2015 New Year – New Start

Yes I’m still here, only thing is that I’ve managed to avoid taking my allergy meds and I’ve been paying the price lately.  I was doing really good throughout most of the year although I had a sinus infection earlier that I never quite got rid of, so two days before Christmas I went and got a massage because of my CTS.  Well my masseur reminded me of the high pollen count that hit that morning and to prepare myself.  Unfortunately I was lost in my own little mind and didn’t increase my water, didn’t increase my water intake and worse of all I didn’t double up on my allergy meds.


Yep, you guessed it right, I came down with a sinus infection in less than 24 hours.  So unfortunately I still had to work but all of the clinics were jam packed and so I put off going to the med clinic to get some help (I still haven’t found a another doctor that I’m comfortable with).  Well by the time New Year’s Eve came along I was sicker than a dog but there was a 3 hour wait so I decided to go the next day and what was supposed to be a 1 1/2 hour wait actually turned into a 4 hour wait.  But hey, I can’t complain because it is my fault that I didn’t find a regular doctor that I like yet and because I could have prevented this by taking my meds.  I know, bad me and I’m still paying the price and here it is the 7th day into the new year.


So what is all of this about a new start all about.  Well I downloaded the Vimify challenge app and am going to do the Primal Blueprint 21 day challenge.  I basically know what to do but I wonder if I might do better this time out by actually being a part of the group.  I don’t know but at least already there are lots of nice people on there with nice things to say.


Once again I will be going Primal because number 1 I like what I get to eat on this plan.  I’m more of a steak and potato ladies but I think I’ve had too many potatoes and way too many deserts.  It doesn’t help that I rather enjoy baking deserts either, so that is one strike against me but I can always bring the sweet stuff up to where I work and the people there will enjoy my efforts in baking.  So back to Primal and why primal.  Well that is easy because I’ve been sort of primal off and on, mostly off; but I like the way that I feel when I’m on this diet.  Before my sinus infection hit, I think I was hitting the Tums at least twice a day and I knew better but still I did nothing to stop the madness.  After the sinus infection hit I haven’t been able to do much except cough up the yucky stuff if you know what I mean, but I’ve been coughing so hard that I sometimes would lose what I just ate.


But I went to the clinic and got on some meds and I think that I see the light at the end of the tunnel or else it is a train that is going to hit me as I continue to walk the tracks through the tunnel.  Either way something is going to happen.


This Primal challenge starts on Monday and I’m hoping that I’ll be okay come Monday but right now I’m beginning to doubt if I will be well by then.  I’m still hacking up my gunk and my voice is still strained and worse of all is how exhausted I’m feeling doing just simple things.  I was tired after taking my mother grocery shopping and that shouldn’t be happening.  Oh well maybe this is an even better reason to go Primal.


I know that I need to focus on moving frequently and moving slow, allowing the stress of things to try and roll off of me but easier said than done sometimes.  Right how the plan is to take short walks around the block and on weekends to go riding on my trike.  I will have to build up my endurance on my trike, I don’t think I can do much more than about 5-10 miles right now, so I guess my determination to repeat the 50 mile Tour De Cure is out of the question at this time.


It is my hope that I can finally complete my goal of losing weight, getting fit and staying below the 200 pound mark.  I know that may not seem like much but for now I will just take it one small step at a time.  Thankfully I do not have many things in my cupboard that will need to tossed and I am realistic to know that there may be times when I will eat more carbs than I really should for the day but I will not let it discourage me.  I’m not expecting a miracle but just getting and staying below 200 pounds will be like a miracle for me.  I have yet to weigh myself so I do not know what my current weight is at this time so I guess Monday I will find out.


On the new hope of a new start this year is the fact that I’m pretty much off of the diet sodas, off the flavored waters and coffee/tea/water are what I’ve been drinking for the last couple of weeks since I’ve been sick.  Now I’m not talking about all of those fancy coffee house coffees, it is just coffee with Stevia and heavy whipping cream.  I’m lactose intolerant and you would think that the heavier milk product would bother me, but nope, I’m doing fine with that in my coffee.


I will try to be organic as much as possible but the reality fact is that I’m a poor broke woman who doesn’t bring home a lot of money so most of my produce will not be organic but I’m going to stay along the wild caught for seafood, grass-fed with no hormones beef and when I do break down and want something terrible like pasta, I’m going to make it so that will take some of the desire out of having pasta because it is a pain to have to make it rather than just boil some water.  I do know basically what I have to do and how to try and stay on the path but I’m going to try and not beat myself up mentally for times when I slip and in this 21 day challenge I’m hoping to once again set up better eating habits.


I’ll be honest, my blood pressure is all over the place with this sinus infection, coughing, hacking and lack of moving around.  I know what can naturally lower my blood pressure and so I’m hoping to use that knowledge to control my BP until I can feel assured that I don’t need the meds any longer and then go get checked out by a doctor.


So yes I believe that this new year will be the year that I will make a dent in my way of life and believe that things will be changing for the better for me health wise and maybe that will improve my outlook on things and just maybe I may start doing other special things for myself to make me feel better.


Short term goal for the 21 day challenge….provided I’m not over 225 lbs, I hope to be close to the 200 pound mark at the end of 21 days.  Everything will depend on how I’m feeling and right now my sinuses are kicking my tush so this weekend is the chance to get better before I start my challenge.  New year and new outlook, that is what I need to remember and to believe in myself.


So I’ll be back soon and until then enjoy yourself and thanks for taking the time to read my nonsense.


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