Days 9 & 10 of Challenge

Allow me to first apologize for not posting yesterday.  I usually post while I’m at work or at least finish up while at work but last night there was a big meeting in our station and all the high up mucky mucks were here so I could not have anything on my computer screen except work.  They even came and looked over my shoulder while I was working and it is a good thing that I was observing only a security camera which they are having me now do as another part of my job.  The high up mucky mucks thanked me for watching the area.  So although I didn’t get a chance to start the blog nor finish it yesterday I was on my best behavior in front of the high up mucky mucks.


I was trying to think of what I did when I remembered that I got a massage yesterday and thank goodness because my arms were still killing me from the pull-ups that I apparently did incorrectly because that was why I was hurting.  Okay so seeing that a month ago I had gotten a massage and the pollen count was in the 5 digits (+13,000 and +16,000 the next day) and I didn’t get any rest or drink enough water, well I made sure to get some bed rest and I had just over 70 oz of water for the day.  I’m working on trying to increase it and I also took an allergy pill.  I’m still fighting the sinus problem because I still have a touch of drainage.  Wait, let me get back on track.


Okay so I got a massage and rested up and drank lots of water for the day and then went to work.  So let me recap what I had for the day and then I will explain why I didn’t get anything written either when I got off of work.


Meals:   Breakfast – Bacon strip & coffee; Lunch – Sandwich, Dinner – Chicken/spinach/feta cheese sausage links and green beans.      Oh and just in case you are wondering, the whole day was under 50 carbs.


If I wasn’t already eating primal then I had something happen yesterday that would encourage me to do something about my weight and the way that I eat.


I learned that on Monday afternoon one of my co-workers who works the graveyard shift had allowed her husband to take her vehicle to be serviced and he was taking it to a place on the opposite side of town but it was someone the co-worker, Steph, has been dealing with for a while.  Because she works during the night, it is her natural habit to sleep during the day and so she was sticking to her usual sleep routine.  Unfortunately she was woken up by a Deputy Sheriff which confused her a bit and he told her that her husband had a heart attack and he told her what hospital he was taken to and that she needed to get there right away because things were not looking good for him.  Well she got to the hospital where her sister-in-laws met her and they were all joking that he probably has a cheese burger hidden under his bed and probably a shake too.  Well unfortunately it took over 15 minutes for the ambulance to arrive at the auto garage and no one at the garage knew CPR so the husband’s brain had been without oxygen all of this time and the doctors doubted if he would ever come out of the coma.  It seems that they were right because he died a little later that afternoon but she didn’t tell anyone but her co-workers and I didn’t find out about it until I was almost off of work yesterday.


I know Steph had fussed and fussed at her husband and told him that he needed to watch his diet because he was diabetic and he did not eat what was good for him.  She had said that previously he had lost 1 1/2 toes because he did not take good care of his feet, so he was missing some of his toes.  He had high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure, all of which he did nothing for.  He would eat and would not bother to try and do any exercise and he had been off of work for several months due to a back injury and so he never exercised especially after he injured his back.  He was always eating greasy cheeseburgers according to Steph but it was usually the kind you get from the fast food joints and we all know how unhealthy those places can be.


So I ended up staying late to finish up some work and spoke with her work partner and he was the one that talked to me about all of this stuff.  Then I spoke with her partner because it has been over 5 years since he has been to the doctor, which is good because he said that he has not been sick but actually he has but he just didn’t want to go to the doctor.


I was over 40 minutes late leaving work and then had to go to the drug store to pick up some allergy pills, cough medicine and some more Mucinex to help with my coughing.  By the time I got home it almost midnight and I was not in a mood to blog, so my apologies again for not blogging but my mind was somewhere else.  So Monday basically sucked and Tuesday wasn’t much better and so far so good today, thus why this blog is for days 9 & 10.





So I finally got to sleep just after 0240 hours but it turns out that I had fallen asleep out on the sofa while watching television, but in reality it was just background noise.  Then I struggled to fall asleep but focusing on breathing exercises for meditation helped me shut down my brain from focusing on anything else other than breathing and soon I was relaxed enough and went into a deep sleep.


Got up and had my morning cup of coffee  and scrambled some eggs and spinach and topped with grated cheese.  Later when I tried to make a second cup before rushing off to work I remembered that I would have to grind the coffee beans, fill the container and then put that version in my coffee machine but I was out of time.  Moral of story, get K-cups for machine tomorrow, but meanwhile tomorrow morning I can go ahead and grind my beans.


Took my mother grocery shopping because her trying to carry bags home on the bus is not a good thing and besides that I always take her grocery shopping because she doesn’t drive and I would be remiss if I did not do everything I could to make my mother’s life easier.


Rushed home and made some lunch for both of us which was fish and coleslaw then rushed around and packed up my dinner for work and off I went.  I wish I would have had time for another cup of coffee…sigh!


Although I’m technically not done for the day, since I already have my meal already packed I know what I will be having so allow me to give my meal data.



Breakfast – coffee, scrambled eggs/spinach/cheese; Lunch – fish filets and coleslaw; Dinner – hamburger patty w/cheese, coleslaw, nuts for snack and tea to curb appetite later tonight.


I know this is off subject but I would like to please stress something to you.  If you do not know CPR and you are at work, see if there is someone around who knows how to do CPR.  It is easy to be certified and it can make a difference between life and death, living or being brain-dead.


Since you all know that I’m eating primal, you know that it can help lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and can give more energy to do things.  So I’m going to stay eating this way and once in a while I may stray a little from it but not very often.  In my family the adults used to have strokes at age 70, my father didn’t even make it to his 70th birthday before he died and he had 2 strokes.  My grandfather had a stroke at 70 and he died 3 years later but never had good quality of life after his stroke.  My uncles died at age 83, both of them and they are 2 1/2 years apart.


The good thing is that my mother is going to turn 86 years old in a few months and she doesn’t appear to have any heart problems, she is not diabetic, she watches what she eats and she is maybe 10-15 pounds overweight.  She regularly walks, gets out in the garden and yard and does her stuff.  Thankfully she can not get the lawnmower to turn over so I don’t have to worry about her trying to mow the grass but she sure gets out the weed eater and goes to town mowing down the grass growing up the side of the house.


So now I start counting all of the good and bad things that I have done that make me concerned.  I used to smoke and smoked 50 cigarettes a day but went cold turkey and stopped in July 1984.  So hopefully my lungs have recovered some.  I used to get drunk almost every weekend but then I got married and I had to be the designated driver because my husband would get drunk so getting drunk was not such a thrill any more.  I only have maybe a couple of drinks a week and have gone almost a year without any alcohol except when cooking and have used it in meals.  I used to be very fit and thin but then life and lack of exercising due to injuries to the feet kind of put a stop to that.  So I took up bike riding and that worked for a while until I shattered bones in my feet while bicycle riding, so now I ride a trike and avoid clipless pedals and my feet are happier.


I’ll be a work in progress for a while but if you can learn CPR or find out who can do CPR in your work area, then good because it can mean life of death.  May you never need it but it is nice to know it and maybe help someone.


May your day be good but may tomorrow be even better for you.  Things are looking up, it has started to rain outside and although it makes a mess of things, it is washing the pollen out of the air and giving me some relief.



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