New Year Better Eating

Yes like so many people I would like to make a resolution that I will lose weight when the fact of the matter is that I’ve lost a lot of weight but gained most of it back.  You know the “Yo-Yo” effect, well that’s been me.

So many times I find that I get bored eating the same thing day in and day out and too often if I don’t prepare things in advance I fall and then it is hard to get back to better eating.  I don’t know if anyone else experienced what I did over the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays and if you did then I’m sorry but if you didn’t then just be thankful.  What did I experience, pain!  Pain in the form of weight gain, pain in the form of eating too much and pain in the stomach because the things I was consuming were making me feel sick to my stomach.  I was living on Tums and Alka-Seltzer almost for two months and I just couldn’t stop myself.  Okay it doesn’t help that work was extremely stressful.  Yeah I know everyone would say breathe in and out slowly or count to 10 but those don’t work very well for me.

Did I say that I was stressed well I most definitely was stressed and my hair stylist agreed with me, saying she was having to cover more gray than usual.  Let’s just say that where I work was extremely stressful for the last two months and no even my massages helped relieve the stress.



Yeah I was sick and it seemed that no matter what I ate, I was getting sick.  I was living pretty much on 6 Tums per day and/or 1 or 2 doses of Alka-Seltzer per day.  Yes I know that it is not good for me but I was looking for relief.  I kept on seeing that it was because we were eating food that we normally would not eat but still I ended up eating it and I might have started out with the idea of only having a tablespoon of something but then it seemed the more I limited myself the more tablespoons of the food I ate.  I know that it wasn’t good for me but I couldn’t stop myself because it is not something that I would usually eat.  So the food was richer and I was eating a lot more than I normally had but I seemed powerless to stop myself.


Finally it looks as if most of that food is out of the house and I’m getting more of the food that I should eat back into the house but it is a slow change over process.  I got so sick on some food last week that if I moved I felt sick, if I sat still I felt sick and the worse part of all is my pants are tight and they are my stretch pants.  I think I have a permanent indentation around my middle from where my waistband should be.



Oh the solution is simple, eat better and eat healthier and then I will lose weight and be more energetic.

Yeah we’ve all read the articles and see the ads in print, video, TV and Internet about how you can quickly lose weight and never feel hungry.  Well I learned that those are not the way for me, many of them make you count calories and although I passed Calculus II in college with an ‘A’, I still don’t like doing the math of counting calories.  Note they tell you to do all of the counting and then to exercise, exercise, exercise but how can you do it when it actually hurts when you’re obese and try to do their exercises.  All too often then do not account for the fact that if you’re fat, you’re not able to move in way and if the exercises are too strenuous and hurt so after one or two tries I stop doing them either because I hurt myself or else they are too intense for me.

If only we could take weight off as easily as we put it on, that would be my one wish, forget World Peace.  Sorry just watched Ms Congeniality and just had to toss in the last part.  With my weight gain I’ve also become less active and yet when I used to live in another city, I used to run 6 days out of the week, come rain, sunshine, extremely hot temperatures or cold temperatures the only thing was that I had already lost the weight and found that I needed this outlet for all of my energy and I was eating whatever I wanted or could afford and by afford I meant because I had less than $20 to spend on groceries per week.

That was then and this is now and now is what has me concerned.  I’ve found with the few extra pounds that I’ve put on have put on, doing simple things is leaving me short of breath.  It seemed to happen so quickly so I scared myself into realizing that something has got to change and it is only something that I can do.  So with my weak will power I’m going to try and do something that will help me and it starts with me having better eating habits.

I can’t change how I eat such as in a rush or at my desk because I don’t really get time away from my desk to eat my dinner but I’m going to try and chew my food a little bit longer and maybe the chewing action will help.  I’m very picky when it comes to vegetables and I really don’t like a lot of vegetables so I’m going to eat more than the usual green beans and broccoli for my source of vegetables.

I’ve already started eating better starting today.  Unfortunately I didn’t wake up in time for breakfast before I had to rush off to an appointment and when I finally got home I was starving because it was almost 1130 hours.  I tried to relax eating and managed to do that a little bit and then took a nap before I left for work.  By the time five o’clock came around my stomach was growling big time.  So I ate and this may not be such a great thing since I usually get off at 2300 hours and the odds are I will need to grab a snack to eat before that time.  Maybe I’ll raid that pouch of tuna fish that I hid at work and mix it with mayo so it will be a better snack.

Remember me saying that I wanted to relax more as I ate, well I was doing my best and my partner was trying to take the foot traffic  coming into the building and the only lady in the lobby left but then she came back in and walked right up to me just as I put the food in my mouth.  I had to step away and thankfully my partner handled it because the only way I would be able to talk with the lady would have meant that I would have to swallow my food with very little chewing which would make for a very upset stomach.  My partner tried to take care of her but she was one of those people who are just lonely and just wants to talk.  So much for trying to relax and enjoy my meal at work.

Remember my saying I was always running out of time to prepare food, well I had a little bit of help today because they cooked the butternut squash for me and I had some cauliflower rice to go with my beef fajita meat and only used may for my condiment instead of wrapping the beef fajita in a tortilla.  The real thing that I wanted to say was that I’m trying to take care of my protein part of eating better.  I went to the store and bought some ground beef for hamburger patties, ground turkey for hamburger patties, chicken sausages, fajita chicken breasts and bacon, all of which were cooked out on my grill.  Once everything had cooled down I vacuum sealed them in the food saver bags and now I have 8 beef burgers with mozzarella cheese chunks and dried cranberries; 8 turker burgers with spinach and shredded mozzarella cheese, 6 fajita marinated chicken breasts cooked and cut up like for fajita servings, 5 chicken spinach and mozzarella sausages (hot dog size), and 1 1/2 pound of bacon all cooked up.  Now the bacon stays in the fridge for snacks and the rest have all been sealed up so I have the proteins all done.

I’m happy that I been able to eat better today and I realized that I got up late and was more concerned with getting my cup of coffee that I forgot to weigh in.  So on Saturday morning I was at 221.9 but on Sunday I was at 219.7; so I figured that I would go somewhere in between the two and chose 220.5 as my starting weight.  The important thing I should have done but didn’t do was take my blood pressure which I need to do when I get off and start keeping better track of it.

I noticed one thing though, I didn’t start having shortness of breath until I started taking my BP meds but now it is a regular thing.  I know, go to the doctor and get this take care of and I will do this, I just need to find a doctor because the last one moved out of state and the one before that went to Doctors Without Borders.

I should be off work early tonight so I’ll probably go home and make breakfast muffins so I can have something with my coffee and maybe even make some blueberry muffins the paleo/primal way so that I won’t go overboard on these items.

Plus I need to run to the store and buy some BBQ tools because my old ones have grown legs and run away.  It got so cold Sunday afternoon while grilling and I couldn’t find my bike lock to secure my gas grill to something outside that I had to haul it inside w/o being able to clean it.  I keep on forgetting it wasn’t summer time and so I wasn’t paying too much attention to the sun until it started setting….oops!  So finished cooking just as the sun was setting and the temperature had gone from high 60’s to 50 degrees, almost 18 degree change.

Either way, protein cooked, now to work on the veggies and put them in the smaller bags so all I have to do is grab a bag and stuff it into my lunch bag and head out in time to be to work on time.

So healthier and happier eating to you.