Week 1 of Primal 3-1-2-1

Okay so it has been just past a week since I started the Primal 3-1-2-1 and it wasn’t exactly easy or as easy as I had expected.  Yes I know that technically I could go past the 50 grams of carbs that I set out to consume on the 3 days and the 2 days, but it was really kind of difficult.  Probably because I had not planned very well but thankfully I made it and only on one day did I make it to 50.25 grams of carbs on my ‘clean eating’ days.

I should also tell you that on the last day where I said that I would eat 100 grams of carbs, well that went to hell in a hand basket.  That last day was Easter Sunday and I knew that I wanted to do something special so I did, I prepared the dough so I could make cronuts.

Many of you probably know what cronuts are and just in case you don’t, then cronuts are croissants that are like doughnuts and fried.  So yes I had to work the butter into the dough and fold it over many times and yes they were very big.  I did everything it asked such as making the vanilla cream to inject into the cronut and even rolled them in cinnamon sugar but after going into major sugar shock I brushed off the cinnamon sugar and just enjoyed the cronut with of course a light glaze on it.

Needless to say it was probably very high in calories/carbohydrates along with all of the cream that was added so I didn’t even bother to count my carbs on that day.  But I did weigh myself before I broke the plan and I’ll post those results below.

As for exercise….you know the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Well all of my plans for exercise definitely went awry for most of the week.  I’ll talk about that a little later in this blog but just know that I was dramatically lacking in exercising.

The first few days were a little rough because of my lack of planning but by the third day I got the hang of it and was back on track so when I had my free day of taking in 100 grams of carbs, I did splurge a little and had some Intense White Chocolate ice cream.  On my first 100 gram day I had a tablespoon of the above ice cream and decided it was worth the wait for my next free day so I could have a scoop.

Wow, I really am off in left field.  Back on track now.  So I followed and stayed true to my diet parameters except for Easter Sunday.  The only really, really bad thing that I had were the cronut holes and the cronut.  But because there were quite a few left over, I did not stop eating the cronut on Sunday but instead had one for breakfast on Monday morning.  I tried to do some damage control the rest of the day by going really easy on the carbs but blew it at the end of the day when I had a second cronut and then had 2 scoops of ice cream.  Let’s just say that I cheated a whole lot but I didn’t feel guilty, I just decided that I would be paying the price later and that would give me more incentive for working harder.

Now let me get to the exercise part of this blog.  I had the greatest plans to go out and ride my trike and try out my new mtb bike shoes which look like regular tennis shoes.  I had been using my road bike shoes but after 2 1/2 hours of riding I was kind of wobbly on my feet with I got up to use the facilities and several times I almost fell on my butt.  The problem with road shoes is that there is no bend at all in them and so you walk on your heels most of the time because the bike cleats are on your toes and what makes matters worse is that you walk on tile floors which are super slick, thus why I almost fell on my butt several times.

So I went out and bought me some new mtb and cleats but I didn’t get to use them until late Saturday afternoon.  Why so late and why didn’t I do my Saturday morning ride with my group, well they called it off.  That was a good thing because I couldn’t have gone anyway because my truck started acting up.  I was having problems with the ignition switch working and then it gave me the most problems on Friday going to work.  On Friday night after work it took me almost 10 minutes of fiddling around with the steering wheel, ignition switch and gear shifter before it finally turned over.  I thought I knew what was wrong and was going to stop at a store before going home but I changed my mind and it was a good thing too.  Once home I turned off the ignition and that was the last time it turned over.  I tried throughout the weekend but it was dead.

I called my younger brother and he came over on Saturday and helped me push the truck out of the driveway and into the street where a tow truck could pick it up on Monday.  He came over after mowing his yard and when he came by I had just finished mowing the front yard.  He took me to the store where I got some more sparkling water so I would drink more water and then left, glad I had a nice younger brother.   I cleaned up and started making the dough for the cronuts after that fun.

