Bump In The Road – Day 8

Well here I am starting the second week of my Personal Bet and guess what, not doing so great.  But to be honest with myself and you, I gained 0.2 pounds.  Now there is a very good reason for this, I was not eating primal on Friday/Saturday/Sunday and thus this is why my weight reflected this weight gain.  Although it is not much I’m still a touch disappointed in myself.  I can come up with all sorts of excuses as to why the gain, I ate wrong, I didn’t exercise and I had a couple of drinks to make me sleep on each of these nights.

Yes I have been having problems going to sleep at night and usually it is about 4 or 5 in the morning before sleep finally begins to hit me and then I get up about 4 hours later so I’m exhausted the whole day long.  I kept on hoping that my lack of sleep would catch up with me at night so I could go to sleep early and I usually would start out that way but then would wake up about 30 minutes into my sleep and once I’m finished with my business I can’t go back to sleep.

I discovered that despite the temperature cooling down with the rain that we have been having lately, it is still too hot in my bedroom and I was trying to conserve energy by not running my window A/C unit but that is an obvious flop.  I know that being hot is a part of the reason for me not sleeping very well and I proved it last night but turning on my A/C unit and after about 30 minutes I was able to go to sleep.  Now that I know this is a part of the trick then I will have to remember to turn on the A/C unit when I get ready to go to bed so that I can sleep.

As for eating, well I just got out of the habit of eating Primal, yes I knew better but it was tasty at the times when I jumped ship.

Now I know that by eating primal you do not need to rely on the exercise as a way to lose weight but it sure does help.  Well because I wasn’t eating correctly and having bread almost every day, it is no wonder that I gained back all of the weight that I had lost earlier in the week.  So moral of my story is to abandon the bread and figure out a better way to have something for lunch other than just making a sandwich.  See that was my downfall.  I guess I could have one if I was walking 10 miles a day but since I have to do other things such as work for a living my guess is walking will not work off the sandwich so I will have to slap my hands when it comes to making a sandwich.  That was mostly where I went wrong during the week and also on the weekend because I had sandwiches for lunch and dinner and then had a hamburger on a hamburger bun, which was a big no-no.

I would have loved to have exercised but the weather was not my friend, but now that I think about it…actually the weatherman/weatherwoman were not my friend.  They kept on predicting rain and thunderstorms happening and the weather in the morning would reflect this but then it would clear up in the afternoon just as I’m going to work.  So then I would plan to go riding the next morning when it would rain at about 2 in the morning and would rain enough to leave large puddles in the street and the ground pretty soaked.  I know that I should not be looking the gift horse in the mouth considering we are still in a basic drought situation but it sure is a bummer.  I need the roads to be a little bit dryer when riding and I really prefer not to ride during a thunderstorm.  Right now I’m driving for about 2 hours before I reach the city where I will be starting my rides and they have actually been getting the thunderstorms, something about them being in the hill country and more storms in that area.  I don’t know, I just want to ride.    Oh and in case you can’t tell, I’m hooked on riding on the open road, too bad I’m not rich so I could focus on only eating primal and exercising, then the weight would sure come off quickly.  Oh well.

Riding my trike is something that really relaxes me and I’m of course quite anxious to get back out and ride some more on the open road which is what I’ve been doing when I do my rides.  Sure there is a lot of traffic but because I’m not on city streets there is less traffic, even on the few times that I ride on the access roads of the Interstate Highway.  Heck even some of those roads are far enough away from the Interstate that I feel like I’m out in the country and considering the cities that I ride through are small cities.  Okay so maybe not so small but if you compare them to the larger urban sprawl where I usually ride you can understand the difference.  I mean it too almost 25 miles to ride from where I live to outside of the city limits and I ended up on the other side of one of the small neighboring cities.

I know that I can walk but I find that walking is boring because it is around the neighborhood and I guess I’m just sick of the neighborhood because it is the same almost all of the time.  Besides I like riding my trike because it is actually relaxing except when riding in the city streets where the majority of the people are relatively considerate, the other part of the people (maybe 45 percent) are real jerks and do their best to curse, yell, and almost hit me as I ride in the roadway.  Yes bicyclist/tricyclist have a right to ride in the roadway and most cities prohibit us from riding on the sidewalk stating that it is for pedestrians.  So wouldn’t you know, in looking ahead for the weather this week, it is predicted to rain again…this makes 3 weekends in a row.  Drats, I missed getting out on the weekend.

Oh well so much for getting out, now I just have to try and figure out how to be more dedicated to eating correctly and hope the best for exercise.

So this is a minor set back and I plan to make corrections to my eating


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