Day 2 of Challenge

Well I’m happy to say that I got 8 hours of sleep.  I even managed to do some deep breathing to relax my mind and my body before I went to sleep.  I tried one of those meditation apps but just as I was focusing on something then the person would start speaking which threw me off.  Then I went about trying to find an app that would just play soothing sounds and I sort of found one but let’s just say I’m still searching for the right app so I can do relaxing breathing before I sleep.


I made it through the first day with little problems.  Yet today despite getting the 8 hours of sleep, here I am at about 1600 hours and I feel as if I could sleep some more.  I think it is my body still struggling to kick out the remaining part of my sinus infection.  I’m hoping that soon I won’t even think about my sinus problem.


There were a couple of things that I didn’t list yesterday that I took, which was a cup of herbal tea with 2 tsp of honey and about 8 almonds.  I just needed something crunchy and then brushed my teeth and tried to relax and that was when the app and I didn’t agree on things.  I finally did get to sleep but it was a bit of a struggle, I was focusing on breathing deeply which was really a treat for me considering I haven’t been able to breathe deeply for at least 2 weeks.  So yippy for deep breathing.


I woke up a little bit later than I wanted but I was a touch hungry so I got out my bacon and started to cook it in the microwave.  Unfortunately I had forgotten to adjust the time for cooking the bacon so I burnt 6 slices of bacon, too bad I don’t have my dogs any more because they would have loved to eat the burnt bacon.  I put in a new batch and kept a more careful eye on it and it went much better and I got 6 strips cooked just right.


So then I made a flat white coffee which is the latest rage.  Instead of the milk that they talk about using, I used whipping cream, heating it up the microwave and then using a frother to ‘stretch’ the milk which is the term they use when talking about steaming the milk.  It is only maybe a couple of carbs when I make a flat white compared to how much I use having regular coffee, not really enough to make me freak out and still allows me to enjoy my coffee.  Coffee and bacon, it was a good morning and I read some of the paper.


As usual, time got away from me as I was relaxing this morning and I found that I needed to hurry up and shower and start getting ready for work.  Once I showered I made scrambled eggs w/mushrooms and cheese then had the last two strips of bacon and made another cup of flat white coffee.  Then I had to quickly cook the spaghetti squash for dinner tonight and had to pack my lunch (dinner) for work.  I will again have steak, just under 4 oz, broccoli and spaghetti squash.  Just in case I get a little hungry later, I brought some of my primal chicken soup which should curb my appetite later tonight.


This is about my average day, boring!  I’m hoping my work partner will let me take an extended break so I can go outside and walk around in the parking lot of the station.  No sunshine today where I live but if I at least get outside then it will do me some good because there is just something about walking around outside that makes me feel better.  So for the moment I’m going to sign off so that I can do some work at work.  Maybe the walk outside will be good for me so I won’t feel so sleepy.


Well I made it back and did a weighted walk for 25 minutes.  I had done everything right today except for one part of the challenge and this part really could not be helped at all.  I was unable to get 15 minutes of sunshine in but I have a really, really good reason for not doing that…..THERE WAS NO SUNSHINE TODAY!!   Unfortunately we are not supposed to have any sunshine until Thursday so all I can do is wait and even on Thursday it will be scattered sunshine.


Today has been a very good primal day.  I got in the walk at work in the cool of the night, okay in the cold of the night as it was 41 degrees outside as I did the walk in the back parking lot.  But it felt good and my work partner had suggested that I do the walk on the treadmill but I told him I preferred being outside and it was a good mind clearing walk.  I just listened to my music and really didn’t have to worry about too much bothering me on my walk because the shift was not over until the last five minutes of my walk and then I just smiled and waved a lot at the people getting off of work.  They think that I’m crazy especially for taking the 21 day challenge because people have been bringing all sorts of candies and cookies and other treats up there for us and not once have I even been tempted to have any.  I did lift the lid to look at the chocolate and enjoy the smell but it didn’t really appeal to me so no worries about me cheating.



Although it has been boring it has been a good primal day and I followed closer along the primal eating ways.  I avoided having chocolate and wasn’t even tempted to have any.  One of my other co-workers had her feelings a little bit hurt when I told her no thank you went she gave me some chocolate kisses.  I gave them to my partner and told her that I was behaving for 21 days on my challenge and that I’d rather not do anything to mess up so early in the game.


MEALS:    Breakfast – 4 strips of bacon and white flat coffee (homemade); Lunch – 2 egg omelet with mushrooms and cheese and white flat coffee; Dinner – 4 oz thin steak (grass-fed), spaghetti squash and broccoli.


Another plus is that yesterday I had about 70 oz of water and today I’m almost at 60 oz of water and not sure if I will surpass that tonight.


Best part of the day, when I went outside and walked in the parking lot at work even while it was cold.  It felt good to get out and just enjoy life.


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