The next day I mowed the backyard and then couldn’t ignore the weather and took off to ride my trike.  I rode for just barely over 9 miles in about 50 minutes, not the best but not the worse time for me.  The point is mainly that I got outside and mowed the lawn for exercise as well as rode my trike which was nice.  It made me feel good to be out and about on my trike and despite some of those hills that I had to climb, it was most definitely worth it to take the ride.

So I already mentioned that I had a cronut for breakfast and for late night snack on Monday but I figured I might as well because I wouldn’t get it out of my system if the cronuts were just hanging around waiting to be eaten.  Then to make matters even worse last night, I had a craving for ice cream so I dipped into the Intense White Chocolate ice cream on Sunday and again on Monday night only on Monday night I used a caramel topping on the ice cream and it was yummy.

The one thing I’ve noticed is that I can be feeling full all evening until I get home.  Once I get home it is as if I hadn’t eaten for the whole day and I’m craving food.  I’ve had some of the worse hunger cravings when I get home after 2300 hours even when I wasn’t hungry thirty minutes earlier.  I think it must be psychological because I really don’t understand why I get so hungry especially late at night.

Oh yeah, about my truck.  Well the ignition switch went out and I barely made it home across town and parked my truck.  I took it into the shop who called at 1100 hours saying it was the ignition switch and he would call me in an hour with the price.  The labor was more expensive to work on the vehicle than the cost of new ignition switch.  So to get exercise on Monday, I rode my trike to the garage to pick up my truck then rushed home to get ready for work.  Now doesn’t that sound like fun? !!!

Okay so now is the time that you’ve all been waiting for, did this Primal 3-1-2-1 even work?  Tell me what you think.

Starting Weight:    219.6

Week 1 Weight:      216.0


So my hope is for me to get in more exercise during the week but that of course will remain to be seen.  But today I’m back on my low carb diet but I may waive things on Wednesday, one of the guys from work is bringing lasagna and oh boy it is wonderful so guess I better figure out what I need to do to allow myself to have some of that lasagna.


Starting Weight Week 2:     216.7


So in week 1 I lost 3.6 pounds.  Not too bad considering each night I had something to eat every single night when I came home last week.  weird.  So now I’m outta here because I can barely keep my eyes open.

Here’s hoping my weight will go down at least a little bit.


Sudden Primal 3-1-2-1 Start

Well as I said above, this is a sudden start on this new diet plan of mine.  Why sudden, well it is because I found that if I just suddenly do something then I can stick to things.  Wait did that make any sense?  Probably not, but if you have read any of my stumbling weight loss diary I mentioned in September that although I had bronchitis, I needed to eat better and maybe that would help me get to feeling better.  So I got busy eating Primal and as it turns out for the 21 days that I was on the plan I had lost 11 pounds but the draw back was that I really didn’t exercise.  The good part was the fact that I didn’t really have time to plan it because I’ve been aware of what I needed to do when eating Primal so it wasn’t that hard for me to start eating better.

So boom ….. here I am starting my Primal 3-1-2-1.  I’m hoping to keep up with things and keep on writing so that I can see what is happening in my case.

Well I didn’t think about it until this afternoon and guess what, I had already eaten breakfast and didn’t do such a great job to start.  Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast:  2 eggs, 1 tortilla, 2 strips of bacon, 1 cup of coffee w/cream – 26 carbs

Lunch:  open face tunafish sandwich w/cheese, flavored sparkling water – 12 carbs

Dinner:  burger patty w/cheese, salad w/dressing, sparkling water – 6 carbs

——- Total carbs for day:     44 carbs

Even if I have a snack late night of coffee which is all I’ve planned for, I will still be at 44 carbs.

I did this diet as I stated before rather suddenly.  I obviously didn’t plan it because there is no way I would have had a tortilla with breakfast because that is very high in the way of carbohydrates and something I can do without.

