Slip Slide

Slip sliding away from my goal is what has happened.  I was losing weight for a couple of reasons, I was watching what I ate and I was able to get some form of exercise, even if it was only twice a week.  But thanks to the dramatic amount of rain and not watching what I was eating, I ended up gaining weight and wasn’t surprised this morning when I stepped on the scale I was sorry to see what I thought happened had happened.

This morning the scale showed my weight to be 219.7 which was so much more than when I started, about 1.4 pounds more.  I wasn’t shocked because I was honest with myself and wasn’t caring how many carbs I consumed, I just ate what I wanted and that is the results.

However, I’m still going to  be trying to lose weight because I really want to win my bet with myself.  So you’re probably thinking, yeah sure you are not the way I’m currently going, well you’re right about that part.  I will never lose weight by ignoring how many carbs I eat because the proof is in he pudding, I gain weight by ignoring carbs.

So today I started watching my carbs and I’ve gone back to counting my carbs.  I sort of went a little off by having maybe 1/4 cup of ice cream but that is about the only big splurge that I had for the day.  So what do you say that I start counting things.


Breakfast:     Coffee w/cream and bacon strips  =   0.8 gm

Lunch:       Hamburger patty w/slice cheese/guacamole,1/4 cup ice cream  =  17 gm

Dinner:    Steak, baked potato, green beans w/mushrooms =  44 gm


Okay so my total was 61.8 grams of carbs for the day.  That means that I need to focus more tomorrow on how many carbs I consume and despite it raining I need to start doing some mild exercise even if it is walking on a treadmill because with the rain coming down it makes it hard to get out.  I would love to get more vitamin K from sunshine but we’ve had rain scheduled all week-long and that also means no chance for me to get out on my trike.

So my bike journey is being put off and I’ve got to do something in order to lose the weight before my end date.

Starting again is a great way to get back to a clear skin, yes at +50 years old I’m still break out which is quite embarrassing to show up with pimples and blackheads.  So by eating primal my skin clears up and the best thing of all is that I will probably stop having an upset stomach at night.  Yeah not eating primal tends to give me an upset stomach which also makes it difficult for me to sleep.

They say that if you follow the primal way by exercising it allows you to sleep well through the night but maybe because I haven’t been exercising while dieting I guess that is one of the reasons that I’m not sleeping very well.  Hell, I’m lucky if I get more than 5 hours of sleep and unfortunately it is beginning to show and I find myself struggling to stay awake at work.  So what does this mean, I’ve got to find something to tire me out but it can’t be exercising after work because that gets me wired and then I sleep in too much and that throws off my whole day.  So I’ve got to find something to challenge me besides my diet.

Well I slipped backwards and that is why I am trying to refocus on what I eat and counting the carbs.  I must stay below 100 carbs but below 50 carbs will help things come off just a little bit faster.

Well thanks for hanging in there with me and here’s hoping that things will get better.


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