A Different Approach

Okay now as you know I was trying to recommit to being primal well that didn’t go very well because of company in from out of town and then celebrating birthdays and basically everything went to hell in a hand basket.  This has been a weird couple of weeks and that along with preparing my taxes kind of rattled the pebble in my head that others call a brain.

Now during these last weeks I’ve been focusing on anything but what I should.  I’m obviously quite easily distracted and I know that I need to teach myself how to remain focused on something.  Wow, never thought I would have to say that but it seems that goldfish have a better memory than me, oh so you doubt it?   Well Mythbusters proved that you can train a goldfish and that they do retain a good memory.  Wow, how sad is that, goldfish seem to be able to beat me when it comes to retaining memory or training.

So I did some reading of a few books, some oriented towards Monuments Men (sorry saw the movie and so I’m hooked on reading more) and I also started thinking about the Biggest Loser and how she did everything.  Well she said that she kept her calories down to 1,500 calories a day and then she would exercise about 4 times a day.

This got me to thinking….sure quit my job then I could work out all of those times and sure I could probably limit my calorie intake to 1,500 because pretty soon I would be absolutely broke and couldn’t afford any food, why I could really exercise because I would be like one of those ladies pushing around a shopping cart full of what was left of my belongings because all of my other belongings are still in storage.  Yeah then I could lose weight and then what?!

Okay I’ll cut out the sarcasm but it is sad to let my tackiness fly out the window.  So the reality is that I hate counting and calories are the worse thing for me to count.  I would like to be able to have the meal all prepared for me but I’m not about the spend a fortune on prepared meals like all of those other diet plans.  Well crap that just means that I need to keep on working so that I can buy the right kind of food.

Then I read something about one of the trainers she used and the only thing said was “3-1-2-1” Diet.  So of course I got on the internet and started checking out what this was all about and ended up reading a whole bunch of junk.  I say that because let’s face facts, I really don’t give a poop about what this trainer did when they were young and how they did this and did that as they were growing up which led them to this great and glorious position of coming up with this new diet plan which they guarantee will work for you.  So by the time I read all of his stuff, well let me take that back, I did a lot of skimming because this guy was putting me to sleep, but I did manage to get to the diet part of the book.

Well let’s just say that it was not just the diet but exercise and a whole lot of exercise.  Did I say a whole lot of exercise, let me stress that he is suggesting 48 minutes of exercise about 5-6 times a week ( I would be more accurate but you remember what I said about goldfish memory and mine being worse) for 48 minutes but wait he changes up the routine so you don’t get bored.  What that is less than an hour and you can do it because it is great, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Okay so part of what he is saying makes sense by trying to confuse the body with the amount of food (calories) you are consuming.  The only thing is that your calories are still very limited on your cheat day so you really don’t get to cheat very much although he claims you can but the reality is nope, can’t have it.  Oh sure you can eat pizza but for women it is limited to 1 slice and then you are eating very healthy for the rest of the day because you blew the hell out of your diet with the pizza.  But by following his diet he claims that many people have lost 10 pounds in 21 days.


Psst – this is the breakdown of the 3-1-2-1 diet:

Holy buckets Batman and Robin, I forgot to tell you what 3-1-2-1 stood for.  The 3 stands for 3 days of what he calls clean eating.  It means you eat exactly what is listed in the menu which even accounts for snacks, but you must do it for 3 days in a row.  Then you get 1 cheat eat day, but allow me to tell you that you really are not cheating very much.  Oh sure you can have a slice of pizza but it can only be a small slice and you must then be very strict about what else you eat for the rest of the day because you have a calorie limit.  Then you got back to 2 days of clean eating and following the diet plan.  On the seventh day you get 1 day to cheat eat which again is actually hampered by the number of calories that you can consume.  Now the amount of calories that you have is of course based on your current weight and then you are given your restrictive amounts.  But the diet is only part of it, you must exercise 48 minutes a day for either 5 or 6 days.  Sorry goldfish memory acting up again.  So you do the different grouping of exercising 5 to 6 times a week along with the diet and lose about 10 pounds.  Or at least that is what most of the people seem to be able to do.


What, 10 lbs in 21 days?  Wait a minute, I lost 11 lbs in 21 days by eating primal and that was when I was sick last September.  So I took a look at what he was suggesting to eat during the diet days and it is not bad but I really didn’t like eating light this and light that along with fat-free this and fat-free that.  Why you ask?  Because most of those things are not natural and although yes I eat a whole lot of things that are not natural ……but the man talked about cutting out bacon except for turkey bacon.  I mean come on….I love my bacon and asking me to give it up after years of dieting and dieting and eating things like turkey bacon just isn’t fair.

So seeing that he claims that his way of dieting is guaranteed not to let you stall out or plateau at any particular weight because you are exercising and constantly putting your body into flux then maybe I can adapt it to me.  You’re probably wondering what is going on, well let me see if I can explain how I’m hoping to adapt his style into my style.

I’ve probably been the happiest and most satisfied in eating along the Primal Blueprint way because I’m basically a meat eating gal.  I like my meat and really enjoy it.  Yes I know blah, blah health oriented but the truth is that it is hard for me to diet when I’m eating things that I don’t like and that is part of the problem with eating the exact food in some of these diet plans.

So what if I was to adopt the same style of eating but doing it in a primal way, would it work for me?  So what would then become my limits?  Now based on Primal you can lose weight by keeping your carbohydrate count to 100 carbs per day.  But if you want to try and lose weight a little bit faster you can cut your carbs down to 50 carbs per day….remember not to do this for very long because it just isn’t good for your body.  As for the exercise, it is suggested that you work out 4 times a week for only about 20 minutes and strength training is encouraged.

Now what I was thinking of is doing Primal 3-1-2-1.  I’m hoping to keep the carb count below 50 carbs on the clean days of eating and up the carb count to 100 carbs on my cheat days.  However, my exercise plans will differ a bit.  I rather enjoy riding my trike so I will be doing a lot of this or at least that is the plan.  But I also realize that I will need to do some strength training so I’m planning on using some hand weights and maybe using what is left of my resistance bands because I know that riding my trike will not do anything for my arms and shoulders.  So that is my plan.

Now to implement my plan I need to see about doing some repair work to my bike.  It seems that I can’t get the blasted red blinking light to stay in place and I’ve lost two nuts somewhere on the roads that I’ve ridden.  But thankfully the light was still attached to the bike so that much is great because I would really hate to have to replace them.  Then I need to get some better clipless bike shoes because the ones I have are killers on my feet when I do a long bike ride.  That was something I learned this weekend.  More details will be listed in my trike riding pages but long story short, foot killing me and almost fell over when I took a bathroom break.  It was a sad sight.  Also last night and today I’m charging up my devices:  brake light/headlight/bike computer.  I’ve been using so I need to make sure they stay in peak condition so people will see me.

So basically I will be trying to maintain a diet of 50 carbs for 3 days, then allow myself 100 carbs for a cheat day, then back to 2 days of 50 carbs then 1 day of 100 carbs.  Now the reality will be that I will probably go above 100 carbs on a day or so within my 21 days of experimenting but I guess I’ll see what happens at the end of 21 days.  Hopefully things will be so good and encouraging that I will just continue on with this method.


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