Soon A Change

So as the title suggests, soon again I will be attempting to eat better which it is my belief that it will allow me to lose weight.

I’m sitting here late night in my hotel room at DragonCon after having had dinner with friends and went out to have a drink or two with another friend that I’ve come to realize that I’ve had one continuing problem while being here in Atlanta and that is how I’ve felt after almost every meal.  I’ve either over eaten or else what I ate did not agree with me. I’ve also learned that it is now time for tequila and me to part ways which means that I’ve learned that as I’ve gotten older I can no longer handle tequila which was evident as I had a type of margarita during one of my dinners.  Yeah there is a chance that the meal didn’t help but in the morning I was still belching tequila and I continued to feel nauseous for several hours during the day.

Another disappointing note as DragonCon 2015 draws to an end, I was unable to give blood which I had been able to do in the years past.  Which meant that I couldn’t get their wonderful T-shirt but the main reason was that I was very low on my iron reading.  So why was I low, well I’ll tell you why.  I had a nervous outbreak of pimples…yeah, I know at my age but still they came up and made their appearance just over 2 weeks before I left for DragonCon.  I could smell the copper and iron in my blood and I remembered that one of my friends had actually been hospitalized when he had too much iron in his  blood so I did my best o make adjustments in my eating habits before I came to DragonCon….bad mistake.  I changed my diet too much and I did not have a high enough amount of iron in my blood after taking iron tablets and eating more iron rich products but after 3 days of trying, I finally had to come to terms that I could not give blood.

So what did this mean for me, it meant that all of the extra money I paid to get on meds for my high blood pressure was almost for naught.  I did the expense of getting on the meds so that I could donate but now I’m not going to worry about it but I will be keeping a closer eye on how I can regulate it through diet and exercise.

However, I won’t be fussing about things too much until I get back home on Wednesday.  I’ll go grocery shopping when I get back and I have one day to plan things since I turn around and go to another convention on Friday in my city and hopefully I won’t get out of control when I’m there.

So this is closing out the bet that I lost to myself and I did learn one thing, if I eat primal, my cholesterol levels go down, my blood pressure goes down and I feel more energized, so I guess I will need to change my lifestyle a little bit.  So for now I’m signing off so that I can get some sleep before I see my friends off for their journey home.

Okay my lack of sleep is catching up with me so I need to crash very soon, so I’m outta here,