Big Step Backwards

Wow, did I ever take a big step backwards, my weight sky rocketed.  Yeah I’ll get the bad news over with right away.  My weight had sky rocketed to 220 pounds, at least that was what it said this morning as it screamed out for mercy and told me only one person at a time was allowed on the scale.

I think a part of my problem is that I was kind of bored with what I was eating that was allowed on the diet plan so I decided to just eat and enjoy things.  Well I went back up to my beginning weight and then I lost a pound or two, basically my weight was fluctuating so I didn’t really think too much about it as I headed for my first geek con of the year.  Boy was that a mistake….oh, not the con but my ignoring what I eat.

Now for any of you who have ever attended any convention, no matter if it is geek or work related, the food selection is not always the best.  Well as a matter of fact it really sucked this year, really sucked!!

The con was in Dallas and in the Dallas Convention Center and the venue was great as were the guests; the crowds weren’t too bad except when it came to lining up for autographs and pictures.  Why were they not good, well everyone was trying to do the same thing at the same time, but still it was a good con…EXCEPT for the food.

It was important to know about the location because as many of you probably heard over the news, Dallas/Ft. Worth and many other places in Texas were receiving large amounts of rain and so flooding was happening.  This kind of limited how far out you wanted to venture from the hotel and from the convention center.  Oh there were lots of food vendors but there was one thing that was prevalent in almost all of the food and that was Chipotle

I used to eat hot stuff long ago but thanks to a real mess I went through to get a divorce, I kind of developed some digestion problems and from then on any type of overly spicy or spicy hot, hell I sometimes have problems with Mild Pace Picante Sauce.  Now that makes me some kind of wimp because I used to love the hot and the medium, now I struggle with mild.  So do you see the theme here?  I can’t take hot or spicy and so my convention in Dallas became kind of a pain.

First night in we go down to the restaurant in the Omni in downtown Dallas and I ordered a steak.  I got green beans which were okay but had an odd taste to them.  Because of wet conditions we had lunch the next day back at the hotel and decided to have fish and chips and asked for tartar sauce with it.  It was a chipotle tartar sauce, so we sent it back (the people I was eating with also can not handle hot spicy foods) and they came back with the same stuff only it had more mayo in it so we send it back a second time and told our waiter again we want plain tartar sauce or we’ll just use mayo.  Finally the third time was the charm.

Well that is how things went the rest of the trip, everywhere at the hotel they had chipotle this and chipotle that, for food.  At the convention center it wasn’t much better.  I tried to get a salad but all they had was chipotle dressing, the wraps had chipotle mayo, even the sandwiches had chipotle mayo.  The only things that didn’t have chipotle on it were the sugar coated pecans/almonds, popcorn, the drinks, fudge and pizza.  So we had a very limited selection and since it was raining venturing out in the rain was not exactly what I wanted to do.

So imagine my shock when I ordered a salad and it cost $13 and that is without any meat in the salad.  Yes I understand that the name of the place was Texas Spice but I got news for them, chipotle is not a Texas a spice.  Ordering food and stressing that we did not want any spices on our food became rather interesting.  So about the only vegetable I got was as a side dish and even then they were coated with spices, no a good situation.  I would have gone for the buffet but even the meat dishes there had spices, but then again I could have had just a salad as well as macaroni and cheese.  But after ordering it on the last night, it was horrible.  They didn’t bother to mix the cheese thorough with the pasta, so let’s just say that I won’t be ordering that next year.

So I come back and although I should have been re-reading my information about being primal but decided that I was going to try to keep my carb count below 50, so basically putting my body into ketosis to give it a jump start.  At least that is the plan but I don’t know if I will be able to do it.  I’ve been reading all sorts of articles so I can learn what to expect and how to keep myself in good condition when I start really cutting back on my carb intake.

About this time you’re probably wondering why the big push.  Well at the end of May it was day 56 and I had hoped to be 10 pounds lighter but instead I’m heavier than when I started.  I really do want my espresso machine but I have to get to 185 by the time DragonCon comes along.

Maybe this is a good sign.  The rain has finally let up a bit here in Texas, yes that is where I live, so there is a chance that I can get out and ride my trike.  I’m not planning on riding any huge distances because I have a long way to drive before I get to the spot where I need to ride.  Yes I could ride my usual routes in the city but I hate riding in the city because the drivers are horrible.  I like being out on the open road, yes I know that it is dangerous and that the drivers are going faster on those roads than in the city streets but they seem more observant.  Maybe because of all of my flashing lights and streamers or maybe it is because they can’t figure out what I am so they are careful when they pass by me.  In the city they are very reckless with their driving because they are preoccupied with everything else except driving and focusing on the roadway.

Okay so I’ve stepped off my soap box and I’ve put in my 2 cents worth of opinion.

I’ve got a few more preparations to make before I get very serious about my diet and I’m quickly bringing things back in line to correct eating because my stomach can’t handle things any more and besides that my work pants are getting too tight….ouch!!

Besides if I lose that weight then I might treat myself and don a costume for DragonCon….now that would be fun.


So I blew up like a huge balloon and decided to get organize so I can start eating right.  A good thing is that the rain is not going to be as heavy as it has been for the last month so I can get out and ride my trike and so I can grill some of my food and it gets me outside for wonderful Vitamin K.


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