Slip Slide

Slip sliding away from my goal is what has happened.  I was losing weight for a couple of reasons, I was watching what I ate and I was able to get some form of exercise, even if it was only twice a week.  But thanks to the dramatic amount of rain and not watching what I was eating, I ended up gaining weight and wasn’t surprised this morning when I stepped on the scale I was sorry to see what I thought happened had happened.

This morning the scale showed my weight to be 219.7 which was so much more than when I started, about 1.4 pounds more.  I wasn’t shocked because I was honest with myself and wasn’t caring how many carbs I consumed, I just ate what I wanted and that is the results.

However, I’m still going to  be trying to lose weight because I really want to win my bet with myself.  So you’re probably thinking, yeah sure you are not the way I’m currently going, well you’re right about that part.  I will never lose weight by ignoring how many carbs I eat because the proof is in he pudding, I gain weight by ignoring carbs.

So today I started watching my carbs and I’ve gone back to counting my carbs.  I sort of went a little off by having maybe 1/4 cup of ice cream but that is about the only big splurge that I had for the day.  So what do you say that I start counting things.


Breakfast:     Coffee w/cream and bacon strips  =   0.8 gm

Lunch:       Hamburger patty w/slice cheese/guacamole,1/4 cup ice cream  =  17 gm

Dinner:    Steak, baked potato, green beans w/mushrooms =  44 gm


Okay so my total was 61.8 grams of carbs for the day.  That means that I need to focus more tomorrow on how many carbs I consume and despite it raining I need to start doing some mild exercise even if it is walking on a treadmill because with the rain coming down it makes it hard to get out.  I would love to get more vitamin K from sunshine but we’ve had rain scheduled all week-long and that also means no chance for me to get out on my trike.

So my bike journey is being put off and I’ve got to do something in order to lose the weight before my end date.

Starting again is a great way to get back to a clear skin, yes at +50 years old I’m still break out which is quite embarrassing to show up with pimples and blackheads.  So by eating primal my skin clears up and the best thing of all is that I will probably stop having an upset stomach at night.  Yeah not eating primal tends to give me an upset stomach which also makes it difficult for me to sleep.

They say that if you follow the primal way by exercising it allows you to sleep well through the night but maybe because I haven’t been exercising while dieting I guess that is one of the reasons that I’m not sleeping very well.  Hell, I’m lucky if I get more than 5 hours of sleep and unfortunately it is beginning to show and I find myself struggling to stay awake at work.  So what does this mean, I’ve got to find something to tire me out but it can’t be exercising after work because that gets me wired and then I sleep in too much and that throws off my whole day.  So I’ve got to find something to challenge me besides my diet.

Well I slipped backwards and that is why I am trying to refocus on what I eat and counting the carbs.  I must stay below 100 carbs but below 50 carbs will help things come off just a little bit faster.

Well thanks for hanging in there with me and here’s hoping that things will get better.


25 To Go

Okay so it has taken a long time and probably the big 5 pound loss is probably due to the exercising that I did on Saturday but hey, I’ll take the pound loss any way I can get it.

The problem seems to be that my body needs some shaking up and no I don’t mean on those old machines that you used to put around your waist hoping that it would shake off those pounds…by the way for those of you who are too young to know about it, just trust me when I say it was a big waste of money but someone somewhere decided it would be a good idea to shake it off.  Maybe the inventor got the idea from a hula-hoop, you know those things you used to move your hips around to keep the hoop moving.  Never mind!

Okay so let me tell you that things had not been going so great, I hadn’t fixed any food for myself which mean trying to throw things together for a meal and it just wasn’t working out last week but I did try to contain my bad eating habits.  Unfortunately bread was a part of my downfall.

Let’s move on to why I probably lost the weight since I wasn’t eating correctly.  Well that reason is rather simple.  I exercised and not just light exercised, I did it for about 11 hours straight.  I know what you’re thinking, am I insane for exercising for that long and who in the hell can work out that long.  Me, but there is a way to do it and have fun.

You want to know my secret?  Are you sure that you are ready for this big secret to be revealed?  Sure?  Okay here’s what I did.

