Return To Sensible Eating

Finally I’m going back to sensible eating which means back to eating Primal.  I was encouraged by one of my co-workers while working at another station and she is eating low carb too.  Well I was doing great and then things started to get pressed for time because my family was having their reunion.  Now don’t get me wrong, it is great to see family and it is also great that they do most of the cooking, but usually it not the easiest thing to fit 20 people into a small two bedroom house which is sort of hard but keeping the place cool and trying to have a conversation is not always the easiest thing to do.

I survived but not my stomach.  They arrived on a Friday night and so we went out to eat and I couldn’t resist the shrimp po-boy but I only had about 5-7 french fries.  The bread was too much and if I had thought ahead, I would have trimmed off some of the bread but by the time I thought about it, it was too late and in my tummy.  The next day didn’t start off too bad but quickly went downhill.  Chicken fajitas, pulled pork fajitas, rice, guacamole, chips, queso, soda, birthday cake, ice cream, cake balls and oatmeal raisin cookies were all a part of the day/evening meal.

Of course I ate too much but at least I got out and walked around the block to ease the pressure in my tummy.  We then went to play miniature golf at a course we used to play with as kids with my father.  It was lots of fun and we were sweating so much while we were there and doing our best not to be eaten by the mosquitoes and again we were sweating.  Came back home where my nephew joined us after getting off of work and repairing a flat tire on his car and we grazed again over the whole selection listed above.

The next day was a repeat of the day before with the grazing only we didn’t have to go outside to cook the chicken like I did the day before.  Then the gang started leaving for their home cities and I still had to go outside and clean up the grill from the day before.  I think that I went through five changes of clothes because I was constantly having to go outside but at least with it being at my house I was able to change clothes.  I think two of my other brothers are going to bring a change of clothes the next time just in case.  Oh and last but not least, I had a root beer float and several more cookies before the end of the evening and felt like I was going to explode.

Unfortunately it was not Blue Bell ice cream for the float and so the cream content wasn’t as high and I have learned that I need a high fat/cream content for my lactose intolerant system not to try and kill me.  So bring on the bloating and feeling horrible…at least for a short time.  I had to take a laxative to help things move through the system.

When I got ready for bed last night I was 221.9, talk about my eyes popping out of their socket…yeah just like the cartoons.  I would have liked to have given myself another day of feasting but after stepping on the scale last night I decided that was the end of the reckless eating.

This morning I stepped on the scale after things worked through my system, if you know what I mean, and it showed my weight to be 216.7, which isn’t great but it is not in the 220’s.  So I started eating better again and although I was still a bit hungry earlier today, I think I’m doing okay for the moment.  Now comes the hard part, as the night wears on my appetite seems to get out of control so I will be trying hard tonight to keep it under control.

I thought I was doing good this afternoon when I had a salmon/Gorgonzola cheese patty thinking it was great and healthy but then I saw that it had 21 grams of carbs and only 2 grams of fiber.  Well if I was trying to do an extreme ketosis day today, I failed because extreme ketosis usually happens by keeping the carbs at 20 or below.  So what, I liked it and had some green beams with mushrooms to go along with it.  Then for dinner I had 2 Keto tortillas with chunks of chicken/lettuce and dressing, a salad and the left over green beans.  I know that I went over 20 carbs but stayed under 50 carbs…so far.

Maybe if I drink more water only in small amounts at a time it will fill up my tummy besides flushing out my system.  All I can do is try.

I took a look at my calendar and noticed that tomorrow will mark day 86 of 148 I gave myself to lose 30 pounds.  So I’ve got to focus and yes I know that losing more than 10 pounds a month isn’t good but when you’re as heavy/fat/fluffy as I am that is probably the only time I will lose more than 10 pounds a month.  I’ve got a lot to lose and a little over 60 days to lose it.  I know that I should have been more focused before and always came up with good excuses so guess I’m going to really pay the price by doing the big push and really watching things instead of doing it in a relaxed manner.

I did learn something this weekend, my niece is considering putting scratch-off winner on her resume because she seems to do pretty good, no she is not rich but she has good luck and usually comes out a few dollars ahead of what she spends.  So I thought maybe I’ll start walking to the store and buying a few tickets as an excuse to get myself out to exercise.

Oh and I did learn another thing…the Primal Wonder Bread isn’t really that wonderful.  I decided to do some carb counting and have even measured out the size of the dough and learned that it is 0.315g of carbs per ounce.  Normally you wouldn’t think too much about that but think about it.  I measured out a small amount, about the size of a golf ball and it was 41 grams so that means that each of those small little biscuits comes out to almost 13 grams of carbs.  That is a lot especially when I’m trying to keep my body in rapid weight loss mode.

