Day 12 of Challenge

Well I know I was late in posting day 12 and right now my computer at work will not allow me to get on the Vimify system so I will have to wait and do that at home.


When we last left our heroine (me), she had a couple of inches of rain in her back room and her garage had flooded as well as her having 3-4 inches of water in her backyard.  This morning it was still flooded in the backyard and tomorrow I will have to get out my subpump and hose and pump that dirty water out of the area but on the good side only the outer area of the back room had about 1/2 to 1 inch of water in it so that is an improvement.


After work last night I went shopping last night after work to try and find my tea but it never fails, just when I find a tea that I like, they stop making it.  So that just stinks on ice.  So I found some older tea which is supposed to be orange rooibos but it doesn’t have a very orange taste, so I bought some orange zest and will be sprinkling that into my loose leaf rooibos tea and maybe that will work.  If that is the ticket then I will go to a local tea store and try to find more rooibos and maybe then I can fix my favorite tea.  But I digress, so no tea but I was in the mood for chili and I had just looked up a primal chili recipe and it looked easy but since I’m making it from scratch basically, I can adjust how much chili powder to put in as well as the other spices.


So as I was really enjoying my sleep I get at call at 6:30 in the morning and it is from sib #1 and I really can’t hear him very well but I could swear that I heard him say help.  I keep on talking but it is as if he could not hear me so I waited a few minutes then disconnected and tried to call him but again it was difficult to hear things and I heard ‘help’ said twice.  Now I’m beginning to panic because this is about the time my brother drives into work and he tends to drive very fast and he has hydroplaned before on the freeway.  Logic tries to take over as I wonder why in the heck would he call me and not his wife who is a hell of a lot closer than the 200 miles I live away from him but then logic says that my name is probably the first name on his contact list so maybe he hit my name and maybe he was hurt and then I have to stop and take slow breaths to calm down.  I managed to get through to my brother this time and he said that he must have butt dialed and apologized because he knows that I was asleep and he said he hoped I could go back to sleep.


I had to focus on doing some breathing exercises because I couldn’t stop my mind from racing which was driving me crazy. Finally almost 30 minutes later I fell asleep and was up 2 hours later.  I got up and started chopping up the onion and after 1 onion I figured that was enough, a second onion as the recipe calls for would have been too much.  I then chopped up the meat to the bite size that I like which is 1/2″ cubes, yeah a lot smaller than most recipes suggest but I don’t like huge chunks.  Two hours later I checked the chili and it looked okay but it was still a little bit soupy even though I reduced the water by 1/2 cup, next time I will reduce by 1 whole cup.  I took a tablespoon of arrowroot flour and mixed a little flour to make it a liquid and poured it into the chili which helped thicken it and since that was only 7 carbs for the entire pot of chili I believe that I’m well within my carb limit on the pot of chili.

So I cook some more chicken/spinach/feta cheese sausage links only this time I took off the skins which makes the links taste so much better.  I made some primal mayo and added maybe a slight more Dijon mustard than expected but still the mayo was tasty.  After cooking my links I ate 1 1/2 links with my mayo on the side for dip.


By this time my chili was done and so after letting it slightly cool off I put some in a thermos and in small container so I could have it at work and topped it off with some cheese.  Now rice or even a biscuit might have been nice to have with it but this chili was some of the best because I controlled the chili and didn’t put too much and just the right amount of the spices that I wanted.  Hey I can’t handle spicy hot food any longer, my days of eating jalepanos are over.


My head was definitely not on straight because as I went out to my truck to go to work I realized I left my keys inside, then once back out at the truck I remembered I left my cell phone inside and I need that because it has all of my work passwords, then I remembered that I was working at a different station and I needed to take my ergo keyboard.  The good thing was that although we were busy there were several people here to help me out which made the night a breeze.


Best part of the night was heating up my chili and it tasted so good.  The meat was very tender and the spices were just right and the juices had tightened up only a little which was good.  I got to see a few people I hadn’t seen in quite a while so it was a pretty good day for me, especially since it is Friday and I’m lucky enough to have weekends off and it is supposed to be pretty good weather this weekend, mainly no rain.


Besides having to run the subpump tomorrow, I will hopefully be able to get out and ride my trike and maybe, just maybe the sun will come out.


MEALS:  Breakfast – 2 flat white coffees, 3 strips of bacon; Lunch – 1 1/2 chicken/spinach/feta cheese links w/primal mayo; Dinner – 1 1/2 cups of primal chili with cheese.  YUMMY!!!!!!


RECAP – Backyard and back room still flooded, oh and trash cans are sideways in the water with the lids open (wonderful…not), rude/scary wake up call, cooked chili and it is the first time doing it from scratch and it is wonderful.




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