Day 16 of Challenge

Wow, I know I had forgotten about writing, we were sort of busy on Tuesday at work which is lately where I’m typing this blog.  Yeah I know I shouldn’t do this work but that is life.  Any who, I’m trying to talk about things that happened on a Tuesday….hmmm, what do I remember?  Not much.


I didn’t get a chance to walk at work nor at home, time was not my friend on Tuesday.


However, I got a call from the Marrow Donor Program and it seems that I was a possible match.  So I spoke on the phone with the very nice lady who was working through her recovery of bronchitis which I know is not a lot of fun to work through since I’ve done that in the past.  Any who I filled out a questionnaire and then the wait was on.


So I was pretty good in my eating but didn’t exercise and then the worse thing was that I got on the scale and found out that I had gained 0.2 pounds.  Okay definitely wasn’t a happy camper but then my focus was on something else shortly after the weigh-in because of the call.


So since Tuesday seems like a long time of go let me wrap up my food listing that I can remember.


MEALS:  Breakfast – coffee; Lunch – 2 hot dogs w/chili sauce and cheese; Dinner – Chili w/cheese on bowl of chopped cauliflower and cauliflower fried rice,  Snack – coffee.


So as you can see I stayed under 50 grams of carbs but I discovered something, my chili had still a touch too much paprika and maybe a touch too much chili powder but only a touch too much.  I also learned that I can not handle a lot of cauliflower at one time.  So the double rice serving (really cauliflower) did not sit well in my stomach.  Now in the future I know what I can and cannot eat a lot of at one time…namely chili and cauliflower.


Can remember what else I did that day,  hey I’m lucky I could even remember what I ate.




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