So that nice recipe is not going to work with me…too bad.  But my Ketosis Diet Tortillas will just have to do for now as they only have 1.5 net carbs.

A little worried also because I put my car into the shop to have the fluids changed as the vehicle hasn’t been running for 3 years.  I went into shock when the garage called and said that cost would be $1,600 and started naming off the things I needed changed.  I told them I wasn’t buying a new car, and that the reason it is in there is partially their fault because they didn’t properly bleed the transmission fluid when they replaced the slave valve but one of the mechanics said I was wrong and that it would cost me $400 to fix the problem, which I didn’t have.  So now 3 years later the garage has whittled the bill down to starting at $1,000 to be repaired.

Oh please don’t tell me to just get a new car like my brothers.  I got news for you and them, that is not even the amount that I would pay out in monthly payments for a new car and I would still have to change the oil and do regular maintenance on the vehicle.  Yes I know maintenance would be less but the monthly drain on the wallet really hurts.

So in a way I wish I would have bought the espresso machine I wanted earlier this year when I was foolish and believed that I had the money to spend.  Now I’m sweating bullets to make sure I have enough money for DragonCon hotel/meals/autographs/pictures and of course souvenirs.  I may have to break down and beg the bank for a loan but I hate that idea since I’m currently debt free and I hate having to take out a loan.

Who knows, maybe my walking and buying lottery tickets will let me win lots of money so I can pay for my car repair and stuff at DragonCon…highly unlikely but you never know.

Time to wrap this up because I’ve got to finish reading a book I checked out of the library.  So until I blog again…..May you like what you see reflected in the mirror.


Stepping Forward

I’ve been kind of following along diet way of eat…..NOT and any weight I had loss was now back on my body.  However, I decided that at this moment I’m ready to get back on the weight loss wagon and am watching what I’m eating.

I’ve found some very good recipes listed in keto diets and so I’m taking some from one area and some from another area and making them fit my life style.  Normally I would have given up and I almost did after being on it for only 2 days, but then I actually turned away from temptation.

So Monday I stepped on the scale to start the new way of eating and saw that my weight was 217.4 lbs, which wasn’t too bad considering the last time I weighed myself was 5/24/15, not too long before I went to Dallas Comic Con.  I ate poorly and made very unwise choices but a part of the problem was the fact that it was raining.  Did I mention that it was raining?  Well let me tell you it was really raining.  I was very fortunate that one of my friends was unable to come to the con so she gave me her room which was in the Omni Hotel and it connected directly to the convention center which was where the convention was being held.  Why was this important?  I’ll tell you.

Just in case you were not aware of things, Texas has been getting hit with a lot of rain lately which has been good because Texas was in a drought but so much rain in such a short period of time kind of meant that there would be flooding.  Thankfully I arrived in time to beat out the rain and most of my friends got in before the rain fell.  We had dinner and then later that night we were all awaken by our cell phones going off for a weather emergency which was alerting us to severe thunderstorms and then we got another alert hours later, of course after we all had fallen back asleep that we were under a flash flood warning.  The next morning as I was walking down to get some coffee I saw the Trinity River which in the past has been very low, this time the trees along the banks of the river on had the top branches showing.  Then the next night we again had our phones go off alerting us to the weather warnings and in looking out the window again, the river was still just as high, apparently it had drained off pretty rapidly.  So why tell you about the weather, to show the frustration experienced because we could not get out and go to any other local restaurants, not that there are very many in downtown Dallas by the convention center, so my food selection was extremely limited.  I ate a lot of fries with almost everything and a small side salad was $13 which wasn’t much of a salad at all.  I missed having more salads and vegetables and all of the protein was nice but I actually missed my vegetables and I don’t mean any forms of potatoes.

So I came back and ate what I wanted and did what I wanted until I found my pants were fitting so tight on me by the evening hours that I felt the need to unbutton the top waistband button.  Yeah, talk about feeling embarrassed, believe me that is how I felt.

