Sudden Primal 3-1-2-1 Start

Well as I said above, this is a sudden start on this new diet plan of mine.  Why sudden, well it is because I found that if I just suddenly do something then I can stick to things.  Wait did that make any sense?  Probably not, but if you have read any of my stumbling weight loss diary I mentioned in September that although I had bronchitis, I needed to eat better and maybe that would help me get to feeling better.  So I got busy eating Primal and as it turns out for the 21 days that I was on the plan I had lost 11 pounds but the draw back was that I really didn’t exercise.  The good part was the fact that I didn’t really have time to plan it because I’ve been aware of what I needed to do when eating Primal so it wasn’t that hard for me to start eating better.

So boom ….. here I am starting my Primal 3-1-2-1.  I’m hoping to keep up with things and keep on writing so that I can see what is happening in my case.

Well I didn’t think about it until this afternoon and guess what, I had already eaten breakfast and didn’t do such a great job to start.  Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast:  2 eggs, 1 tortilla, 2 strips of bacon, 1 cup of coffee w/cream – 26 carbs

Lunch:  open face tunafish sandwich w/cheese, flavored sparkling water – 12 carbs

Dinner:  burger patty w/cheese, salad w/dressing, sparkling water – 6 carbs

——- Total carbs for day:     44 carbs

Even if I have a snack late night of coffee which is all I’ve planned for, I will still be at 44 carbs.

I did this diet as I stated before rather suddenly.  I obviously didn’t plan it because there is no way I would have had a tortilla with breakfast because that is very high in the way of carbohydrates and something I can do without.

Unfortunately I was unable to exercise today, woke up late and by the time I got my package of bacon cooked, I was really behind time wise for the day.  Then I had to straighten my hair which took up any extra time I might have spent going shopping for new bike shoes and for getting a few things that I need to keep my trike running.

My water consumption is not looking so hot.  I’ve only had almost 50 ounces of water for the day and that is well behind what I should normally be having.  I know I had said that it was reported that to have enough water, take your weight divide it by 2 and that number is the ounces of water you should consume.  Well no way can I drink that much.  So it is probably going to stay at 50 for the day and I’ll let it go at that.

Oh yeah, so let see what I weighed in at today.  As I stated up above, I decided to start this crazy diet shortly after I ate breakfast and unfortunately I didn’t weigh myself in the morning when I first got up.  So I took my weight after breakfast and just before I ran off to work in the afternoon.  I stepped on the scale and observed it to be 219.6 pounds.  Yep, I’ve porked it on once again.  My goal is to lose 11 pounds in 21 days and if I keep my mind focused and my act together maybe with exercise I can lose even more.

It will be a struggle because the wind is blowing pollen in and stirring up all sorts of pollen which is of course wrecking havoc on my sinuses but I’m trying not to let them get the best of me.  Maybe tomorrow I will be able to take at least a 10 mile bike ride but I guess it won’t happen unless I learn to get up earlier and maybe, just maybe I can grab a nap before coming to work.  At least that is what I’m striving for the time being.  We’ve had a sudden cold snap which of course leaves me invigorated but the silliness at work is doing the best to try and bring me down.  But I’ve got that nonsense on the run because I’m outta here early today and I won’t let all of the crazies upset me.

So quick wrap up….

44 carbs for the day

Weight 219.6

No exercise

I started dieting???!!!! REALLY??!!!!   I should have had a plan…. Well plan this…



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