Day 5 of Challenge

Well here we are on day 5 and things seem to be going great when it comes to eating.  I’m eating what I should be eating and enjoying it but best of all I discovered something.  I love 8 hours of sleep.


The day before I got only 6 hours of sleep and I swear all day long I was a grumpy person or maybe a better way to say it was that I wasn’t as patient as I should have been.  But seeing that I am still having some sinus problems, I took some Benadryl just before I got off of work and once I was off work I went and did some grocery shopping so that I could have good stuff to eat today.  I still wasn’t that tired when I got home from shopping so I had a cup of tea and the warmth of it going down my throat along with the relaxing scent of the herbal mixture was enough to put me in a mood to get some sleep.  Usually I toss and turn for about 20-30 minutes but not last night, I went right to sleep and woke up about 5 this morning and then went back to sleep and completed 8 1/2 hours of sleep.  It made a world of difference in my attitude and how I feel.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still fighting with the lingering bit of my sinus infection but it finally looks like I’m getting a little better.  I still have a touch of drainage but I at least known that it is not going to disappear overnight and that I need to be constantly working on getting better.


So how good did I feel, well I got up and fixed a package of bacon and had some bacon with my morning coffee, read the paper a bit and then went outside to get some air in my 2nd vehicle that has been sitting in the driveway.


I bought my brother’s older vehicle as a back up for my truck but it had some other problems which were fixed only a problem arose when I discovered that they probably had not fully bled the transmission lines so I parked it in the driveway until I had the time to take it back into the shop.  Well time got the best of me and now the vehicle has been sitting in the driveway for the last 3 years.  I can’t even start the engine because the fluids in it need to be changed out before even turning over the engine.  However, I learned it will not exactly be cheap so I’m waiting until my bank account gets a little bit better before it takes a big hit financial from the auto shop.


So I used a portable air compressor that plugs into a lighter to put some air in the tires so I won’t damage the rims, it took a long time to get one tire partially filled so I went out and bought an air compressor which was a bargain but we are also going to need the air compressor when we do some more work on the house.  Maybe tomorrow I can finish filling up the air in the tires.


Okay so I went to the store and bought the air compressor and then I came home and felt so good that I did some much-needed exercises.  Now I’m so fat and heavy that there is no way in hell that I can pull myself up and although Mark Sisson shows how to do pull-ups using your leg but I just don’t have a portable chin up bar like he does and seeing that time is always battling with me, I went outside to my old clothes line pole, secured some rope around the top and attached my handle grips, leaned back and did pull-ups that way.  Believe me when I tell you that you will feel it in your arms because after I was done with my sets I felt good but then my arms were asking me…..What was I thinking, making them work.  I told my arms to just suck it up because they were going to be used more frequently and can you believe it, my arms were happy.


So I did my pull-ups and then I did planks and my arms were still complaining but in the end they thanked me for finally using them.  Perhaps tomorrow I will lift some water jugs just to keep using them lightly, nothing really heavy.  But if the weather keeps up this way, I’ll be out on my trike riding, not really sure where I’ll go, I guess that depends on when I wake up.


You see now that I’ve been working an evening shift and not having to work a second job, I can actually sleep until I wake up.  Sometimes it is the sunshine waking me up, sometimes the phone and sometimes my neighbors but no matter what, it is nice not to have to wake up to an alarm.  When I used to work the morning shift that was the worst thing of all, waking up to an alarm.  Using music doesn’t do it, I need an annoying sound like an alarm and I get up.  So unless I have an appointment before I go to work, I don’t have to use an alarm.  I like that….a lot!!!!


Lunch was nearly a disaster, I was reheating the Ahi tuna steak from yesterday in the microwave and remembered to put a cover on it.  Well I apparently put the timer on for more time than necessary and there was kind of an explosion.   some of my tuna was scattered in the microwave so once I cleaned that up I had tuna for lunch.  Because I had slightly overcooked it yesterday it was even drier today but I countered that by putting some primal mayo on the side.


Oh yeah, I made primal mayo or paleo mayo, call it what you want, I made mayo.  Now I had experimented with it a couple of times before.  The first time I didn’t leave the immersion hand blender down at the bottom for a full minute so it didn’t mix right and turned out to be a soupy mess.  I tossed that out and decided to try it in the morning.  The next time I tried it, it tasted a bit too oily but I struggled through it and ate it but didn’t really like it but at least I kept the hand blender down at the bottom for at least one minute.  Today when I made my mayo it turned out great, I mean really great but wouldn’t you know it was just kind of eyeballing what I put in there.  Either way it came out yummy, now you have to understand that I really like mayo and have since I was a kid.  I used to ask for a hot dog and put some mayo on it and eat it without the bun, see even as a kid I was a little bit primal.  Long story short, it was yummy now if I can only duplicate that.


I’m anxious to eat dinner because I roasted some butternut squash and it smelled so wonderful as it was roasting that it almost didn’t make it to my lunch bag (dinner bag) for tonight.


Oh and I found out something about my eating habits, I do not do good with tomatoes so they will be missing from my salad tonight.  Funny thing is that I remember when we had just slices of tomatoes on the dinner table, my father would tell my brothers to eat the tomatoes because it would put hair on their chest.  OMG, I stayed away from tomatoes and even pulled them out of my homemade guacamole because I didn’t want any chest hairs on my chest.  Stop laughing at me.  Hey I was a kid and back then the kids believed what their parents told them.


It wasn’t until I got older that I started eating tomatoes in my salad, heck I had even stopped having tomato soup as a kid.  Stop Laughing.  Okay so I would eat my salad with tomatoes and made tortilla soup and made homemade tomato soup and had the tomatoes in the pizza sauce and had it in spaghetti sauce.  The only thing was that every time I had it, I started having an upset stomach but I couldn’t figure out why.  Then I started watching the For Women Only web seminar and one of the ladies mentioned that she had problems with food and found that she was having problems with night shade foods which includes……tomatoes.


In the last month I have been doing my best to avoid having any night shade foods and I found that I am having less problems with my digestion.  Even when I was having pizza, before the challenge, I found that they had a cheese lover’s pizza at a particular pizza chain and it did not have any tomato sauce on the pizza but a white sauce.  But since I cut tomatoes out of my diet the indigestion problems have almost disappeared.  Guess going Primal will also help me determine what I can and can not eat because since I’ve been restricting what I eat I haven’t had any digestion problems except when I drink too much water at one time.



Got 8 hours of sleep and feel great.  Did exercises and got a lot of things done around the house.  The good energy is carrying over all the way to work and my smile is back in place.

I’m still a little congested with the sinuses but things are looking better.


Made yummy stuff: mayo, roasted butternut squash, eliminated tomatoes from my diet and feeling better.


MEALS:   Breakfast – 3 strips of bacon and coffee w/cream; Lunch – 3 oz of Ahi Tuna steak with primal mayo; Dinner:  Salad, roasted butternut squash, grass-fed hamburger patty 4 oz.


I’m having a great day and I hope you are too!!!


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