Day 1 of Challenge

So just like the title states, this is day one of the challenge and so I decided to do a few things, first off was to step on the scale. I had stepped on the scale last night after a day of just eating whatever I wanted and was a little sad because I knew I would be heavy but seeing the scale jump up to 218.9 was a big shock, no I take that back it wasn’t a big shock, I thought I would weight even more.  I think my only saving grace was the fact that I was sick previously and that might have kept down my weight just a tad.


Well I got  6 hours of sleep and yes I know that I should have gotten more but finally the sun came out and wouldn’t you know it was shinning right in my window despite the curtain covering the window, the sun found the one spot that wasn’t fully covered on my window so I guess it was the day’s way of telling me to get my fanny out of bed.  Now it was at 0830 hours and I’m sure quite a few of you are already at work and up doing something having been up for at least an hour but seeing that I work until 2300 hours, that is 11 pm for all you other people who don’t know what time 2300 hrs is.


So I get off at 2300 hrs which means that I must then drive home and around 2300 hrs is when a lot of people change to go to other bars or some people are heading out from private parties and more often they are going out to the outer area of the city which is the direction I’m heading.  But enough of that whining, I stay up after that and do not go to bed right away.  Honestly it is hard to just jump into bed  after getting off work, I know almost none of you go to bed right away after you get off work because you need to wind down, which is why I’m lucky if I’m in bed at 0200 hrs.


Okay enough of my whining, let me tell you a little bit of good news.  I got up and although my sinus problem is still with me, it is not so bad.  I got up and stepped on the scale expecting to weigh pretty close to my weight of 218.9 pounds but I got a huge surprise, I stepped up on the scale and was surprised to find that my weight was 214.7 pounds.  I know I couldn’t believe that somehow I had managed to lose over 4 pounds overnight.  It didn’t make any sense and I moved the scale all around to try and get a heavier weighing but guess what, it didn’t vary.  This was definitely a great way to start my 21 day challenge.


Yet I didn’t stop there, I realized that I needed to get up off my butt and do something so I went out for a nice walk.  Following along Mark Sisson’s way which is move slowly.  I wasn’t out to break some type of walking/running record, besides my days of being able to run/jog are over thanks to foot injuries.  So feeling good after my cup of coffee and following it up with a cup of water, I went out for a walk around the neighborhood and didn’t worry about time or how fast I was walking.  I then finished my walk and learned that I had walked 0.7 miles, which was quite enjoyable because I could breathe  without gasping for air.  I know that the allergies are going wild because the wind has picked up but I’m going to follow the advice of some of my co-workers which is to take a teaspoon of local honey.


Oh speaking of local honey, I went to the farmers market and grabbed something that is pretty local but because I live in a large city there is not any bee farms within the city but at least I’ve found some that is just about an hour or less away.  I’m looking forward to starting this regime so that the next blast of pollen will not stir up my allergies quite as much.  We’ve had problem with Mountain Cedar and although I’m not allergic to it, it has reached levels over 16,000 count so whether or not you’re allergic to that pollen, it still affects everyone.


So I’m working on doing things the right way.  I took my blood pressure and unfortunately it is rather high, so I took my medication and I think it will work later on in the day but I still need to go see the last doctor who gave me that Rx so that I have one less thing to worry about for the moment.


I pulled out my new gas grill and started it up and put some thin steaks on the grill and am using my grill mate which means that I’m cooking the steaks with indirect heat which I hope will leave them a little bit juicy but I also have to under cook them since I’m planning to take them with me to work and will need to nuke them, but I’ve got dinner all planned since I’ve just finished cooking some spaghetti squash and will include some broccoli for dinner tonight.


Right now I’ve got to sign off so I can finally get something to eat since I’m finally hungry and then I have to start getting ready for work.  I’ll be back soon to let you know how things are going.


So I got out my grill and cooked some thin cut steaks for dinner and for tomorrow’s lunch, as well as cooked some spaghetti squash and prepped some broccoli.  This is what I have planned for dinner tonight and I hope to make the other people at work a touch envious of my dinner.  The best thing about going primal on my eating habits is that I must admit my work lunch (actually it is dinner) always seems so much better than some of the stuff I would have to buy.


Sometimes time gets the better of me and I would have to resort to fast-food when I eat but being primal makes me actually plan ahead and figure out what I can eat and the best thing of all is that when I eat primal I do not get an upset stomach.  I have noticed that now since I have cut out night shade produce my digestion problems have dramatically reduced.  Come to think of it, I remember that I went through half a bottle of Tums in about a week just about the time my family was due to arrive for our Christmas celebration.  It was not because I didn’t want to see them, no I love seeing my family but we were rushing around trying to get everything ready in the house for their visit.  So between not eating right and the stress I guess that also lowered my ability to fight off the sinus infection.


Hopefully I will be able to try some meditation tonight and if not I will at least end the day with some relaxing deep breathing or at least breathing as deeply as possible to calm and even out the day.



So I got woken up by the sunlight streaming through the one crack in my bedroom window.  Not a bad way to wake up especially since I haven’t seen the sunshine in a couple of days.

Went for a short walk in the sun, taking things at a casual pace so I didn’t overtax myself and wear myself out so I can go to work tonight.

Grilled some steaks for tonight’s dinner and tonight I get to leave work a little early so I will try to do some meditation and/or deep breathing exercises to further relax after work.

Meals:  Breakfast – coffee w/cream; Lunch – Homemade chicken soup w/sandwich (yes I know not exactly following primal on the sandwich but it was only 20 carbs and I had to grab something quick); Dinner – thin steaks about 4-5 oz, spaghetti squash w/butter and broccoli.

Based on what I will be eating and have consumed, I should be well under the 50 grams of carbs.

So far things are looking pretty good and I’m a little tired because I’m not completely over my sinus infection.  But in the past eating primal and trying to be more active has always helped in the past.


So far Day 1 of the 2015 Challenge is looking pretty good.


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