Unfortunately I was unable to exercise today, woke up late and by the time I got my package of bacon cooked, I was really behind time wise for the day.  Then I had to straighten my hair which took up any extra time I might have spent going shopping for new bike shoes and for getting a few things that I need to keep my trike running.

My water consumption is not looking so hot.  I’ve only had almost 50 ounces of water for the day and that is well behind what I should normally be having.  I know I had said that it was reported that to have enough water, take your weight divide it by 2 and that number is the ounces of water you should consume.  Well no way can I drink that much.  So it is probably going to stay at 50 for the day and I’ll let it go at that.

Oh yeah, so let see what I weighed in at today.  As I stated up above, I decided to start this crazy diet shortly after I ate breakfast and unfortunately I didn’t weigh myself in the morning when I first got up.  So I took my weight after breakfast and just before I ran off to work in the afternoon.  I stepped on the scale and observed it to be 219.6 pounds.  Yep, I’ve porked it on once again.  My goal is to lose 11 pounds in 21 days and if I keep my mind focused and my act together maybe with exercise I can lose even more.

It will be a struggle because the wind is blowing pollen in and stirring up all sorts of pollen which is of course wrecking havoc on my sinuses but I’m trying not to let them get the best of me.  Maybe tomorrow I will be able to take at least a 10 mile bike ride but I guess it won’t happen unless I learn to get up earlier and maybe, just maybe I can grab a nap before coming to work.  At least that is what I’m striving for the time being.  We’ve had a sudden cold snap which of course leaves me invigorated but the silliness at work is doing the best to try and bring me down.  But I’ve got that nonsense on the run because I’m outta here early today and I won’t let all of the crazies upset me.

So quick wrap up….

44 carbs for the day

Weight 219.6

No exercise

I started dieting???!!!! REALLY??!!!!   I should have had a plan…. Well plan this…


A Different Approach

Okay now as you know I was trying to recommit to being primal well that didn’t go very well because of company in from out of town and then celebrating birthdays and basically everything went to hell in a hand basket.  This has been a weird couple of weeks and that along with preparing my taxes kind of rattled the pebble in my head that others call a brain.

Now during these last weeks I’ve been focusing on anything but what I should.  I’m obviously quite easily distracted and I know that I need to teach myself how to remain focused on something.  Wow, never thought I would have to say that but it seems that goldfish have a better memory than me, oh so you doubt it?   Well Mythbusters proved that you can train a goldfish and that they do retain a good memory.  Wow, how sad is that, goldfish seem to be able to beat me when it comes to retaining memory or training.

So I did some reading of a few books, some oriented towards Monuments Men (sorry saw the movie and so I’m hooked on reading more) and I also started thinking about the Biggest Loser and how she did everything.  Well she said that she kept her calories down to 1,500 calories a day and then she would exercise about 4 times a day.

This got me to thinking….sure quit my job then I could work out all of those times and sure I could probably limit my calorie intake to 1,500 because pretty soon I would be absolutely broke and couldn’t afford any food, why I could really exercise because I would be like one of those ladies pushing around a shopping cart full of what was left of my belongings because all of my other belongings are still in storage.  Yeah then I could lose weight and then what?!

Okay I’ll cut out the sarcasm but it is sad to let my tackiness fly out the window.  So the reality is that I hate counting and calories are the worse thing for me to count.  I would like to be able to have the meal all prepared for me but I’m not about the spend a fortune on prepared meals like all of those other diet plans.  Well crap that just means that I need to keep on working so that I can buy the right kind of food.

Then I read something about one of the trainers she used and the only thing said was “3-1-2-1” Diet.  So of course I got on the internet and started checking out what this was all about and ended up reading a whole bunch of junk.  I say that because let’s face facts, I really don’t give a poop about what this trainer did when they were young and how they did this and did that as they were growing up which led them to this great and glorious position of coming up with this new diet plan which they guarantee will work for you.  So by the time I read all of his stuff, well let me take that back, I did a lot of skimming because this guy was putting me to sleep, but I did manage to get to the diet part of the book.

