Day 14 of Challenge

Well this has been a nice day for me although I didn’t get out and ride my trike, too much water left over in the street.  So I felt well rested despite the sun shinning into my window and thus in my eyes, I got a chance to finish my 8 hours of sleep.


I had my usual breakfast of coffee and bacon, started reading the comics and then by chance I turned on the television and saw a special of 70th anniversary of Auschwitz which was the telling of her story of survival and then later this evening I watched Schindler’s List and I have to admit that I was struggling to keep my tears from rolling down my face.  I apologize if you do not believe that there was such a thing as the Holocaust or if you don’t want to hear about it, but I had quite a few friends that were Jewish and I guess I became sympathetic to the problems that their people underwent and it has always been a very emotional subject with me.  So my apologies if I upset you with this mention but hey this is me and what I feet.


Okay so I had a sandwich for lunch and some cauliflower fried rice and the went about sorting through some boxes of stuff and trying to fit it into my room.  Just in case you haven’t downsized before, it is hard to do when you go from two bedrooms to one bedrooms especially when you don’t have washer/dryer hookups to use and so most of that stuff is all in storage.  One of these days I’m going to find a place I can afford and bring in all of my stuff but I haven’t been able to go without a storage unit since 2001 when I first moved to Colorado and then back to my home state.


Okay so I made cauliflower fried rice but I didn’t make the same mistake that I made the last time, which was use unrefined coconut oil, this time I used refined coconut oil and so I did not have the heavy overdone taste of coconut oil when I cooked the friend rice.    I then started sorting through a box and in the long run I ended up finding several bags of loose change and when I finished putting it into a digital bank counter, it turns out that I had $40 in change, okay maybe a little bit more but hey who knew that I had so many bags of loose change hanging around my room.


Of course I watched Guardians of the Galaxy movie once again and loved it as I sorted through my stuff.  It is nice to be able to put some of my things back in place, it makes me feel better to have a few more of my things all around me especially in my bedroom.  So instead of exercising I was busy sorting through a large box of stuff and that is just what it was….stuff.


Then I took a look at the time and realized that it was getting late so I decided it was too late to pull out the grill since the sun was down already and I don’t like grilling by flood light.  So I took out a cast iron grill and cooked steaks, made more cauliflower fried rice and had some french cut green beans.  Well the steak was wonderful and very tasty but I did something stupid, the rice and green beans were a little cool so I nuked my plate and unfortunately that dried out a part of my steak but prior to that it was tasty and not as juicy but still tender.  So I’ve put things a little bit more together in my life and had a drink after dinner and even had ice cream which put me under 100 carbs but over 50 carbs.


Meals: Breakfast – coffee, bacon; Lunch – Cauliflower fried rice, sandwich; Dinner – Steak, cauliflower fried rice, green beans; After dinner drink = Limoncello w/mango juice, ice cream.




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