One Day Until The Challenge

So here I am trying to think of some of the things that I need to do to get ready when I realize that if I plan too much then I will probably not be as successful s possible.  Well let me make a sort of amendment to that statement.


Although I’m still not over my sinus infection, I’m taking a few precautions to make sure that I will be able to get stronger during my 21 day challenge.  I’ve just bought some grass-fed all natural beef, which is some of my favorite type of food.  So I bought some hamburger meat and some steaks.  I just made some chicken soup to help me get past my sinus problems and since I made it, I was able to control what went into the soup so there is nothing in it that is not primal friendly.  Now unfortunately I didn’t have the chicken bones to boil but I took a chicken breast and used that in the soup.  Because I have a  base I an always add just a touch more water and some more vegetables to increase the quantity of the soup which is okay with me.


Thankfully this challenge is starting on Monday so this is giving me the weekend to rest up a bit and hopefully get most of the desire for the bad food in my life out of my system.  No, I’m not going to fast at this time but just eat what I would like.  Ideally it would be great for me to be able to toss out all of the other foods that are not primal especially during these challenge days but the reality is that my mother whom I’m taking care of likes all sorts of food that isn’t primal friendly so I will learn to use my will power to avoid these foods.


The one good thing from being sick is the fact that I’ve learned to drink more water in order to keep hydrated.  Now I just have to keep up that good habit and so far so good because I have no desire to have sodas and because I still don’t taste things as well as I used to before getting sick, I have slowed down how rapidly I eat because I’m so busy trying to taste the different items and the textures.  I can only hope that this will continue, the speed of my eating, so then I can relax and chew slower and maybe it will make me realize that I’m okay and don’t need to eat quite as much.


One thing I’m a little confused about though, I joined the Vimify system and I’m still not sure exactly why or what I’m suppose to do with this system.  It says to check back in 2 days which is really just a little over 25 hours from now so I guess I’ll find out then what is going on.


I was thinking of what I wanted to come away with from this 21 day challenge and that really got me to thinking.  Of course I would like to lose weight but how much weight, now that is a good question.  I got on the scale the other day and my weight was almost 218 which was really sad but then again what did I really expect with me ignoring what I should be eating.


Oh one good thing is that I found some semi-local honey that is raw and unfiltered and I’m hoping to be adding this to a cup of tea so it will help build up my immune system so that I won’t have the allergy problems later on in the year.  So I’m building up my main protein source which is good for me  because I love eating meat which is why I usually succeed in losing weight, I only have the problem with I decide to allow too many carbs back into my system.


So I’m hoping for at least a 10 pound loss at the end of my 21 days, and having a little bit more of an exercise pattern going.  Although the weather is not so good, cold and raining, I figured that I can at least do some walking and like Mark Sisson says, it is important to keep moving, move frequently and as for weight lifting, I’m going to try to star doing -.  I do not have the bar to do this but an old clothes line pole left over from long time ago, but it will not hold me and to be perfectly honest I know that I do not have the strength in my arms to life myself up and not even with the help of my legs.  So a former co-worker showed me how to slowly work my way up to a pull up.  He suggested that I use a surface such as a door.  It is hard to describe what I need to do so if I can I will try to get a drawing of what I’m doing as a form of weight workout and striving to use my body as the weight.  Also I have 5 gallon water jugs which I can fill with various amounts of water to give me a workout.


Why am I doing things that are not exactly the exercises that Mark is expressing for us to do because of one important factor, I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome so doing things such as push-ups is a major no-no for me.  I have tried other ways to do push-ups but the truth is that I do them and lose the feeling in my hands.  I already have lost some of the feelings in the tip of my fingers and I don’t need to do anything else to decrease the feeling in my fingers.


So now I’ve got one more day to do what I want and then the challenge will begin.  What is really a surprise to me is that for once this challenge really caught me at the right time.  So for now I’m out of here hoping to get some sleep to keep on trying to get well.  I figure this will take me into the month of February so what a good way to wrap up the first month of the year.  Maybe it will be a very good 21 day challenge for me.

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