Well let’s just say that it was not just the diet but exercise and a whole lot of exercise.  Did I say a whole lot of exercise, let me stress that he is suggesting 48 minutes of exercise about 5-6 times a week ( I would be more accurate but you remember what I said about goldfish memory and mine being worse) for 48 minutes but wait he changes up the routine so you don’t get bored.  What that is less than an hour and you can do it because it is great, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Okay so part of what he is saying makes sense by trying to confuse the body with the amount of food (calories) you are consuming.  The only thing is that your calories are still very limited on your cheat day so you really don’t get to cheat very much although he claims you can but the reality is nope, can’t have it.  Oh sure you can eat pizza but for women it is limited to 1 slice and then you are eating very healthy for the rest of the day because you blew the hell out of your diet with the pizza.  But by following his diet he claims that many people have lost 10 pounds in 21 days.


Psst – this is the breakdown of the 3-1-2-1 diet:

Holy buckets Batman and Robin, I forgot to tell you what 3-1-2-1 stood for.  The 3 stands for 3 days of what he calls clean eating.  It means you eat exactly what is listed in the menu which even accounts for snacks, but you must do it for 3 days in a row.  Then you get 1 cheat eat day, but allow me to tell you that you really are not cheating very much.  Oh sure you can have a slice of pizza but it can only be a small slice and you must then be very strict about what else you eat for the rest of the day because you have a calorie limit.  Then you got back to 2 days of clean eating and following the diet plan.  On the seventh day you get 1 day to cheat eat which again is actually hampered by the number of calories that you can consume.  Now the amount of calories that you have is of course based on your current weight and then you are given your restrictive amounts.  But the diet is only part of it, you must exercise 48 minutes a day for either 5 or 6 days.  Sorry goldfish memory acting up again.  So you do the different grouping of exercising 5 to 6 times a week along with the diet and lose about 10 pounds.  Or at least that is what most of the people seem to be able to do.


What, 10 lbs in 21 days?  Wait a minute, I lost 11 lbs in 21 days by eating primal and that was when I was sick last September.  So I took a look at what he was suggesting to eat during the diet days and it is not bad but I really didn’t like eating light this and light that along with fat-free this and fat-free that.  Why you ask?  Because most of those things are not natural and although yes I eat a whole lot of things that are not natural ……but the man talked about cutting out bacon except for turkey bacon.  I mean come on….I love my bacon and asking me to give it up after years of dieting and dieting and eating things like turkey bacon just isn’t fair.

So seeing that he claims that his way of dieting is guaranteed not to let you stall out or plateau at any particular weight because you are exercising and constantly putting your body into flux then maybe I can adapt it to me.  You’re probably wondering what is going on, well let me see if I can explain how I’m hoping to adapt his style into my style.

I’ve probably been the happiest and most satisfied in eating along the Primal Blueprint way because I’m basically a meat eating gal.  I like my meat and really enjoy it.  Yes I know blah, blah health oriented but the truth is that it is hard for me to diet when I’m eating things that I don’t like and that is part of the problem with eating the exact food in some of these diet plans.

So what if I was to adopt the same style of eating but doing it in a primal way, would it work for me?  So what would then become my limits?  Now based on Primal you can lose weight by keeping your carbohydrate count to 100 carbs per day.  But if you want to try and lose weight a little bit faster you can cut your carbs down to 50 carbs per day….remember not to do this for very long because it just isn’t good for your body.  As for the exercise, it is suggested that you work out 4 times a week for only about 20 minutes and strength training is encouraged.

Now what I was thinking of is doing Primal 3-1-2-1.  I’m hoping to keep the carb count below 50 carbs on the clean days of eating and up the carb count to 100 carbs on my cheat days.  However, my exercise plans will differ a bit.  I rather enjoy riding my trike so I will be doing a lot of this or at least that is the plan.  But I also realize that I will need to do some strength training so I’m planning on using some hand weights and maybe using what is left of my resistance bands because I know that riding my trike will not do anything for my arms and shoulders.  So that is my plan.

