Days 6 & 7 of Challenge

So sorry but I forgot to give you the run down on me on day 6 so today will be a combo of both days.


Unfortunately for me on Day 6 I only got about 7 hours of sleep but I got quite restless and knew that I couldn’t stay asleep.  I wish that I would have written down things because I tend to forget some of the things that I did.  I went out and caught only about 10 minutes of sunshine before it hid behind the clouds so it made my outdoor adventure not as nice especially since it was a touch windy which meant more pollen was being blown around.


I know that I was good in following what I was supposed to eat, just not so much as when I ate.  I ate breakfast at 11:00 am, lunch at 4:00 pm and dinner at about 8:45 pm.  But I followed what I should eat and things were okay.  I had taken some meds to try and dry up my nose since being out in the windy day made it a touch runny but instead of making me tired like it usually does, I was up until 3 am.


So yesterday was a take it easy type of day because I really didn’t know how things would go today on the bike ride that I had planned.


Day 6 Meals:   Breakfast – coffee w/cream, 2 eggs; Lunch – fried rice (cauliflower paleo fried rice), Dinner – 2 hot dogs with chili and cheese.


As you can see from my meals above I haven’t been getting enough veggies in my system and boy could I tell a difference.  So really nothing much happened on Day 6 and maybe that was why I forgot about my entry.


DAY 7 


Well I ended up getting 6 hours of sleep and could not sleep any more because the sun was shinning in my window again through the one small crack between curtains and it went in my eyes so it was wake up time.  However, despite my lack of sleep two nights in a row I really did enjoy waking up to the sun this morning.  Yesterday it was hit and miss with the sun but today it was out and it really warmed up the day, making it a great day for my ride.


So I grabbed some lunch and started prepping things for my ride.  I guess because when I ride, I ride by myself and since no one is ever close to where I ride so if I get a flat tire or have problems, I have to fix things myself.  My brother would have to drive over to my house and pick up my truck and then find me on the road if I broke down and needed to be picked up because I ride a recumbent tricycle and it is too big to fit in the back of his compact car thus why he would have to go pick up my truck.


It is for that reason that I go over all of the safety equipment on my trike and make sure it is in good working condition and make sure that I have enough water on my ride.  So let me tell you about my ride, it started out easy which is good because the first few minutes were my warm-up and about 10 minutes into the ride I hit the hills and I could feel it right away in my legs.  So I kept on adjusting the gears so that I could keep the cadence close to 60.  Most of the people were cool but there was one lady who though she would show how intelligent she wasn’t by honking and screaming at me to get off the road.  In the majority of the cities around the USA bicyclists have the same rights to the road and also must obey the same traffic laws which I do.  Yes I remember to use my hand signals and I stop at stop signs and do my best to stay to the side of the road so faster moving vehicles can go around me when it is safe.


So I do a slow hill climb and thankfully just as I start to get tired the street levels out.  Then I turned onto a busier street and when the traffic stopped for the stop light I stopped too right behind a vehicle to show that I was obeying the rules of the road.  So then I hit a hill and I could not remember where the street came in for me to turn onto which wouldn’t you know it was right by the top of the hill and it was on the left side of the road.  Thankfully I could move over and make the turn, yes signaling, and managed to get by before a vehicle hit me that was going 15 over the speed limit but hadn’t seen me since it just came over a hill.


Then I got on another street where the speed limit is 25 mph and I was coming pretty close to that speed going downhill but that quickly ended and up a hill I climbed and I ended up slowing down to about 5 mph.  Talk about a workout, boy did my legs feel it but the best thing of all was that I wasn’t gasping for air as I exerted myself which is a very good sign considering earlier this week I was struggling to catch my breath on a few walks.  Then there was the next downhill which was at least for 1 mile.  I managed to barely make a light which was great so I could swing out further in the road to avoid the jogger.  I actually got up to 30 mph and was lucky that there wasn’t a cop there to ticket me because in that small little community within my city, the cops are known for writing speeding tickets.  So today I escaped the ticket threat and had to make a left turn again to catch my entrance to a park.  Nice drivers gave me plenty of room which was really nice.


Riding through the park, I was lucky that most of the trails were open because the roadway in the park are in need of some serious repaving.  I started to go on a trail that would keep me out of traffic and dump me out at a light when I noticed that the trail was closed as they were redoing the trail.  So back out into the street I went and got passed by a 2 wheel biker who was an idiot because he had earphones in his ears while riding (illegal in most places because it can block out sounds and cause a safety issue) but that was okay.  He caught the light but not me.  When it came my turn the other drivers were so nice because I had to turn left and they all stopped and waved for me to make my left turn and I made sure to wave thank you to all of the drivers and smiled.


You know that is one thing that I have come to realize, as I’m riding on my recumbent trike, I find that I’m smiling more.  I’m not really sure if it because I’m comfortable even when going uphill or if it because I have music coming from a speaker on my trike or if it is just the enchantment of riding Serenity (name of my trike).


I finished my ride and felt so energized that I did some pull-ups and tonight my muscles are screaming at me so I took some magnesium to help with cramps later.  Once those were done I pulled out my gas grill and chopped up some cauliflower and roasted it, then cooked some hamburger patties for the next couple of days and finally cooked the steak that I had for dinner.



Day 6 – windy day and little sunshine, but followed eating rules

Day 7 was great, had a bike ride, prepped some meals for the next few days and had a relaxing evening.


Meals – Day 7:    Breakfast – scrambled eggs, coffee; Lunch – 4 oz NY strip steak, roasted butternut squash and roasted cauliflower; Dinner – scrambled eggs w/mushrooms and cheese, ice cream for a treat, only 1/3 cup.


I hope that your weekend was good to you.  So I’m still hanging in there sticking with the meals but I need to incorporate more veggies.  Until tomorrow, may you night be filled with pleasant dreams if you are sleeping and if you are working during the night, may you have an easy work night.


Good Night Folks.


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