Day 15 of Challenge

Well today has been a flop in more ways than I care to count.  Nice to see the sunshine but hitting me in the eyes at 8 in the morning which is a bummer since I got to bed at 1 in the morning, so after about 20 minutes of figuring out how to hide from the sunshine I fell back asleep.  I know I keep on saying that I’m going to put up the window tinting and keep on forgetting to do it, so at least it isn’t the summer time when the sun is up and shinning at 7 in the morning.  So this is sort of a problem because interrupted sleep is not really what I’m after but no one to blame but me.

Once I’m finally up and moving about I step on the scale and discover that I did not lose 2 pounds like last week, they found their way back to me and so I’m exactly the same weight that I was when I started.  I know that the two slip ups that I had for eating during the week should not have done that so the only thing that I can figure is that my lack of exercise thanks to the 16,000-27,000 pollen count of Mountain Cedar has been messing with me.  Just as I think that I’ve gotten rid of my sinus problems, there comes mountain cedar back with a vengeance to attack my sinuses.  I’m beginning to think that this is happening on purpose, dumb trees.  I found that I had also not taken honey for the last few days so that definitely didn’t help.  So now I’m taking honey every day to try and keep control over the allergies.

So despite having allergies and not doubling up on my allergy meds, which I’m starting to do and hope it isn’t too late.  So after having scrambled eggs and spinach for breakfast I relaxed for a few minutes then decided to go out walking.  I’m pretty ticked at myself and for my inability to drop weight as I have in the past.  Usually in the first week of going primal I’ve lost almost 5 pounds but not this time, I’m back to where I started on this diet.

The reason that I have been doing this blog is to keep track of things so I can see if there is a pattern of what is happening and see if I can catch the pattern and do something to correct the problem.  I know that it says that you should get most of the carbs from vegetables and I’ve been focused on getting the carbs from the vegetables but I’m still not losing like I have in the past.  Also in the past I wasn’t exercising and even mentioned it back in October 2013, I remember that was when I had been sick then too with a sinus infection and went on the diet and was shocked as I read that I hadn’t been exercising and I was eating okay but didn’t have as many vegetables and I was losing weight.  In 21 days I had lost over 10 pounds which is really pretty good but right now I think I will be lucky if I even lose 5 pounds at the end of the 21 days.  I’m going to have to go back and take a better look at exactly what I was doing.  One thing for sure is that I know that I was sneaking in diet sodas and having the flavored sweetened waters but this time it is only water and tea and because of my allergies I started using honey in my tea to sweeten the tea.  Maybe that is the problem, sweetening with the honey but I think that is something that I’m going to have to live with because I’m sick and tired of having sinus problems.  I’ll have to see if my insurance will cover my going to one of those clinics that make up the sinus meds that you give yourself sublingually.  Who knows, I’m just thinking with my fingers for the moment.  Yes I think with my fingers by typing and then thinking about what I typed.

Okay so I was frustrated with the weight gain so I went out for a walk and walked 1.4 miles and it was enjoyable walk, no sprinting or anything like that, just moving at a pace I was happy with and enjoying the sunshine.  When I got home I did some stuff on the computer and then got ready to shower and unplugged my headphones and that was when I noticed that I didn’t have the plug on my case for when I remove the headphone jack.  I checked my jacket but it wasn’t there, I checked my pants pockets since I had at one time placed my phone in my pants pocket then changed and nothing.  I looked all over the living room floor where I had changed locations of my phone but so far no plug.  I checked the case company to see if they sold the plug separately but no replacement plug seemed to be available.  so I wrote to the company and now I’m waiting to hear back from them.  I hope they can help me get a replacement or else I find the missing plug somewhere in my house.

So I go shower and take too long in the shower which really pushes me on time.  I was desperate for some coffee so I made a flat white coffee and had that with a sandwich, yes on bread.  I was upset that I have a had no weight loss but gain this week and I thought that maybe it was because I need just a touch more of carbs.  I’m probably wrong but that is my dumb frustrated thinking at this time.

