Day 18 of Challenge – Little Slip

Okay so I’m approaching the end of 21 days and although technically I’m on day 19 writing day 18’s blog, I am getting close to the end.  So what will I do.  Relax for a day and try not to do a belly flop like I did on day 17 but I plan to allow myself a little taste to see if I even want the other foods.  Hey, I’ve been sick and with the sinus drain that I’ve had my taste buds just haven’t been up to their usual capabilities so food just hasn’t tasted as good, not even my steaks.  I know, what a shame.


So on day 18 was pretty close to flawless but then I came home and realized how anxious I was getting waiting to hear back from the Marrow people.  Oh when I say get home, it is after I took my mother to the bus depot so she could catch a bus to visit my brother and see the guy dating her granddaughter.  Yes I know a plane would be faster but definitely not cheaper but her and planes don’t always do so good, it messes with her sinuses.  She usually has to double up on allergy meds several days in advance and then take something like Allegra the morning before a flight but she seems to actually enjoy a bus ride.  I would rather fly because I want as much time as possible to do things.  Too bad our state has not approved of the express train with its own tracks running to the three major cities, so she would take that but she prefers not to go by plane.  Oh well.


Now where was I….oh yeah dropped off my mother at the bus depot and was running late but she got her ticket well ahead of time and off I rushed to try and go to the hardware store to buy some stuff to unclog the kitchen sink.  Yeah the stupid sucker is backing up and I’m hoping that this works because I really don’t relish the idea of spending my Saturday snaking out the sewer line…ya know it just doesn’t motivate me for some reason….go figure!  I bought some stuff and got back and thankfully no call from the lady so I didn’t miss the call.  So I poured the stuff down the drain and waited 40 minutes instead of the suggested 10 because they said it was okay to wait longer.  Then poured hot water that I carried in a bucket to the sink and poured it down the sink and it looked like it was working only to see the sink start backing up.  So I waited for it to go down and repeated the procedure because it said that 2 applications might be necessary and since I used the recommended 1/2 bottle the first time I finished the bottle up on the second application.  Well what do you know, after waiting 30 minutes and pouring hot water down the drain…it still backed up.  Now for all of you who are thinking why doesn’t she just use baking soda and vinegar and do it the more natural way instead of pouring those terrible things down the sink.  Tried that too the first night it backed up and it too was a failure at clearing the lines.  So that means one thing, another trip to the store but after I get off tonight.


I grabbed another cup of coffee and some bacon which filled me for the moment and then I had to rush off to work but I packed a great lunch, cranberry/cheese hamburger patties (2) and some green beans and even took an avocado although it wasn’t completely ripe….drats on the avocado.


Traffic was a pain because of dumb drivers (lots of dumb drivers in my city, you the kind that go 50 mph in the fast lane when the speed limit is 65) and it didn’t help that I was very anxious on hearing from the Marrow lady.  So off to work I went and lo and behold as I checked my email I found that I had something in my Marrow mailbox.  There were the forms that I had been expecting on Wednesday.  So I downloaded them and read them thoroughly to make sure that I understood everything and was ready for what they may ask of me.  Now the one thing that I’ve been concerned about is my blood pressure.  I had been forgetting to take it….yes I know it is not good but hey, I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached….seriously!!!!  Then because I’m worrying about my blood pressure that only drives up my blood pressure and it is just a vicious circle.


So filled out the papers, scanned them and sent them back to the lady which was good.  Then I sat there at work thinking about what I could do to keep my blood pressure down and of course that only got me more worked up.  I started distracting myself with things about what….coffee.  I know cutting down on my coffee can help reduce my blood pressure….but I usually only have 1 cup per day and on some days I have 3 but that is the maximum and usually on the third cup I leave half of it…so only 2 1/2 on some days.  There are so many things about making espresso on-line and one could become an expert without even making a cup in theory…okay so not even close but it might make you feel like an expert.


I made it through work with little to upset me except I found that I kept on bouncing my leg up and down signaling that I was worried about something….would I be accepted, could I get my blood pressure down, how long will it take for me to get it down, will the sink miraculously work when I got home, where are the dish pans located in the Walmart, what else did I have to pick up at Walmart…so you see that I seem to only be increasing my anxiety.  I need to go take a ride on Sernity, my trike…I could swear I hear it calling my name.


So thankfully no shootings on our side of town just the usual stuff but I think the warm weather is causing the rash of shootings lately.  Once work was over I drove to the Walmart found the dishpans, found some more drain stuff and then I could remember what else I was supposed to get (it was bath soap but I would remember it until my shower the next day…smart huh!).  I went around through the different aisles but still couldn’t remember so I looked at a few other things and got ideas of how to keep things from falling through the shelf in my bedroom (not a normal book shelf but something meant for the garage with slots through it) which I chose because it was cheaper and looked sturdier than the last expensive shelf that fell apart on me when I moved it.  Got more ideas and decided to head home since it was almost midnight.


Turning on the water I was excited to see it seemed to be working only after 40 seconds the water started backing up again.  But since I still had to wash some dishes I brought out the dishpans and started hauling buckets of hot water back and forth from the bathroom to the sink and filling the dishpans.  So that counts as lifting weights….right?  Well I did that yesterday and will probably have to do it again tomorrow.


MEALS:  Breakfast – coffee and bacon (0 carbs); Lunch – Coffee and bacon (0 carbs); Dinner – 2 cranberry/cheese hamburger patties covered with provolone cheese, green beans, avocado (40 carbs); Snack – ice cream (20 carbs).  So I went over just a bit but who cares, I needed that ice cream at the time.


RECAP – Stopped up sink …the end.  Okay, so stopped up sink, got papers and filled them out and sent them in now waiting for appointment for blood work to be done.  Stressed out about blood pressure, lifted buckets of hot water to wash dishes (oh and I have the same type of dishwasher we had grown up, me and my siblings only now I’m the dishwasher), then carried the dirty water and dumped down toilet.  Yes I will consider using the water for my grass the next time….maybe.


Okay time to start my blog for day 19 so I’m off to fix lunch and blog then in the middle of my thoughts rush off to work.

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