Day 11 of Challenge

Well it was an interesting day, I woke up and found that the back part of my house was flooded.  That area is an enclosed no heat/no A/C area and it was not attached correctly to our house when they put it in but in order to get it fixed we would have to rip off the roof, rebuild the roof so it will not include the area and then jack hammer the concrete so we can then put rebarb wire in the slab so it will not crack and buckle which is making things worse for the rest of the house.  Oh did I say why the back room was flooded….because there is about 3-4 inches of standing water in my backyard.


A long time ago the water used to run through all of the backyards and then empty into the street.  However, a neighbor decided that he didn’t like the water in his yard so he illegally had someone pour some cement running the length of his property so it was 4 inches higher than the grass.  Well my mother was nice lady and never said anything, not even when we got 6 inches of water in the house.  According to city ordinances, he can not build or put any objects up that would block the natural flow of water in the area, which he does.  Since the house is still in my mother’s name she will not let me make a complaint to the city so my house continues to be flooded almost every time it rains.


Okay so maybe this part is not so nice of me, but I had to buy a subpump for dirty water and I use a hose and pump the water down a trench we had to dig along the side of our house and out into the alley.  I usually send it down the alley because it is closer to the backyard.  The water then follows the natural flow, right into my neighbor’s yard, now doesn’t that bring a smile to my face.  It is not done on purpose, my directing the water into his yard, it is just the natural flow and since he cemented higher than the grass on the other neighbor side, the water pretty much stays in his yard.  Oops….NOT!


The water went down and by the time I got things picked up it was time for me to get ready for work.  Crap, it was a rough day waking up all night long as the rain hit the window air conditioner quite hard several times throughout the night, waking me up.


I then got up to fix myself a cup and coffee and then I remembered that I didn’t have any more K-cups for my coffee maker.  Well I had already ground some coffee beans to use in my espresso machine so I made a flat white coffee and had a few slices of bacon with it.  The coffee was so good that I had a second cup of flat white then hopped in the shower to get ready for work.


Work was relatively boring, not like Monday night which was terribly boring until after I left work and then learned that there was a shooting involving 7 people and 2 DOA’s and it involved a whole lot of people, calling three different stations to respond while a fourth station handled our calls.  So it is getting close to quitting time when a call comes out for a shooting but as far as we could tell, no one was hit, just a hell of a lot of shooting.


All in all it was a very weird day.  The not so great thing was that I was hungry after I got off work so I had part of my dinner, a hamburger patty with bacon, cheese and guacamole and about 16 oz of water to go with it.


MEALS:  Breakfast – 4 strips bacon, 2 flat white coffees; Lunch- 2 hot dogs w/chili & cheese, coleslaw; Dinner – chicken cheese enchilada soup;  Snack – hamburger patty with guac/cheese/bacon.


Recap – Backyard and back room of house was flooded.  NO COFFEE K-CUPS !!!!!   Work got interesting at end of shift.  No exercise, my exercise was picking up stuff out of flooded room.


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