Now to implement my plan I need to see about doing some repair work to my bike.  It seems that I can’t get the blasted red blinking light to stay in place and I’ve lost two nuts somewhere on the roads that I’ve ridden.  But thankfully the light was still attached to the bike so that much is great because I would really hate to have to replace them.  Then I need to get some better clipless bike shoes because the ones I have are killers on my feet when I do a long bike ride.  That was something I learned this weekend.  More details will be listed in my trike riding pages but long story short, foot killing me and almost fell over when I took a bathroom break.  It was a sad sight.  Also last night and today I’m charging up my devices:  brake light/headlight/bike computer.  I’ve been using so I need to make sure they stay in peak condition so people will see me.

So basically I will be trying to maintain a diet of 50 carbs for 3 days, then allow myself 100 carbs for a cheat day, then back to 2 days of 50 carbs then 1 day of 100 carbs.  Now the reality will be that I will probably go above 100 carbs on a day or so within my 21 days of experimenting but I guess I’ll see what happens at the end of 21 days.  Hopefully things will be so good and encouraging that I will just continue on with this method.

Weight Explosion

Well I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this but it has, my weight has exploded to 220 pounds which is why my clothes have all been fitting way too tight.  So what have I been doing all this time….well what do you think, not giving a flip what I was eating and only exercising by riding my trike once during my weekend.

So if you are asking why and what went wrong, it was my lack of commitment and my want to eat things that I knew that I really didn’t need.  I had cupcakes, and so healthy food but mostly fattening foods that were at the top of the charts for high carb count.  Well then just now I took a look at something that I really should have worked on earlier but figured nah, it’s healthy why should I worry, it was a healthy drink which was a green juicing drink.  It contained all sorts of healthy things such as kale, celery, green apples, cucumber but imagine my shock when I took a look at what one serving of the mean green juice was…..83.4 grams of carbohydrates.

I almost fell out of my chair, I thought this was healthy, no let me correct that statement.  I know that it is healthy for me, I just didn’t realize how high the carb count was on this juice.  That is more than I usually consume when I go Primal.

So what does this mean for me, guess for now I will have to stop drinking my mean green juice and have to break down and start eating my veggies.  Hey, the reason I was juicing was because I knew about all of the healthy benefits I could get from the drink, I just didn’t realize how it was damaging my carb count so much.

Now that the shock of seeing that is over, I guess I need to commit to actually making a concerned effort to lose weight.  I have so many things I can do to lose the weight and I’ve done so in the past by eating right but I lacked exercise.  Then when I exercised I didn’t eat right.  So do you see the wild merry-go-round ride I put myself on.  Yes that is right, I put myself in this position and unfortunately I’m wondering what happened to all of my will power and commitment to losing weight and being in such great shape for DragonCon this year.  I’ll tell you where it went….right out the damn window.  I’m mad but there is only one person that I’m mad at and that person is me.  I knew better but that didn’t stop me from putting that birthday cake, those cupcakes, the pizza, the ice cream, fried this and fried that into my mouth so why was I so surprised to see my scale beg for me to make the other person step off the scale.

I had seen that article about the Biggest Loser lady losing 115 pounds in 7 months.  Hey the lady looked good but I’m realistic, I can’t do what she did.  I’m not one for counting calories and yes I know that some people can do it that way but that isn’t exactly my style because I’m lazy.  One thing that I do know about myself is that I’m basically lazy and I often need a swift kick in the pants.  I have a hard time sticking with things and tend to get disappointed in myself.  Does this sound familiar to you?  Gosh I hope not!

Well I looked into her dieting and she said she restricted her calories and then I came across another article that says you can lose 10 pounds in 21 days.  Hey, that sort of sounded like me, losing 11 pounds in 21 days in September last year.  It was the 3-1-2-1 diet and I started to read some of it that was offered as a partial free read and it didn’t sound too bad.  It pushed eating clean (which I’m sure meant following a restricted eating plan) for 3 days, then having 1 cheat day, then 2 days of clean eating and then another cheat day.

