Day 21 & Conclusion

Day 20

Okay so I sort of forgot to put up a day 20 so I’ll recap it briefly for you.  It was raining, my kitchen sink was clogged, I rented an electric snake to unclog but couldn’t get plug off drain pipe in front yard.  Older brother helped and we got the sink unclogged but lost the bit at the end of the snake and so I had to buy it, but in the long run, sink is now flowing.  Bought pizza since that was his food of choice for helping me.  So I ate pizza for lunch and pizza for dinner along with some cheese bread sticks.  So didn’t even try to eat paleo and then after I showered and cleaned the tub I took a long hot bath to try relax after subjecting myself to stinky stuff.  Didn’t follow the plan and didn’t care.


Day 21

So I got up and had 2 cups of coffee and cleaned up.  They while getting some sunshine I decided that the grass was too high so instead of pulling out the BBQ grill and then pulling out the lawn mower to mow a small section of the lawn, I got out my push reel mower.  You know the type of mower that has no engine and runs on people power.  Well I know a lot of the growth were weeds so I didn’t know how well I could mow the lawn with all of the weeds which are resistant to being cut by anything but a power mower.  It took a while but I was successful and cut what were 3-4 inches too high to being just right and then I spotted a few other sections in the yard.  Yep you guessed it, I ended up mowing almost the entire yard.  Now I wish that I would have gotten out the lawn mower because let me tell you that my arms were aching by the time I finished mowing the yard because you would be amazed at how much pushing for quick bursts of speed I did so that it would cut the grass/weeds.


So I though again about bring out my gas grill but I was sweaty and needed to wash my hair but just then the wind started up.  Anyone who cooks outside know lots of wind not such a good thing when cooking outside.  Besides that I forgot to pull out the steaks the night before so no steaks and I really didn’t want to cook hot dogs which were the other meat in the house.


The day before I ran out of fizzy water and I had started washing clothes when I realized that I was out of soap.  Well I found one of my wash tablets (you know what people are going to now days, the soap powder in a type of plastic that dissolves in the washing machine.  So I threw a load of clothes in and left for the store.  Went to the wrong grocery store because they didn’t carry the size of laundry soap I wanted but I got 2 creamers since I use more fixing flat whites, some breakfast sausage and some bread.  Yes I said bread so get over it.  I was trying to find Texas Toast which as only you older people will remember was like a regular loaf of bread only it was sliced thicker, about two slices put together.


I looked in the frozen food aisles because that seems to be the only place you can find Texas Toast, only what they had there was not Texas Toast.  It was a loaf of French bread sliced thick and all of them were coated with their synthetic butter and garlic or with cheeses that were sprinkled on and no cheese comes in powdered form which is what were in the packages.  So I turned away from that and went to try and find something resembling bread loaf but the best I could find was a loaf of French bread.  So I bought some and will cut it into bigger slices, but it ain’t Texas Toast.  So I picked up 2 creamers, sausages and a potato, I though I had pulled out my steaks yesterday, so I got a potato and was going to slice it and make au gratin.


Unfortunately I didn’t pull out the steaks nor did I have any other meat besides hot dogs available.  So I took the sausage and cut it in half and cooked the meat and made Whataburger sausage balls.  Now you mix Pioneer flour mix and cheese and jalapeno but since jalapenos and my stomach don’t go so well together I passed on the jalapenos.  I think my no longer being able to eat spicy or hot spicy foods is stemming from my holding my stress and problems in while I was married and I think I might have given myself a slight ulcer.  I say this because I used to love eating stuffed jalapenos and very spicy chili but can’t handle it now.  However, as I mixed together the cheese, flour mix and sausage together, they did not stick together at all so I threw in a little bit of heavy whipping cream and very little water and it stuck together alright and I realized I might have added too much moisture.


Twenty minutes later I had something closer to sausage/cheese biscuits so that is what I had for dinner with sparkling water that I also picked up earlier that day.


RECAP – Got up early thank you neighbor for running you gas-powered leaf blower to blow away some of the leafs that were on your sidewalk but you were to f**king lazy to use a broom to sweep away the 15 leaves that were on your sidewalk so you had to get out your leaf blower at 0800 hours on a Sunday morning and blow those few leafs off your sidewalk which is right by my bedroom window….you F**king Lazy Bum!

In case you can’t guess, I don’t really like that neighbor and there are other reasons but I digress.  Got up, showered, read part of paper and decided to go outside to enjoy sunshine and ended up mowing the back lawn with a push reel mower, giving myself a workout.  Cleaned up again and went to store and bought things for dinner only to learn I didn’t have any meat defrosted so I improvised and had sausage/cheese biscuits.  I really didn’t give a flip about eating primal because for some reason this time it is not working for me.


CHALLENGE RECAP –  Although I started this with good hopes, I was a tad bit disappointed when I only lost 2 pounds in the first week and from then one it was only tenths of a pound that I lost only to regain the weight.


In times past I would not exercise but I would still lose weight because diet accounts for almost 90 percent of losing weight but that didn’t matter this time.  No matter what I did, I did not lose the weight.  I had to struggle to remember to blog about it and then go onto the site and record it in vimify and I don’t know what else went wrong.


This was absolutely the worse experience that I’ve ever had doing the primal challenge.  BUT…yes that is a bit BUT almost as big as mine.  There I go digressing again.  Anyways, I’m taking a couple of days off from eating primal because #1 I think I’m over my sinus problem and #2 I’m finally get some taste back into my taste buds and want to taste all of the not so good for me things.


Besides although my mind set might have been okay, I found that I was terribly distracted but by what I’m not sure.  So in a few days I will be back to being primal and hopefully I will be more successful on it like I have on previous attempts.  So I’m not giving up, just taking a break and trying to get my head back into the game because I sure as heck don’t know where my head or my mind have been during this challenge.  So I’m not giving up and I hope that you won’t either in whatever you may be doing.