Day 3 of Challenge

Well here I am on hump day of week 1 of the challenge, although technically since a week is 7 days long, this is almost hump day…oh wait a minute, it is past the noon hour so it is officially my hump day.  Each day I go to the Vimify site and answer the question and check off what I’m doing.  The question today was what are you struggling with the most and what are you successful with.  For me the answer to the question is really quite easy, TIME.  It seems that I’m always struggling with time, more time is needed to do the things that I want and more time is needed to complete the tasks for the challenge.


A prime example is the fact that I go to bed so early in the morning and in order to have 8 hours of sleep I have to sleep in; believe it or not sleeping in is sort of hard for me or at least normally it is hard for me but because I’m still struggling with my sinuses, sleeping 8 hours isn’t so hard, getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is the real challenge.  So why not go to bed earlier you might be thinking, but don’t forget I get out just before midnight because of my shift.  I have to always make sure that I’m alert because the freeway that I travel can be a little tricky in good weather in the summer, but seeing that we’ve got some wet stuff on the ground and the freeway in this section really twists and turns, it makes it a challenge for the average driver.  Now for Drunky McDrunk who just left a bar and who is buzzed or totally $hit face drunk they too are on the road, changing bars or going to another party.  So although I may be tired when I get off of work I need to be defensive in my driving in order to stay alive.   Now is it pretty close to midnight and I try to catch up on the news and/or watch one of my recorded shows.  This usually tires me out but by now it is close to 0200 hrs, so you get the general gest of where this is headed, right?!!


Okay so since I was sick, I cut out drinking sodas because it was painful trying to swallow the drinks and so basically I’ve stuck with coffee, water and tea.  Thankfully, wait did I say thankfully, I’m still struggling to keep my sinuses in check but they have started draining again so time to medicate myself so I don’t have to go back to the doctor.  However, if I don’t get better in a day or two I’m heading to the doctor’s office to get a steroid shot which always seems to dry my sinuses out in 24 hours.


Sorry but I forgot what time it was and discovered that I was late getting ready for work so I was rushing around the house like a mad woman trying to get things ready.  The most important thing other than putting on my uniform was making sure that I had plenty of food for my dinner (work lunch) so that I would not feel hungry.  I’ve noticed that it is better for me to take more food than I want and this way I feel okay and not worried whether or not there is enough food to satisfy my hunger and if I get hungry I have plenty to snack on.


Okay now so I managed to get 8 hours of sleep but I had to go grocery shopping today and normally it wouldn’t be so bad but when I got in the shower my sinuses showed me who was boss….they are the boss.  I woke up with a sore throat and I keep have deja vu wondering if my sinuses are back for part 2 of tormenting me.  Yes I’ve started increasing Vitamin C and I’m going to try and start drinking more water, but as it stands now I’m up at least twice during the night going to the bathroom and I swear it feels as if I empty it every single time but a few hours later there I am visiting the bathroom once again.


I’ve already started feeling light headed from my sinuses attacking so I had better taking some OTC drugs to control this before it is time for another doctor’s visit.  I hope that it is just pollen that was stirred up by the strong wind gusts we had yesterday and today it is drizzling off and on, more on than off, so if there is any pollen in the air maybe the drizzle will wash it away.


I know that today I need to do heavy lifting but because I woke up late and was busy coughing my head off under the hot water of the shower, I sort of burnt up a lot of time.  So I came home after grocery shopping and prepared my lunch because I was hungry.  I’ve been trying to follow Mark Sisson’s suggestion which was eat when you are hungry and usually in the morning I’m not very hungry so usually a cup of coffee is all that I need.  I got back and made some fish in the oven and fixed a flat white coffee then started this entry when I found out time got away from me once again.


So now I’m back at work and I wonder if I will still feel good enough this evening to do some heavy lifting, but it won’t be the plan that Mark lays out, I can not do push-ups thanks to CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) but I might try to do some modified pull-ups and if now I have 5 gallon water jugs at home that I can fill with water and give myself a good workout.  Most of it will depend on how I’m feeling because right now I’m kind of sinking back into the misery of my sinuses.


I think that the Benadryl that I took earlier to try and dry up my sinuses is beginning to work on me because I’m suddenly feeling very sleepy.


I thought it was odd that I got a message from one of the coaches on the Vimify site.  He said that I should do my walk within 2 hours of waking up.  But I have a problem with this, you see the heart too has been at rest while you were sleeping and it was not beating as strongly.  When I dated a paramedic he advised me that a person should not do any exercises until they have been awake for 2 hours minimum, because that is how long it takes for the heart to fully wake up.  He stated that they had so many calls where people would do things that would strain their hearts early in their morning and that it put undo stress on the heart.  Now not everyone will have a stroke from this but I agree with him, why do anything that would put additional stress on your body while your heart is waking up.  He also spoke with several doctors in the hospital where they would transport these heart attack patients and they were the ones who pointed it out to my paramedic friend.  So pardon me coach but I’ll just relax and let my heart wake up before I stress it out.




Still feeling tired, so not over sinus infection.  Time is acting like my foe currently.  I’m happily eating primal.  Exercise is a maybe depending on how I feel later tonight but never within the first 2 hours of waking up.


MEALS:   Breakfast – cup of coffee w/cream; Lunch – 2 small fish filets w/slice of cheese and tartar sauce; Dinner – Hamburger patty w/cheese and guacamole on top (minus the bread/bun), spaghetti squash, paleo chicken soup; (not sure if I will eat them) and last  but not least, a salad.


Now that I’m at the end of the day for my work I can actually say that I’m feeling sick again.  I may just go see a doctor again and hopefully I will get a steroid shot which should dry up my nose.  So hopefully my 8 hours of sleep will help me too.  Good Night Folks.


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