Start of Personal Bet

Okay so here I go, this morning I got on the scale and knew I would be heavier than the 213.1 I was weighing on 3/24/15 but imagine my shock when 12 days later I see that I’ve gained 5 pounds, putting my weight at 218.1 pounds.  Wow, I was really, really shocked but in reality I knew I was gaining weight because my pants were not fitting as loose as they had been on the 24th.  But I had company return from out of country and they wanted to eat and for some reason my resolve went zip out the window.  So I ate and then last week we had people bringing sweets into the office and I didn’t resist and then I celebrated my mother’s birthday and we had chocolate bunnies (it was Easter Sunday), chocolate birthday cake and chocolate ice cream….oh yeah and peanut butter chocolate eggs.  What can I say, chocolate is the hardest thing for me to resist.

So if I continue to follow my goal, which to some of you may seem minor but considering my track record it will not be an easy thing for me to continue for 164 days or in this case now, 163 days.  Yes I know it is a lot of time between now and then but I have to maintain the weight loss which has always been a hard thing for me to do.  Sure I can lose the weight but I usually quickly slip up and start eating regular stuff which are usually carb heavy meals and yep, on comes the weight.  So the big test will be keeping it off, so if I lose my desired 30 pounds I have to maintain it.  I really, really want that espresso maker.  Besides if I get the machine it is not as if I’ll be going off of being Primal, I use good things for my espresso/lattes.

Okay so let’s recap…I ate like a pig and gained weight lots of weight, 5 pounds in 12 days which is way too much.

So here I am on Day 1 of my PB (personal bet) and having weigh-in, but I’ve yet to take my measurements which is something I will end up doing tonight and will just log that in my personal journal so I can see if I’m even coming close to making a difference.

Let’s see, I started out the morning with 4 strips of bacon (yum) and a cup of tea.  Lunch was brisket and mashed potatoes.  Dinner was a lot more brisket (served myself too much but still I ate it all), masked potatoes and green beans.  Oh yeah and my snack was a peanut butter Easter egg.  I know I’m pretty darn close to hitting 100 grams of carbs so I’ll just be more careful tomorrow and buckle down a little bit more on what I’m eating.

Don’t know if this counts any but I got up and walked a mile which is four times around the outer edge of our parking lot at the station which I did shortly after eating.  As I said earlier, I ate too much and was suffering so that was why I went walking.  Not happy with my eating habits on the first day but I just want to get most of the food left over for Easter out of the way, meaning the mashed potatoes.

I still need to go home and take a selfie showing my rolls of fat and hope that by the end of August I will be a little bit happier with how I look.  So this is it for the night, I’ve actually got to get back to work but at least I get to go home early tonight.  Maybe if I play my cards right, I can end up getting up early enough to take a quick spin around the area on my trike.  That will be something I can look forward to doing tomorrow.

Instead of posting a picture of what I used to look like, maybe I will post a picture of the espresso machine I want so I will have a constant reminder of why I need to remain focused on my way of living.    With that being said, I’m outta here and hope that you have a good night/morning/afternoon or whatever time of day it is when you read this.

163 days to go.


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