Different Approach


Okay so here I am once again writing in this blog and wishing that I still wasn’t overweight, but just in case you couldn’t guess, I’m still overweight.  Basically I have no will power and at home no one really cares that I’m trying to diet and when family all get together it is a marathon of eating all of the worse things.

So here I am with about 2 weeks to go until my family reunion as they go about trying to plan for things to eat and although it is usually sort of healthy, I fall back into the area of having fajita tacos which means that I’m eating tortillas, usually flour and eating all sorts of other things which are really that good for me.

Lately I’ve rediscovered baking but seeing that I’m trying to watch my carbs, that means that regular flour is out and you can’t always substitute almond flour for places where you would usually used regular flour.  I’ve tried baking using a sifted combination of almond flour and tapioca flour and although it is good, I have to be careful about the amount of liquids that I add into the mixture.  In the recipe that I’m adapting they suggest using coconut flour which gives it a type of denseness but I don’t like the taste of coconut in milk, flour or oil.  Yeah I know sounds kind of silly for someone who has been trying to go paleo/primal because apparently most of them believe that you can’t cook/bake a single thing without these products but I hate coconut.  No, let me take that back.  My mother has an awesome recipe for coconut macaroons but since it is made with sweetened condensed milk and I’ve yet to figure out how to make that type of milk in a primal fashion, I’m not going to be eating coconut.

So now I’ve come across something that has peaked my interest once again and so I’m trying it to see how well I can stay on it.  The diet is very restrictive…..NOT!  The exercise plan is very strenuous…..NOT!  Worse of all it is extremely complicated….NOT!!

For dieting there is some restriction and actually it is a pretty good thing to do and fairly simple.  Cut Out Wheat !!  Yeah really he says it is that simple.  So I started doing some limited research on cutting out the wheat in my diet and am pretty amazed at how much wheat are in so many common products.  In my research I also learned that there are several other products which have wheat in them but that is only a part of the main product and of course the main offender is flour.  Unless you are actively trying to cut out flour, you don’t realize just how much it is used in our every day lives.

Most of us were raised that we have a sandwich for lunch when we went to school unless you bought your lunch at school but I’m pretty sure that flour was used in those lunches.  One thing that I’ve never gotten past is having a sandwich for lunch which is usually eaten on the go as I am preparing to go to work because just in case you forgot, I work a late evening shift and only get off a little before midnight.

So yeah it is easy to understand that I need to cut wheat out of my diet, this is what Mark Sisson promotes as do other paleo diets and they encourage using other substitutes but they also stress to restrict the carbohydrates that you consume.  According to this one book I just read, you don’t have to count carbs, calories or anything like that, just cut out the wheat.  I will admit that they push is also to eat more organic or at least a healthier diet but mainly cut out the wheat.  I’ll be honest, I’m not made of money and so I have to be very careful when it comes to eating organic because it is downright expensive and to be perfectly honest, organic does not mean it is chemical free, they still use chemicals when growing organic.  So I try to stay organic on some things and others, well at least I’m eating better.

Let’s see, I’ve talked about cutting out the wheat, the next thing that is promoted is Tension.  Just in case you don’t remember, I used to jowalk (jowalk=jog until I ran out of breath, then walked until I caught my breath and then repeat) (I was doing HIIT before it became popular)  5 miles a day, six days a week which meant that I was an endorphin junkie.  Also I was about 30 years younger and not so overweight.  Sure I had put on some weight but it was only about 30 pounds which quickly came off and the pounds stayed off for a long time.

Back to the word Tension.  I plan on using tension to help shape my body.  I’m not talking about the type of tension/stress you can get from work or really, really annoying people; I’m talking about using your own body’s tension to help redefine my hidden muscles.  Oh they are down there underneath the flab I just need to work them and they will come back.  So how do I work them, well according to everyone, I need to get out and move, do quick dashes, lift weights and all sorts of things physical and I will get back my physique.  Well I’ve been trying to do it and all I got were strain muscles and end up hurting myself.  As I mentioned above, I’m planning on using my own body’s Tension to help build back up some of the strength that I once had.  So how am I planning on doing this, why with something super easy, called Isometrics.

Wait…. let me take that back.  Isometrics aren’t exactly easy if done right because you’re using your own body to rebuild your strength which is what I desperately need to do.  I didn’t realize it but when I was younger, I had a lot of strength although I wasn’t very muscular and could push and pull a lot more than other people though.  Now that I’ve let my muscles go to pot, it will be a long battle to get them back into shape.  I know that isometrics actually work because one of my uncles used to be very skinny and had absolutely no muscle tone but he started working out and doing isometric exercises and soon he had developed strength.

So using Tension I plan on redefining my muscle tone.  This person did not push vast amounts of cardio but there is one bit of cardio that I really enjoy doing and that is riding Serenity.  She is my recumbent tadpole tricycle, which is pedal power.  I’ve spent money buying her and now I’ve been slowly decking her out so I can take her out on the open road and that is what I plan on doing for cardio exercises and believe me when I say that I will be doing some lifting too because the trike has a base weight of at least 30 pounds and with all of the additives I’ve put on the trike the weight has increased too.  So I will have to lift it in and out of the vehicle I’m traveling in as well as ride.

The last part of the equation is to breathe.  I will need to breathe during my exercises but the real hard part will be to learn to breathe through the stress at work.  Yes there is a lot of stress at my work as I’m sure there is with your own job and so if I can practice breathing maybe I can keep myself from reacting poorly and saying anything that will not be beneficial.  He stresses to accept the negative and not to let it rule us, which is hard to do because I’m sort of a attack the problem head on type of person and have always been that way so this will as always be a work in progress.