Day 8 of Challenge

So I’ve done a week and the only solid thing that I have done is to follow along eating primal.  I haven’t really been tempted to stray from primal eating but once in a while I thought about having something but then I realized it more than likely make me sick with guilt.  Guilt is a burden I would rather do without but thankfully I was only tempted once and really didn’t want what I was being offered.


Having said that, week 1 is over so I got on the scale.  Okay I will admit that I was hungry and I had eaten late and I was fully expecting the scale to say that I only lost 2/10 of a pound or something like that.  I know that I’ve been eating right but somehow this time I just don’t feel like the weight is coming off of my like it has in the past even when I have weighed less and done no exercising.  So nervously I stepped on the scale this morning and was moderately surprised to see that I was not 212.7 pound which is exactly 2 pounds less than I weighed at the same time last week.


I know it is not much to celebrate considering in the past I’ve usually lost more weight in the first week by doing nothing other than eating correctly, but I figure any loss is good.  Most of the week when I did step on the scale it would show that I increased my weight and then I would come close to the original weight but usually was slightly higher, but one time I was 3/10 of a pound less so that is what I figured I would weigh when I stepped on the scale.  Pleasant surprise but I know I can do better.


The weather warmed up and I had a great bike ride yesterday but it is my pull-ups that I’m suffering from in my arms.  My arms are killing me right now and they hurt every time I try to extend them.  So that basically means that somewhere in doing my pull-ups I was doing it wrong and that one set was all it took for me to be in pain.


Stop the presses boys and girls, I remembered that I had bought something from my masseur which he is having me use to help with my CTS which is Pan Away.  It is an anti-inflammatory and it kind of smells like Bengay, but it quickly absorbs into the skin and the smell soon fades but the effects last a long time.  I just now put that on my arms where I’m hurting, yes only just now because I forgot about it until just now, and already I can feel the strain in my arms easing.  It is pretty fast acting and Ben, my masseur, would be happy that I’m using it but would sigh because it took me half a day of suffering before I remembered to use the stuff.  I can stretch out my arms without screaming in pain but it is still a little bit tight which I think will ease up in a few more minutes.    I love my Pan Away by Young Living.  I’ve only about 2 ml left in the bottle and seeing how much I use the stuff I will probably join Young Living in being a distributor.  Heck I would use quite a few of their oils just for myself.


Wow, just erased a paragraph about my ranting, be thankful I saved you from it.  So a question was asked on Vimify if my sleep habits have changed my mornings.  Of course they have especially when I get 8 hours of sleep because that means that I sleep later in the morning.  Good that I’m getting 8 hours of sleep but not so great time wise because this shortens the time I have to do things before work.  I woke up a little earlier today because I got to sleep earlier but still my time was all out of wack.  I had to go to the store for some supplies for my coffee (got to have coffee stuff) and then get gas for my truck and run one more errand and when I got home I had time to straighten my hair and then I quickly packed my primal dinner and rushed out of the house to get to work on time.  If I’m lucky I will get to do a walk in the parking lot but no guarantees.


Since I had lost only 2 pounds I’m going to have to try and focus more on adding in more veggies into my diet so maybe that will help the weight drop.  The sad part is that I really don’t like vegetables that much so my choices are quite limited so I’m trying to do my best in varying that I eat but not easy.  In a way eating primal is great for me because I love meat and taking in protein by chewing, not by drinking a protein drink because I don’t care what I put in them, I’m still hungry oh maybe not right away but within an hour I’m hungry again.  I’m drinking at least 60-70 ounces of water every day, cutting out all sodas, flavored sparkling waters and just having coffee, tea and water but it is kind of boring and today I almost had a soda but stopped myself.


I’m not sure if losing so little will be an inspiration to me to try harder or just another time in which I’ve let myself down, I just wish that I had some of the determination that I used to have in my younger years.  I wish that I could afford to take time off and just focus on exercising and eating correctly but knowing my mind set I might not want to go back to work if I was successful in losing a good amount of weight.


Now that does really make me think but one of the problems is that I usually save up my vacation/holidays for taking time off to go to my geek conventions.  I think I will look into taking the first week of February off and maybe focus on being primal and exercising …. I just don’t know if I want to spend the time doing that or not. I just now looked at my work schedule, it looks as if that decision has been made for me and based on the shortage of personnel I will not be able to take off that week and so the big push I was going to do for the last bit of the 21 day challenge just isn’t going to happen.


Bad day today and I’m doing some reflecting and I’m really beginning to wonder what happened to all my determination and will I used to have when I was younger.  I used to only have 1 day off and I managed to do so much more then than now but then again I was never this heavy when I used to have that determination.  I was only 30 pounds overweight and not almost 90 pounds overweight like I am now.  I guess I wish that I could do something really easy and it would melt right off like I hear so many people who are doing the primal/paleo challenges do but something in me is not working right.  No I don’t have any thyroid problems just an attitude problem for the moment, which I hope will fade quickly.


I’m going to write later after work, cause right now I’m just not a very happy camper.  Laters.


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