Then came Monday and on the spur of the moment I decided to just go for it and to start eating better.  So you saw my weight when I stepped on the scale and although it is less than I’ve weighed in recent past, for some reason the pants were tighter.  I discovered something called Keto Diet Tortillas, it is something that I make and although it has only 7.3 carbs, by the time you subtract the fiber, and believe me they have lots of fiber with whole psyllium husks, chia seeds (no not the same ones you put on chia pets), flaxseed meal along with low carb flours and it comes out to 1.5 grams of carbs per tortilla.  They have are the first diet tortillas that are very low in carbs and are actually kind of tasty.  They sort of remind me of a wheat tortilla but they have more fiber and get things moving if you know what I mean.  Now I have something else to eat and I fried a few of the tortillas a little longer and then I had crispy chips…really, really, crispy chips.  Next time I won’t fry them as long but they were still tasty.

Well Monday wasn’t too hard to take and unfortunately I got a little hot, didn’t have A/C turned down low enough and something was trying to resurface, if you know what I mean.  I spent the next couple of hours trying to get back to sleep and finally decided to sleep sitting up which worked.

I got up and then stepped up on the scale, yes I know that I’m not suppose to weigh myself every day and yes I know that I’m easily discouraged so doing this only makes me more susceptible to disappointment but I couldn’t stand it.  I had been mostly good but kind of blew things when I tried sucking on a peppermint to get the nasty taste out of my mouth but that didn’t work, nor did honey and finally had to resort to a sports drink.  So I stepped up on the scale and was surprised to see my weight was now 216.7, giving me a 0.7 pound weight loss.

I was happy to see this but didn’t want to get too excited because that is how I’m always jinxing myself and allowing myself to slip.  But I stuck to my guns and remained eating wisely and I ate the last of my keto tortilla chips with some guacamole again last night.

Thankfully I only struggled a little in the beginning to fall asleep but had a few wake up calls thanks to the water I’ve been drinking.  So I was sure because I really didn’t think I had enough water during the day so I was positive that I was going to gain weight so I reluctantly stepped up on the scale and I was WRONG!!!   My weight had gone down, it was not 215.5 which mean that I had lost weight, 1.2 pounds to be exact.

Now I was happy because I had been feeling only a touch hungry and thus why I had the chips and guacamole late at night.  Then the tortilla chips fiber hit after I had my morning coffee and I knew that there would be a weight gain and I just wanted to see what it would be, so I stepped on the scale, closed my eyes and there it was, 214.4.  I had lost even more weight.  I weighed in at 0900hrs the first time today and then weighed in again at 1130hrs which was when I got the 214.4 pound reading.

This means just since Monday I’ve lost 3 whole pounds.  That is incredible.  I know that this might just be because a slight increase in my drinking of water but I would like to think that the extra fiber I’m taking in is helping some.  I’m going to be making some of the Primal Girl’s Wonder bread and will then take my reading as to net carbs and see how that turns out.

Look, I know that it is bad to eat any type of bread but I love bread, I like taste and the feeling of biting into something other than a lettuce leaf to hold my tuna salad or my chicken salad.  So rather than upset myself I’ll just allow for these type of bread products to happen and focus on net carbs, which means increasing my fiber…yeah and no I don’t mean by taking Metamucil, I’d rather get it in my foods.

So I’m finally taking a step forward instead of backwards.  Here’s hoping I don’t falter in the next few days.


Oh I can also be proud of myself, there was cake and lots of food at a Lieutenant’s retirement party but I passed on the cake and all of the beans/rice/regular tortillas and chicken.  Then today a group grilled burgers and hot dogs for us and I could have probably had the hot dog or the burger without the bun but I figured I would leave it for the guys working in the field.  Besides I brought something else to eat and I will end up eating that.  Oh and I also passed right by the doughnuts brought in, from my favorite Doughnut shop, Shipley’s Doughnuts.

I have resisted them all and now to attack my salad and the other part of my dinner.  Hope to write to you next time about something positive again.

Big Step Backwards

Wow, did I ever take a big step backwards, my weight sky rocketed.  Yeah I’ll get the bad news over with right away.  My weight had sky rocketed to 220 pounds, at least that was what it said this morning as it screamed out for mercy and told me only one person at a time was allowed on the scale.

I think a part of my problem is that I was kind of bored with what I was eating that was allowed on the diet plan so I decided to just eat and enjoy things.  Well I went back up to my beginning weight and then I lost a pound or two, basically my weight was fluctuating so I didn’t really think too much about it as I headed for my first geek con of the year.  Boy was that a mistake….oh, not the con but my ignoring what I eat.

Now for any of you who have ever attended any convention, no matter if it is geek or work related, the food selection is not always the best.  Well as a matter of fact it really sucked this year, really sucked!!

