In The Slow Lane

So here I am, on day 15 of my personal bet and things are just as I stated above, I’m in the slow lane.  I’ve lost weight, gone back down to 215.7 pounds but that is all.  If I had really been focused on things I should have lost more weight since them, but the truth of the matter is that I’ve been fudging a little bit on things that I eat and drink.

My main problem is me giving up the sodas.  Yes I know how bad and harmful they can be to the body and what gross things are used to make them, but I’m kind of addicted to it and when I got get enough coffee in me, I tend to grab a diet soda to get me over that lack of caffeine.  I’ve also had to be careful because I can feel that my blood pressure is up and I actually need to get my shiny over to see a doctor but I always come up with some excuse or the other to avoid going to the doctor.  So I’ve cut back on the coffee and even on the lattes because it is causing my stomach to object, thus why I’ve started leaning back towards diet sodas.  I’m working on eliminating them but one thing at a time.

However, I do have some good news.  I have just discovered Jicama tortillas and primal magic wonder dough.  So what are these, well I’m glad you didn’t ask but I’ll tell you any way, so too bad.  Jicama tortillas are actually just the Jicama fruit and it is sliced thin enough and ready to eat.  I’ve seen them in the produce area of my grocery store before but seeing that I was determined not to have any bread this week, I gave in and decided to try them.  As I mentioned before they are ready to eat when you buy them in the store, only they are quite moist and luckily very pliable, only I really didn’t want soggy tortillas so I decided that I would warm them up and put them on a griddle and started to heat them up.  They shrunk quite a bit but did not brown very well, so on the next one I put a little bit of butter on the griddle and it gave a nice slightly brown marks.  So I used those and put turkey and cheese on them and ate them like a double-decker quesadilla.  One thing that surprised me was how sweet they tasted when I threw them on the griddle but still a touch sad that they shrunk.  But it had a slight crunch to them which was pretty good for me.  So I had those a couple of times this last week and I loved grilling them so that they were slightly sweet.

The next thing that I tried was the primal magic wonder dough which was done by Primal Girl.  She is a big success story on Primal Blueprint besides being a really cool woman.  She came up with a recipe for dough for us to use.  I had tried some other paleo dough recipes and found them rather lacking in flavor, good texture and they upset the heck out of my stomach.  So as you could imagine, I was a bit skeptical of her dough especially since you have to purchase the recipe for it.  So I tried it one time and it was okay but a touch heavy.  Then I made a tripe recipe and put it in the frig instead of the freezer which she says will keep it for a couple of months but I kept it in the frig and didn’t properly seal the bag so when I was ready to do something with it for this weekend….boom…mold.  No one to blame but myself for not paying attention to my food but that was okay because I found that it was a touch too heavy, probably a combination of errors on my part.

I tried the recipe for the dough this weekend and since I was using it the primal way I could put cheese in it but I changed up the type of cheese that I put in the dough and I adjusted the type of flour suggested by reducing it and adding in a touch of baking powder which I had hoped would make it taste lighter and not as heavy.  Thankfully it worked out that way and I had lighter rolls.  They were a hit that my brother and mother who were visiting tried them and took some home with them.  Then I even baked a couple of pizza crusts using this wonder dough and was very pleased.  Turns out the surprise visit from family made them believe that maybe I wasn’t so far off base when it came to eating primal.  So now with some simple tweaking I think I have adjusted them just enough so that I can use them in the manner in which she suggested such as pizza dough, little rolls, but I haven’t tried to make hamburger buns.  I’ve got something else in mind in lieu of hamburger buns…thank you primal blueprint.

So as you can see from the first paragraph, I’m off to a start but seem to be in the slow lane when it comes to losing weight.  That is okay because this week it is a loss and not a gain.

Today is my day to get off early at work but instead of going home early, I decided that I will go to the gym at HQ where I will do some weight lifting as well as go up and down the stairs, mostly up because that is a good exercise.  I don’t plan on running up the stairs, at least not right now, I will just walk up the stairs with my goal being to do the stair climb frequently and maybe soon I will not be breathing hard.  I know that I will be huffing and puffing by the time I reach the sixth floor.  Now I’ve done this before at HQ but when I did it then I climbed the stairs in the fire stairway and tonight I will be climbing the stairs that are in the main part of the building where there is air circulating.  The lack of circulating air wasn’t good for me and because they were a fire stairway it meant that the doors had to be closed for good reason.  Tonight I plan to lift some weights and climb some stairs with the extra time I will have from getting out early.  This is something that I need to regularly do so I will get the exercise that I need as well as hopefully energize me.

