Day 19 of Challenge

Well now only 2 days left and I really haven’t lost any weight.  The saddest part of this is that this is the first time that I haven’t lost at least 10 pounds of being on the diet for 21 days, heck I’ve lost more in one week on previous attempts.  Heck I haven’t even lost 5 pounds and I was so dedicated by not having things I wasn’t suppose to eat and I was using all of the grass-fed beef and all of the good healthy things.  Hey, I even exercised more than I have in times past but the weight was reluctant to leave my body so to be honest it is very hard for me to stay doing this right now especially with all of the stress that I’m giving myself.


Still fussing about blood pressure, trying to arrange for some muscles to help me get the electric snake auger for the drainage pipes.  Last time I rented one I almost gave myself a hernia trying to get it out of the bed of my truck and luckily a neighbor came by when it was time to put it into the bed of the truck.  Those suckers are heavy and then I know I’m strong but couldn’t budge the drain pipe plug which stressed me out a little bit more.  I know, stop stressing, but that is damn hard to do.  I guess I’m just a little bit scared because the last time I used the snake it turned out that the clay pipe had broken and so we were without use of a toilet and shower for a couple of days.  I had work where I could do things but I really don’t want to go through the expense of having to do some major plumbing work… my bank account is just beginning to recover from the hit I took on getting new tires.


Oh yeah and as if I wasn’t stressing enough earlier, I start driving to work and there is a major accident on the highway and so I exited thinking I will take another street, only the people took the exit and were blocking all the other lanes of traffic because they were trying to go through the intersection and back onto the highway but the accident was right after the entrance ramp.  So thankfully I managed to get onto a side street and a drive that normally takes 20 minutes ended up taking 50 minutes.  Unfortunately I was late for work and nothing really messes you up when you’re late for work but thankfully someone filled in for me and that made me feel a little bit better.


So I finally remembered what I had forgotten to get at Wally World, bath soap and it can wait because tonight I will make one last ditch effort to use toxic whatever to try and open the drain.  The pollen count isn’t helping very much and I’m still waiting to hear when they are going to set me up for an appointment to do more blood testing.  I know just chill…well I’m trying…not really.  I need a drink, well not really I just need to go ride my trike and chill out but I can’t do that with having to work on the kitchen sink.


MEALS:   Breakfast – coffee, 2 strips of bacon; Lunch – coffee, 2 strips of bacon; Dinner – salad, sparkling water.


Well I’m not sure if I’m through eating or not.  A part of me wants to eat but it is hard to do with the guys getting off work and they need me to do things so it interrupts my meal so because I want to snack late in the shift it would be nice and keep me from eating once I get home but I really have a hard enough time trying to eat my dinner so I don’t.  Be thankful I just erased my whinny shit or else you would probably run screaming from the computer screen.


I may just go home and have a drink which sounds more inviting each time I think about the headache that is trying to push the pea size brain out of my head.  I can truly say …. TGIF!!!!!  I just wish I didn’t have to do some plumbing work tomorrow morning.  Oh well the things we must do in order to keep a house working.


RECAP – I want an alcoholic drink!!!!  Got to try one more time to use toxic stuff to unclog the sink, take blood pressure meds to keep BP down, waiting to hear when blood work needs to be done, stressing about BP even more.  My brain hurts….stressing too much.


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