I rode my ass off on my recumbent tricycle on Saturday.  I rode 88.64 miles in one day.  Unfortunately I kind of got a late start on things, I know I keep on making that mistake, and I was feeling so good that I decided why not keep on going.  Boy was that a dumb mistake.  I realized I had left my headlight safety gear at home but I was prepared for the ride in every other way, or so I thought.

I was making good time on the first leg of the ride, averaging 10.4 – 11.5 mph but that all quickly ended when I took an exterior loop to avoid a city.  I should have rode through the city, it was more downhill where the loop was mostly uphill…why…because it was the rise going around the city.  So then I had planned on riding a bit further out to a lake and stopping there before turning around and heading back.  Heck, I made great time.  I rode 42 miles in 4 hours and 2 minutes.  Not too shabby.

So after about 30 minutes of rest I got back on my trike and rode through the city I had bypassed to pick up a front headlight because it would be getting dark soon.  I had great help from a kid at Wallyworld but the kid liked to talk and was so concerned about getting my headlight and my new tail light that I just bought attached to the bike.  The headlight went on easily but not the tail light so I just hooked it to the back of my pannier bag, thanked the clerk for his help and rode off into the darkening sky.  I spent an unexpected hour in the store when I could have been out and on my way in 20 minutes, but I didn’t want to be mean to him.

Once it started getting dark I noticed that my speed began to slow down, mainly because I couldn’t see as well in the dark as I could in the light and the shadows kept throwing me off while riding.  Funny but I made better time on the way to the lake even with having to stop 5 times because I dropped my phone and ran over it with my trike, disconnect the bag from the front boom of my trike, adjust my music and twice stop to remove the wires from the debris on the roadway that had gotten tangled up with my gears and the second time in my wheels.  The trick was that it is so much easier to ride in the light of day than in the night.

So by the time I got back to where I had started, I had stopped several times because everyone kept on calling me or texting me trying to find out what was going on and where I was.  That is one of the disadvantages of not having a road crew with you, it is hard to stop and tell people to leave you alone because you’re struggling up a hill which is exactly where I was when they kept on calling.  So of course the calls just increased and finally I gave up and pulled over and told them I was find and that I just needed to finish making it up the hill.

Then I realized that the only big downhill I was to encounter was just before I made my turn to where I had parked my truck.  The majority of the trip back was a climb with only very slight downhills if they could even be called that.

So the secret to losing what I believed was 5 pounds in one day, exercise the hell out of yourself and then weigh yourself the next day.

Well I tried to eat after I finally finished my ride because I had already burned through the two Powerbar gel packs that I had at the half way point but I had a problem.  I stopped at Whataburger ( and got a meal because I knew that I would need the fries for the potassium and I wanted the diet soda.  Well don’t worry about that, because I had borrowed my brother’s truck which didn’t have cup holders so I pulled down the middle part of the front seat and opened it and put the drinks there.  I got a large diet drink and a shake.  I pulled out of the lot and onto the street when the top of the middle part started to close only to crash into my soda cup with the straw in it.  Turns out it forced the straw through the styrofoam and all of the drink emptied out of the cup into the middle seat compartment where my fries were as well as lots of papers belonging to my brother.  So I managed to eat my burger and had the shake drink only after I used the large amount of napkins to sop up the soda and wring it out the side window of the truck.  That took another twenty minutes thus delaying my arrival home which of course worried the local family members.

But Saturday night, no let me say Sunday morning, I really didn’t care what I ate as in worrying about protein or carbs.  I just wanted food and thankfully almost all Whataburgers are open 24 hours a day.

So ride hard and don’t eat, that was the secret to my weight loss.

It just reminded me that I like to ride my trike and maybe I should be doing a bit more of that to help me shed some of the weight.

Oh and by the way I took a short epsom soak for about twenty minutes and put on some Pan Away and the next morning I was feeling great.  Almost ready to ride another 50 or so miles.

Seeing that it helped me to lose weight and I really like it, I need to start riding more frequently although I really hate riding inside the city.  Oh well got to find some place else to ride.  Preferably before the heat of summer hits.

So 5 down and only 25 more to go.  Still trying to figure out how to make the body burn more efficiently for me without me having to think about it.  Why….because thinking hurts my brain!

So Happy Trails to me until I ride again…..