Struggling Week

Well the week started out good but by the time the weekend came along everything went to hell in a hand basket rather quickly.  Allow me to elaborate.

Yes I did my exercises on Monday and Wednesday, giving myself Tuesday, Thursday and even Friday off from exercising.  But I really lost it on Saturday.  Yes I did exercise on Saturday but I did all of my exercise on recumbent trike and I was shocked that I even finished the ride.  However, my eating habits were not really very primal because I’m pretty sure deep dish pizza was on primal man’s list of things he could eat.  Hey I had some pizza left over from Sunday and Monday and so I finished it off on Tuesday.  Now I will say that at least I pulled off most of the thick crust which was very yummy by the way, so I wouldn’t hurt myself too much by eating it, but the damage was done.  The rest of my eating was relatively good and good is the operative word since I was consuming bread which I should have avoided but I had made a chicken/cranberry spread and I wasn’t thinking and my taste buds said it needed sweetness in it so what did I do?  Yep you guessed it, I added a couple of pinches of sugar.  Now that may not seem like a lot but you have to think that is straight sugar mixed in with 3 minced chicken breasts and 1/2 package of dried cranberries.  The recipe called for adding nuts in it but I didn’t add the nuts.  I have a fear of choking on nuts, which I have done in the past while eating them mixed in with other foods; however, it does not bother me to eat them by themselves.  So the nuts would have allowed the sweetness of the cranberries to come through but nope, dummy me went ahead and added sugar without thinking about what I was doing until it was too late.

Unfortunately I kept craving it so I ate all of it for the rest of the week, 3 days, which was yummy but I paid the price for it along with everything else that I didn’t take careful enough notice of what I was eating.  So although I had exercised, I’ll get to the part about the trike ride in a moment, I didn’t eat very healthy like and so it was reflected in my weight.

Okay now I got on the scale last Monday morning and I was 219.2, well today I’m only 218.5.  As you can see it is not a very big weight loss but at least I did lose a little bit.  I think the three beers I had on Saturday not long after finishing my bike ride had something to do with it.  Well that along with the other foods that I ate for the entire weekend.  I was doing my best to avoid letting my allergies turn into a cold and I’m feeling like I’m losing that battle right now.  So only a 0.7 pound loss but I guess considering what lack of exercising I did for the week and how I didn’t really eat very primal, I guess I’m lucky that I didn’t gain weight.

So this week is not off too much better of a start seeing that my boss treated me to lunch and how do you turn down the boss, yeah bad to hurt their feelings if you know what I mean.  Now the week has a rocky start and I’m hoping to be able to focus better on eating more primal because it was what helped heal me during the month of September when I came down with bronchitis.

Now I mentioned earlier that I got out and rode my trike on Saturday which was really good and not so good because I basically got my ass handed to me by the road.  My big point is that I set out to do the 50 mile ride and I finished it, I finished in last place but I crossed the finish line on my own and I did it.  It was the first time that I had ever ridden my trike that far and I don’t care that I came in last, I’m just damn proud my being able to finish all 50.53 miles of the race.  If you want to read more about the ride then go here:

So that is what I did this week, it wasn’t all that great but then again I wasn’t really focusing on what I was doing and it showed.  One thing that I did remember to do was to push my knee back into place after I finished my trike ride.  I pushed too hard in too high of a gear and messed up my knee.  Thanks to my masseuse I have learned how to push my knee so it slips back into place and the swelling goes down.  I know it sounds bad but it is just compression and it worked because that evening and the next day there was no pain at all in my knee.

Great ride with good results in the fact that I didn’t need help to cross the finish line, I did it all on my own.

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