Oh yeah, I guess I should catch you up on what else happened besides talking about new discoveries I had this weekend.  So I’ve been avoiding eating bread except for this weekend when I made the wonder dough and had a pizza with it as well as rolls.  I didn’t get a chance to get out on my trike because they were talking about all of the big thunderstorms that would be coming our way, first they were saying it would happen on Thursday then Thursday night, then it was moved to Friday morning, then Friday night, then Saturday morning and then Saturday evening and finally they said it would just pass us by when Saturday evening rolled around.  We had a light rain Saturday night so I had to wait for it to dry up a bit before mowing the lawn.

Well I hadn’t realized just how humid it was outside until I started mowing the lawn.  I did the front with little problems but found that I was a bit winded.  I rested for a few minutes before starting on the back and found I was having to sit down every 20 minutes or so because I was breathing so hard and I could just tell that my blood pressure was up.  So what did this mean to me, it means that I need to start regularly exercising even if all I do is walk.  That is the reason why I realized that I’m in the slow lane and now I need to step it up, okay literal pun intended, so that I get back on track on losing the weight because I want my espresso machine and besides that I want to try and wear a costume for DragonCon this year.  I have two different ones in mind but none of them can happen unless I lose some of this weight.  So in a way I have two goals or should I say rewards waiting to happen for me if I lose the weight.

I’m feeling better about my plan and I hope that this is my renew my efforts to lose my weight.  Besides I’m tired of the seat belts fitting too tight when I’m not the driver of a vehicle.

So I just had my shocks replaced this week and my bank account said it is waving the white flag and asking me not to do any more heavy hits to it until next paycheck.  So when I had my shocks replaced I spoke with the guys about a problem that we noticed.  I will need to have more work done on the bushings, front control arm, steering column, etc, but it is not dire at this time as long as I do regular city driving.  Well that just sort of made me realize that I am at a point in my riding where I will need to be driving further and further out on my trike rides and it will be hard if I use my truck, so I’ve spoken with my brother and he is going to let me use his truck which is a V8 and a few years younger.  Besides he doesn’t have as much wear and tear on that truck as I do on mine so it will be nice to drive up those hills just to get to the point of where I need to ride and not crossing my fingers.  Sometimes I wonder why I got a V6 in my truck especially when I only had a 4 cylinder import truck the last time but then I remembered it was because I hated having to spend so much money on gasoline.  I was thankful for that V6 engine when gas prices got so high because it cost me a fortune to fill it up but now things a tad bit easier.  I still struggle getting up hills in my truck but I’m thankful every time I got to the gas pump.

Having to borrow a vehicle has made me do some serious thinking about getting a new vehicle.  I have a 1994 Ford Escort which I’m going to get all my fluids redone since it has been sitting for 3 years.  It was sitting because there was an air bubble in the transmission fluid and it was causing problems with my shifting, locking into gear when the engine got hot because the air bubble would trap it…. oh all that is important to know is that it made things difficult for me while trying to drive this vehicle.  Then I had other expenses on my truck so the truck came first and the poor Escort got left by the side but not for long..

Now I’m thinking about getting a new vehicle but one of the things that I will have to consider is my being able to pack my trike in the back of the vehicle so that means possibly an SUV type of vehicle or else one of the more modern station wagon type of vehicles.  I want to be able to take my trike with me where ever I go so I need to plan ahead on what I want to buy.  But that is a long time from now because I’m not rich and need to save my pennies for a new vehicle.  Maybe a new truck????

Okay enough ranting about vehicles that I can’t afford to get.  I’m looking forward to going to work out tonight, not a tough workout but I need to make sure that I get some iron pumped because I could not believe how hard it was for me to trip my bushes at my house.  So I’ve got to develop my arms so it won’t hurt so much the next time I have to trim the bush or push the lawnmower and maybe soon I can eventually start to do some pull-ups.  That is my goal but for now time to get some strength into my arms.

So on day 15 I’m on the slow track to losing weight but at least this week I’ve lost 2.4 pounds but it I count it from last week, it is a 2.6 pound loss.  Nah, I’m going to stick with the 2.4 pounds because that was my starting weight.  Just in case you can’t tell, I’m feeling a bit better about things and here’s hoping that I won’t let myself down.  Until next time…


2 thoughts on “In The Slow Lane

  1. I loved hearing about your journey! I’ve yet to try Jicama… my Coach LOVES it and talks so much about it. He’s a chef so he really enjoys the interesting foods. I haven’t even branched out to try mashed cauliflower. I prefer to still watch my portions and slowly work in to eating a little healthier and ridding myself of soda.

    I’ve started a slow journey and though I struggle at times I am a better person each time I pick up myself and begin working out and eating healthy again. I’ve started to eliminate soda again. I forget how much better I feel afterwards! Same goes for working out.

    I’ve begun working out at home for several months and also became a health and wellness coach. I have people on facebook that we’ve decided to get together in a private group to support each other. It’s been really nice. A support system is definitely something I’ve been in need of!

    Happy Trails! Hope to see you around and continue watching your journey. Feel free to stalk me over at

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