Day 17 of Challenge Is A Flop

Yeah you read it right, I did a big ol’ belly flop into the dark side of eating and failed miserably at eating primal.  I sort of started out okay.  I made some coffee but was out of my creamer so I had some of the flavor creamer that I got for my niece for Christmas, but boy that was a mistake.  The taste was horrible, it was a sweet that I really can’t see how I used to drink that stuff in my coffee.  So I threw out the cup of coffee and just took my mother grocery shopping and was in a touch of a hurry because I might be contacted by the lady from the Marrow Donor Program.


Once back from the grocery store I checked the phone and there were no messages on the phone so I started getting lunch ready.  Well halfway through fixing my fish filets I got a call from the lady who said that she called but I wasn’t there and she wanted my cell phone, even though I told her that I did not want to provide it.  So she then went over a few things including my meds which I am taking to control my BP and she said that she thought it would be okay and she would send me some paperwork via email and I would need to fax or scan and send it back to her.  So all night long I looked and there wasn’t anything in my email except her asking for my cell.  I told her when she could contact me but that wasn’t until late that night.  She was going to send a consent and said that it would be good for any other inquiries but as I said earlier, I got nothing.  So now I’m wondering if I already was eliminated as a match.  I hope not.


So I was doing okay and typing away on a story that I’m working on and then we had a church group come by the station and they had all sorts of goodies.  This was my next fail…oh wait I forgot to mention my lunch which were 2 fish filets and tater tots…so that was fail # 1, oh wait I forgot to mention I had at least a half cup of the latest Blue Bell ice cream flavor.  Let’s just say that this day was such a flop it reminded me of a fish out of water flopping around trying to get back into the water.  So you got the stinky picture, right?


Oh yeah and about my weight I might as well get that mess over with.  So after a sip of my awful coffee and swearing that I wouldn’t ever do that again, I poured out the horrible thing out that ruined my coffee.  I decided that I needed to get cleaned up so I went into the bathroom and did my business, if you know what I mean and guess what, I got on the scale and it said that I had lost 0.7 pounds since yesterday.  What???!!!!   I could not believe it, I had lost weight but I figure that was just a lucky step but knowing me I would have gained double that the next day.


So off to do some grocery shopping and then I had the lady call me and ask me questions.  Then I took off for work and thankfully I was a few minutes early because the lady I was relieving was kind of frustrated but then everything calmed down when I got there and I think that I managed to defuse an irate man by telling him despite what he was telling me our computer system did not have that information but I gave him another department that could do a search by name and had more time to do it so I kind of defused the situation or passed it along to someone else, depending on how he was when he called that other department.


Okay so the church people came in and we had a tour.  They had some of the Brookside chocolate covered Acai & Blue berries as well as chocolate covered pomegranates and one of the guys convinced me to try one of each of the snack size.  Ya know, I had been doing pretty good up until that time.  So I had a snack size of each type and then a snack size bag of Ritz crackers, then some horrible tasting cheese nips shaped like minions…maybe it was the shape of minions that didn’t make them taste too good.  I brought coffee up there and had some coffee and then topped it all off with some tater tots that I had left over from lunch.


I won’t even begin to try and count the carbs that I consumed because I don’t think I could count that high.  So in other words….I did a big ol’ belly flop into a pool of carbs.  An interesting thing happened though about an hour after eating this stuff, I started feeling ill.  I had an upset stomach and kept feeling the urge as if I was going to throw up.  Now I don’t know if it was just the guilt of having eaten that stuff but personally I think it was because I haven’t eaten anything like what I had in such a long time that this was what upset my stomach and thus why I felt sick.


Not being able to handle it any longer when I reached home, I felt back on ol’ reliable…..Phillips Milk of Magnesia.  Yep the liquidator because that is what happens and would happen to me later that evening.


So as expected at about 1 in the morning it all hit and then it was throne time if you know what I mean.  Thankfully once my business was done so was I and I went to bed.



I don’t even want to think about how many carbs I ate and hopefully things will be better in the morning.


Oh yeah got a message from Marrow lady and she sent email asking again for a number and I gave her my schedule but sorry I don’t pass out my cell phone and I think that upset her.  Oh well, at least I gave her my schedule.


Moral of my day (words to myself)…..Knock that crap off because eating off of the Primal plan makes you sick….ya dummy!


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