The con was in Dallas and in the Dallas Convention Center and the venue was great as were the guests; the crowds weren’t too bad except when it came to lining up for autographs and pictures.  Why were they not good, well everyone was trying to do the same thing at the same time, but still it was a good con…EXCEPT for the food.

It was important to know about the location because as many of you probably heard over the news, Dallas/Ft. Worth and many other places in Texas were receiving large amounts of rain and so flooding was happening.  This kind of limited how far out you wanted to venture from the hotel and from the convention center.  Oh there were lots of food vendors but there was one thing that was prevalent in almost all of the food and that was Chipotle

I used to eat hot stuff long ago but thanks to a real mess I went through to get a divorce, I kind of developed some digestion problems and from then on any type of overly spicy or spicy hot, hell I sometimes have problems with Mild Pace Picante Sauce.  Now that makes me some kind of wimp because I used to love the hot and the medium, now I struggle with mild.  So do you see the theme here?  I can’t take hot or spicy and so my convention in Dallas became kind of a pain.

First night in we go down to the restaurant in the Omni in downtown Dallas and I ordered a steak.  I got green beans which were okay but had an odd taste to them.  Because of wet conditions we had lunch the next day back at the hotel and decided to have fish and chips and asked for tartar sauce with it.  It was a chipotle tartar sauce, so we sent it back (the people I was eating with also can not handle hot spicy foods) and they came back with the same stuff only it had more mayo in it so we send it back a second time and told our waiter again we want plain tartar sauce or we’ll just use mayo.  Finally the third time was the charm.

Well that is how things went the rest of the trip, everywhere at the hotel they had chipotle this and chipotle that, for food.  At the convention center it wasn’t much better.  I tried to get a salad but all they had was chipotle dressing, the wraps had chipotle mayo, even the sandwiches had chipotle mayo.  The only things that didn’t have chipotle on it were the sugar coated pecans/almonds, popcorn, the drinks, fudge and pizza.  So we had a very limited selection and since it was raining venturing out in the rain was not exactly what I wanted to do.

So imagine my shock when I ordered a salad and it cost $13 and that is without any meat in the salad.  Yes I understand that the name of the place was Texas Spice but I got news for them, chipotle is not a Texas a spice.  Ordering food and stressing that we did not want any spices on our food became rather interesting.  So about the only vegetable I got was as a side dish and even then they were coated with spices, no a good situation.  I would have gone for the buffet but even the meat dishes there had spices, but then again I could have had just a salad as well as macaroni and cheese.  But after ordering it on the last night, it was horrible.  They didn’t bother to mix the cheese thorough with the pasta, so let’s just say that I won’t be ordering that next year.

So I come back and although I should have been re-reading my information about being primal but decided that I was going to try to keep my carb count below 50, so basically putting my body into ketosis to give it a jump start.  At least that is the plan but I don’t know if I will be able to do it.  I’ve been reading all sorts of articles so I can learn what to expect and how to keep myself in good condition when I start really cutting back on my carb intake.

About this time you’re probably wondering why the big push.  Well at the end of May it was day 56 and I had hoped to be 10 pounds lighter but instead I’m heavier than when I started.  I really do want my espresso machine but I have to get to 185 by the time DragonCon comes along.

Maybe this is a good sign.  The rain has finally let up a bit here in Texas, yes that is where I live, so there is a chance that I can get out and ride my trike.  I’m not planning on riding any huge distances because I have a long way to drive before I get to the spot where I need to ride.  Yes I could ride my usual routes in the city but I hate riding in the city because the drivers are horrible.  I like being out on the open road, yes I know that it is dangerous and that the drivers are going faster on those roads than in the city streets but they seem more observant.  Maybe because of all of my flashing lights and streamers or maybe it is because they can’t figure out what I am so they are careful when they pass by me.  In the city they are very reckless with their driving because they are preoccupied with everything else except driving and focusing on the roadway.

Okay so I’ve stepped off my soap box and I’ve put in my 2 cents worth of opinion.

I’ve got a few more preparations to make before I get very serious about my diet and I’m quickly bringing things back in line to correct eating because my stomach can’t handle things any more and besides that my work pants are getting too tight….ouch!!

Besides if I lose that weight then I might treat myself and don a costume for DragonCon….now that would be fun.


So I blew up like a huge balloon and decided to get organize so I can start eating right.  A good thing is that the rain is not going to be as heavy as it has been for the last month so I can get out and ride my trike and so I can grill some of my food and it gets me outside for wonderful Vitamin K.