Day 4 of Challenge

Well I wish that I could say that things were going great but then I would be lying.  Things are not going so good but it is not because my going primal and I do not feel as if I’m craving anything, but instead I am doing bad because I’m feeling sick….once again.  Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat and it got worse throughout the day and today when I woke up my throat felt better but my voice was horrible.  I’m so tired of answering the phone and the callers think that they are talking to a male instead of a female because of my sore throat.  Since I thought I was feeling better I didn’t bother to go to the medical clinic like I should have but once again I procrastinated.  I just need to get my sinuses to stop dripping and then my throat wouldn’t hurt and my voice would be back to its normal nagging and whining tone.


So I got about 6 hours of sleep but on the plus side I only got up once during the night to go to the bathroom, maybe my body is getting adjusted to the amount of water that I’ve been drinking.  The sun shinning in my window was a nice to see but just not so early in the morning.  So I considered taking a nap but that flew out the window when I realized that I really hadn’t planned anything for lunch or dinner.  I was feeling so bad last night when I got off of work that I didn’t stop by the grocery store to pick up my special items for the diet.  By special items I’m talking about the grass-fed beef and bacon.  There are only a few stores in town that have the right meat products and also I wanted to make my mayo but when I checked I didn’t have enough oil so late night shopping is what I’ll do when I get off of work.


So we’ve had drizzle for the last 24 hours which has been a slight downer but I knew that eventually the sun would make an appearance and sure enough it was out only I wish it had been just a tad bit warmer.  I would have loved to take a short nap sitting out in the sun.


In looking over the stuff on Vimify to see what I need to do for the day I see that I’ve sort of been falling down a little on some stuff.  Now I’m right on the money when it comes to eating the healthy things for my body but the exercising is something different.  Mark Sisson has suggested doing squats which does not work out well with my knees.  He also suggests push-ups but that is a major no-no with my CTS.  So that really does limit as to what I can do.  Provided that I feel better tomorrow I will try and do some lifting but that is only if I’m feeling better.  I hate having coughing fits and you know spitting the nasty stuff out while trying to focus on lifting.  I had borrowed a page out of Mark’s book by using the 5 gallon water jugs and filling them up and lifting those, who would have thought it would be so difficult but it really is not easy.


I definitely need to go to the store tonight because I’m all out of bacon and haven’t had any and I’m craving bacon right now, too bad I don’t have some for my hamburger patty that I will be having for dinner tonight but I will just have to be satisfied with the guacamole that will be topping my burger.


Oh I uncovered my gas grill and cleaned up the little bit of mess left over from grilling my thin steaks.  So anyway I left my grill outside for the last two days, but it was covered up with a tarp (no grill cover yet) then a blanket put on top of it and then it was covered with a plastic sheet.  Once everything was removed I cleaned up the last bit left over from the steaks and then got things warmed up while I defrosted the Ahi Tuna steaks.  Since I didn’t want to clean up a mess, I used the grill mat and coated the steaks with Ghee and put them on the mat.  Well I still haven’t been able to judge exactly how to grill those steaks and I grilled them a little bit too long and they lost some of their moisture.  I know it was bad but I put some dressing on it and ate it but because it took so long and things were not going right on my older laptop it became a very frustrating day for me.


Seeing that I was running short on time, I threw most of my lunch together.  I was so hungry when I pulled off the tuna steaks off the grill I only let it sit for 2 minutes and then had to quickly eat it, ruining the relaxing lunch.  Once that was done I stuff a burger, cheese, guacamole, hot dog, chili and broccoli into my lunch bag and was out the door to work.


To prove that this has been a not so great day besides waking up and not feeling so good, I forgot my cell phone and had to turn around and go get it because I just changed passwords on two programs at work and I couldn’t remember which programs and what were the new passwords so I luckily had only gone 1/2 mile before I had to turn around and go back and get my phone.


Time has not been my friend today but I hope that all changes tomorrow.  So no exercise because feeling poorly but I got some sunshine and that felt wonderful for the 15 minutes I felt it on my skin, I just wish I had more time.  Although I woke up earlier, I had to wash my hair which used to not be a problem.  But I have extremely thick hair that is past my shoulders and washing that really takes a lot of time and effort.  But it felt wonderful to untangle my hair out in the sunshine, just a little cool with a wet head of hair.  I think I’m reverting back to my days as a kid where I felt like I had to be outside all of the time.  My mother used to tease me and say that I was solar-powered.




Feeling not so great in the morning cause of allergy problems and that set the tone for the rest of the day with time not being on my side.  Got to see the sunshine and after hearing how many people are snowed in or under cloud cover I feel a little lucky to have been out in the sunshine for about 20 minutes today.  Time seems to be working against me today.


MEALS:   Breakfast – coffee w/cream; Lunch – 5 oz Ahi Tuna steak; Snack – Almonds about 12;  Dinner – hamburger patty (4.5 oz) with cheese and guacamole on it, broccoli and hot dogs and chili only if I get hungry.


Looking back on the last few days, I’m not exactly eating enough vegetables but I’m there when it comes to protein.  I did after all say that my favorite food was steak and to me that means protein.  In order to be more successful I will need to increase my vegetable intake.  Maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow.

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