P D E – Day 1

Just in case you couldn’t guess, the PDE stands for Potato Diet Experiment.  I call it an experiment because I’m not really sure if I’m even going to do this but after spending most of the night in pain from stomach cramps, I decided that something had to change.  Oh but wait I got up in time to make my massage appointment, just barely because of another bathroom visit.

So I finish my appointment and everything is fine only I decided to go to the grocery store and look up trying to get some potatoes for me to eat and maybe I’ll start this silly diet.  So I grabbed a couple of bags of potatoes and one smaller bag of medley of potatoes and headed home still wondering if I was even going to do this.  I figured if I changed my mind then I guess we would be having mashed potatoes…a lot!

I was about to get started when I decided to go weight myself and I about went into shock.  My weight was 220 pounds.  I haven’t been that heavy in some time, I’ve been close but it said exactly 220.0 pounds.  I stepped off and redid my weight 2 more times as well as double checked to make sure the scale was on a level surface which it was unfortunately.

This was what did it for me, I walked right into the kitchen and nuked a potato and decided to give this potato thing a try.  So I had a baked potato plain, no salt, pepper, butter, bacon, cheese or anything at all on it.  Imagine my surprise when I didn’t want to gag.  I had been trying to drink my Kona coffee mix and was struggling with that because of the bitterness of the coffee but I was following the rules of having it black.  So I had coffee and lots of water with my baked potato and ate it skin and all.

OH…that is another topic for debate.  One person on the diet said to peel the potatoes but I know that this is where most of the nutritional value lies and since I’m used to eating the skin, it didn’t really bother me to eat the potato, skin and all.  I SURVIVED!  I did it and was still a tad hungry so I nuked another one while putting a pot of water on the stove to boil some the medley of potatoes along with some red potatoes.  I very lightly salted the water with 1/16th teaspoon of salt which means a very small amount of salt went into the water.

I packed an extra baking potato just in case and then put my boiled potatoes in two containers and off I went to work.  Now I was extremely nervous because too many times at work I will start a diet and they just smile knowing I was going to fail.  I only ate a little bit of the potatoes at work but was able to get off early so I went home.

The reasoning escapes me but for some reason I felt like I was starved so I ate more potatoes until I was full.  I had noticed one thing, I got full eating potatoes very quickly and sometimes the full feeling would fade in an hour and sometimes it took longer.  But according to Penn, he ate potatoes when he was hungry and it didn’t matter how many he ate so I didn’t feel guilty about eating when I got home.  I even had some potatoes before I went to bed.

I noticed that the amount of water I consumed during the day had dramatically increased which was good but then again it was either coffee or water and since water doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste I chose the water.


So let me put down these values:

WEIGHT:    220.0 pounds

Blood Pressure:     171/124

Yes I’m aware of my extremely high BP and note that I hadn’t taken my meds in a couple of weeks just because I forgot.  The main point is to see if eating this way will actually help my BP or if it might have to be doing surgery to unkink an artery which was last my cardiologist said.

Wow, that sure sucks, having a cardiologist and I was first sent to one before I turned 50.  BUMMER!


I think this about covers everything that I did that day.  If I have more or forgot something I’ll come back and make corrections.

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