This kind of reminded me of the every other day diet (EOD diet) which didn’t work for me.  But what here was the kicker.  You had to follow the author’s 48 minute cardio/body shaping workout plan for things to work.  Well it has come to be known that it is not necessary to spend so long exercising and yes I know there are arguments to and against exercising that long.

So now I’m interested in seeing what is required of the eating program but as for exercising that long…it ain’t going to happen.  My knees will quickly remind me that I shouldn’t be doing that and will get all nice and swollen.  Besides, I’m an old lady and I don’t move the way all of these younger people move.


Enough of that, let me tell you what I’m committing myself to do besides considering committing myself to the funny farm.  Old joke … old person here.

So I stepped up on the scale today and saw that I weighed in at a whopping 220 lbs.  I’ve yet to do any of my measurements but I know with this weight explosion that I had, I need to redo my measurements.

So this morning I had a protein shake which was 4 grams of carbs and then went out and rode my trike for just over 5 miles.  Okay believe it or not, I wiped out on my trike.  I hit the brakes to confront dogs that were trying to attack me on my trike and squeezed the brakes too hard and flipped.  Not a pretty sight but lesson learned, I need to not squeeze so hard so quickly.  So I switched back from my wide BMX style pedals back to the original pedals with the SPD clips.  I installed the SPD cleats on my old bicycle shoes along with my new foot exercise inserts and could barely close the shoe.  About 2 1/2 miles into the trip my foot was killing me so I pulled out the insert and just left the pad in and I was doing much better.

Each time that I ride I try to figure out how to make my ride better and I’ve come to several conclusions.  Call the dog catcher about picking up the stray dogs so they will stop attacking other bicyclists and others who are walking or jogging down the street; next exercise wearing the bike shoes and use the clips so I can determine if I can still use the shoes or if I need to buy new ones and keep on tinkering with my derailers/wires because the wires are now adjusting themselves as I start putting more miles on my trike.  I have 115 miles listed on my bike computer but I have more miles than that on my trike.

So let me get back to what I ate.  I had a tunafish sandwich which had about 21 carbs and then did myself in by having my mean green drink but only having about half which was about 42 carbs.  For dinner I had a can of soup, that was all I felt like eating and that had 18 carbs but then I got careless and drank my mean green juice for another 42 carbs and last but not least I had one of my protein bars which had 26 carbs.

Needless to say I’m off to a bad start but the day is almost over and I have tomorrow to go buy groceries and start making myself eat much better.

I’m hoping to be able to get out and exercise even if it is only for 20 minutes by riding my trike.  I really love my trike and now that I’ve started doing small tweaks to it I feel as if I’m just a little bit more connected to my trike.

One last note, I’m quite proud of myself and my ability to say no.  There was a birthday party at work and they had pizza, cake, chips and soda.  Well I already had a diet soda after my soup, yes I know that was bad but I was out of gum and out of anything that would chase that taste of soup from my mouth.  So after seeing how far off I was by drinking the juice I’m counting this as a semi-cheat day but it is a good day to start.  I know I will not be able to be fit enough to fit into a particular costume in August for DragonCon but if I can at least wear off the rack BDU’s then I will be okay with that but know I will have to keep on working at it.

So hopefully after tomorrow I will never see 220 on the scale again when I step on the scale.  I’m going to commit to getting healthier because I’m tired of taking BP pills although I’ve kind of been out of them for a while.  But with regular exercise and healthier eating I know I will drop my BP and I should lower everything else.

One thing I have to do is find a healthier snack or somehow figure out what I can snack on when I get home because it seems as if I’m starving by the time I walk in the door.  It might be all in my head but until I can get my head to thinking the correct way I need to find a healthy protein snack….hm-m-m-m-m bacon sounds good!