Trying To Be Good

Well it has been an interesting week.  I did my exercises on Monday and Wednesday, resting on the days between but today I stumbled because I forgot to set my alarm so I could get up in time and exercise.  So why didn’t I wake up on my normal time, well there is a good reason.  That reason is that I had to Benadryl myself last night when I got home from work.  Heck I was in bed at 25 minutes after midnight which is very early for me considering I get off of work at 11 PM.  

The only reason that I took the Benadryl is that while at work I shook hands with someone who introduced themselves to me and was a friend of one of my supervisors and guess what???   She had a cat and so that meant that she had cat dandruff on her clothes which I didn’t spot until later…after I was already having an itch fit.  You see I’m highly allergic to cats and if I’m not careful it can cause some breathing difficulties but usually I catch it before that happens.  

So there I was doing my best not to itch all night long, she came in at 4 PM and it wasn’t until 11:30 PM that I was able to take the Benadryl and by then I was itching all over and had to wash down.  I had been washing my hands and face most of the night to avoid scratching myself which was okay but it still itched.  So basically I was suffering most of my work day.

So that is the reason why I didn’t get up early to go riding and although it was a bit chilly, nothing a pair of leggings would cure but by the time I got up it was 11 AM and I was out of luck.  I had some things to do and then I had to change out sheets and wash everything because I couldn’t risk that I had cat dandruff all over me.  So exercise for today had to fall by the way side, but I’m hoping to make up for it tomorrow provided it doesn’t rain down on us very much.  

My weekend bent riders are doing a rider rally for ADA and this is free.  I like free, it is my favorite flavor.  So I’m going to try for the 62 mile ride and hopefully I can make it to the turnaround point before they close it off.  Then things are looking good for another ride on Sunday… or at least that is my plan.

So you might say why did I title this trying to be good.  Well I had my cappuccino which gave me only 3 gm of carbs but I was bad and added 1/4 tsp of caramel sauce to change up the flavor a bit.  I had wanted to eat lunch but by the time I got through cleaning up everything I had to leave for work. Time flies by when you can’t remember what you were supposed to do.  Anyway so I went out and bought a burger meal which meant french fries.   By the time I got to my food 1 1/2 hours had passed (I got very busy at work and was lucky to have even sipped my diet soda).  I took one bite of fries and spit it out, they tasted terrible and didn’t look any better when I nuked them.  But the burger was good and although having the bread would probably be bad for me, I figure what the heck, I need it and didn’t want to only rely on my sandwich I brought.  However, because I’m rather low on protein I will probably have my sandwich which is cranberry/chicken spread and my protein drink I’m trying to be good.  

So although I’m not completely Primal I’m still trying to maintain some semblance of being Primal.  Except for the burger, I’m okay…so far.

I’ve been thinking so much about the rider rally that it is hard for me to be here at work and I just wished that the days would get better so I can ride more often.  My group wants to do the Texas Hotter Than Hell 100 ride but that conflicts with DragonCon.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t start training for it.  Besides then it gives me more of an excuse to go out riding on my trike.  So I’m cutting this short because I need to get my list of things I need to talk to my riding buddies about namely another ride at the end of the month cause I’ve only got a few more days left to register for it.  

Well I’m cutting this short as I stated and aside from the burger, I’ve been pretty good this week and I had the stress levels down which was good, except for today.  Every time I wake up after an allergic episode I’m kind of scattered bran and today was no exception to that rule.  I only hope that soon I will figure out what I’m doing so I can get some rest before the ride tomorrow.   

I’m so excited about the rally, it will be my first riding rally.  I’m sure I’ll have fun or at least I’ll try to make sure I have fun.

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