As I’m typing this I found that my frustration was returning so I will try and get outside and walk the parking lot later and even brought some weights so that I can do a weighted walk and maybe end my walk with a plank or two.

I’m sure wishing that these crappy Mondays would stop, I really don’t need the Monday blues but it seems as if they are here in aces lately.  I’ve got a friend’s retirement lunch to go to tomorrow and all they serve is pizza.  Well I tend to get sick with pizza because of the tomato sauce on the pizza so I really don’t have to worry too much about what to eat because that is left is a salad.  We will see how things go and on the way back I’ll go pick up my bus pass from HQ so I will get free bus rides all of the time.

On this Saturday though is the memorial service for my co-workers husband so I guess I won’t be doing a bike ride that day.

When I was doing my Vimify questions it asked if there was anyone we could bring into the primal fold and I think I mentioned no, no one around me was interested in what I was doing.  However, if I started showing signs of dramatic weight loss and more muscle tone then I’m sure that I would have their interest, so maybe I need to go back and do some reading and figure out what I had done right in the beginning and start applying that input, yes I’m back on that subject again.  I know that I have it in me to lose weight but my dedication is beginning to wane so I’m treading water right now until I can see which direction to go.

Meals:  Breakfast – scrambled eggs w/spinach, coffee; Lunch – flat white coffee, turkey cheese sandwich; Dinner – primal chili over cauliflower (fine chopped cauliflower that sort of looks like rice) and some fried rice (cauliflower again chopped like rice, with peas/carrots/egg) with some soy sauce.  So in my mind I will think that it is rice and maybe that will make me feel better or at least that is the angle I’m going with.

RECAP:  Lost headphone plug so phone not water proof any more and no plug available to replace it, gained weight, had bread for sandwich (10 carbs per slice), took a walk and may do that again tonight.

I’ve got some reading to do so I’ll let this go for now, if I have anything new I’ll chime back in but don’t worry, I’m not giving up hope, just trying to figure out a new way to make this work better with me.


Well I went back and did some reading and I noticed that I had more salads and I had more drinks such as gatorade substitute and sweetened sparking water beverage.  One thing I also noticed was that I had a touch more fruit in the form of hamburger patty, I had added the dried cranberries which had been dried with sugar type product.  So more salads and more fruit as well as some yogurt.

Well this time as I’ve been doing the 21 day challenge, I found that my sinus infection was worse, yucky yellow in color and I did not get medication to last 10 days as I had in the past or at least see me through this episode.  I had been coughing so hard this time that several times I threw up thus why I couldn’t take some of my regular meds, I would throw them up.

I know I kept a more accurate count of what I had to eat and would post the carb count but I’m lazy this time.  The important thing is that I need to adjust how and what I’m eating because the last time I almost never exercised…sort of like this time, and I had more salads.  I have since learned that tomatoes and I do not get along so they are gone from my diet and I really haven’t had much in the way of fruit.  Another big thing is that I’ve had honey and the thing is that honey is pretty much pure sugar although it is a better form of sugar.  So perhaps since I love things really sweet, such as my tea, then perhaps I should just use Stevia and only take the teaspoon of honey for building up my immune system and not as a regular sweetener.

I did find a recipe for Paleo like gatorade and I will probably make that and use up those limes that have been hanging around in my frig.  This way I can keep some of it on hand although I’m not doing any heavy sweating exercises but it is a thirst quencher and perhaps that is what I need to help me satisfy my thirst.  With this information I will try to focus more on adding a few things and maybe that will help.  But I hate to count and probably still won’t count because it is a pain but maybe I’ll do a listing of the carb count, maybe a final or break it down per meal.  I don’t know, I’m still thinking on that stuff.

So this is the last week of the challenge and I hope to have better results rather than staying the same weight.


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