sunday but I didn’t think about that today until I started having it for lunch.  Then I pulled away most of the crust and under crust and the pizza still tasted yummy.

Now that I’ve confessed my sin of making pie last night knowing that I was going to start today to eat healthy, I sort of messed up.  So let me tell you about what I did today.

I got up and had a morning protein shake (Premier Protein) along with the dairy enzyme tablets so I wouldn’t get sick.  Then did a few things for about an hour and then I got ready to exercise.  Now the weather outside wasn’t frightful but it sure wasn’t delightful.  Don’t ya just hate it when I make all of these song references?!!   Any way it was not conducive to me riding my trike and I didn’t expect it to be so I had planned on working out inside the house.

So I put on some music, mostly fast beat stuff from the 70’s to keep me motivated.  So I started out with a song that was almost 4 minutes and did step-ups, you know stepping up and then back down which was all I could do since I don’t have anything but a step in my house.  So I did it for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds and then ended up doing 1:45 with steps rested a few seconds and finished out the song stepping.  Took a few moments to catch my breath and then set up for the next exercise.  Put on another song just shy of 4 minutes and took 3 lbs. weights in each hand and started punching the air in front of me.  I did the same thing of punching, catching my breath, catch my breath and then did the hard push of continued punching.  Caught my breath and then did standing knee to elbow lifts, first with one foot, catch breath then with the other foot and then caught breath again and did the long hard push of alternating feet as I continued with the lifts.   Then I did step-downs, instead of stepping up and being in more control I did step downs which made me focus on balance especially when stepping back up on the top step.

Talk about feeling out of breath.  I could remember when I used to do those things frequently and I didn’t run out of breath and I remembered them being so much easier.  So then came the last of my exercises which consisted of using the 3 lbs weights and I did several different type of lifts using my arms.  I did curls, side lifts, arm kickbacks and overhead lifts.  Now I know I got some of the names wrong but the main thing is that I kept on working it and the fast music really helped.  I definitely knew I had worked out because I really felt it

As a matter of fact I had been quite worried yesterday because I was experiencing numbness in my left hand almost all day long.  No it is not a heart attack or anything like that.  I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and I had slept on my side for too long and sort of pinched or strained a muscle.  Yet today after doing that small amount of exercises with the weights I’m feeling much better even in my right hand where CTS is more pronounced.  So anyway my left was hurting even more than my right yesterday and was only a bothering me a little this morning but after exercising the pain is down so dramatically that it is actually encouraging me to continue doing the simple weight lifts.

Some of you may think…what only 3 pounds??!!  Well when you do the lifts rapidly and numerous ones, those measly 3 pound weights felt even heavier.  Eventually I may go up in weight but for now those are working out just fine.  The even nicer part is that my butt is sore, well not really sore, let’s just say that I can feel the muscles in my gluteus maximus are letting me know that they received a work out.  It is really important for me to do those exercises because as soon as the weather becomes nicer I will be out riding my tricycle and the legs and longs will get a good workout so I need to do something else to work out the rest of my body.

So I took a quick shower and then made a bad mistake of eating 1 1/2 slices of deep dish pizza but pulled off most of the crust, leaving a slight layer but it what was there was mighty tasty.  Then I did a few things and got ready for work.  At work I had a salad and a bacon cheese burger patty followed by a protein shake and lots of water.

I only wish that the stupid weather didn’t stir up my sinuses because they are giving me such a headache.


Although I had a shaky start, I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow when I may or may not exercise.  I probably won’t do it as much as I did today because I’ve got other errands to run before I got to work in the afternoon.  Oh yeah and so I stepped on the scale this morning and was slightly happy to see I was not 220 or heavier.  I was ever so slightly less.  I had a weight of 219.2 and yes I know that is quite a bit but considering what I ate the night before I was expecting to see the scale at 225 pounds or more.  I had gotten on the scale last week and saw that my weight was 222 and that was when I knew it was time to work on this.

I think as long as I keep the music going and my mind focused and looking forward to what I’m doing, I think I might stand a chance at losing some weight.  So if you wonder why this is listed under Being Primal, it is because I’m still trying to follow relatively close along the Primal Blueprint of focusing on having proteins and getting most of my carbs through vegetables.  Now although I had pizza, I’m not going to beat myself up about that because it would only discourage me from continuing.  No instead it was just a shaky start but seeing results already…numbness decreasing in my left arm and my right arm is doing okay and of course the tight feel as I stood up at work and felt those gluteus maximus muscles stretch made it a shaky but good start for being primal.


2 thoughts on “Shaky Start

  1. You are right to not beat yourself up over it. The fact that you know it was a mistake and that you can’t do that every day is what means that you are doing this! I don’t even consider it a shaky start for you – you are learning through every day temptations and cheats and all of that good stuff. It’s a long work in progress and you are doing great!!

    • Thanks for those encouraging words. I know the weather tomorrow will not be ideal for my trike ride so I guess I will just have to work out inside the house again. I’m hoping it will help my CTS too! Thanks again.

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