P D E – Day 2

Thankfully it was cool in the evening so I was finally able to fall asleep and stay asleep with one interruption but then I went right back to sleep.  I looked at the bathroom where the weight scale was silently waiting for me, ready to mock me for another failed attempt at dieting so needless to say I was avoiding the scale until it was about the same time to weigh myself as I did the first day.  I know all about consistency of weighing at the same time which happens to be around noon time.  Why noon time, I tend to be heavy by this time no matter what I’ve eating, it is as if gravity chose to pull a little bit extra on my feet by the middle of the day.  Well I figured I might have a couple of tenths (1/10) of a pound of weight loss so I might as well as get it over and done with so the disappointment can begin.

WTH!!!  I double checked the level of the scale, stepped up and weighed again, then stepped back and moved the scale to another level spot in the bathroom and it happened again.  WTH!    The scale showed in one day I had lost 5 pounds.  I know I found that impossible to believe so I stepped out of the bathroom and walked around my living room for a moment and then stepped back on the scale.  Each time I stepped up on the scale it showed that I had a 5 pound loss in my weight.

I’ve never had such quick success with a diet so I did a mental 180 and decided to stay on the potato diet at least for one more day.  I remember that Penn had a 1.8 pound loss average every day but for me to have 5, that was incredible.  So I made my baked potato for lunch, used my airfryer to roast some red potatoes and fingerling potatoes.  Then I decided to turn my second baked potato into mashed potatoes so I broke out my old blender and a blending I did go.  Of course I had to sample some of what I just made and they weren’t too bad, still needed some salt/pepper and butter but I guess I could eat it plain, skin and all.

Thankfully no one at work noticed that I was only eating potatoes, roasted, some of yesterday’s left over boiled potatoes (nuked) and my favorite, mashed.  Yes I know they say to eat the potatoes cold but I don’t like cold potatoes and since the only rule I’ve read that stays true is to eat a potato so I’m eating potatoes, mashed, roasted and boiled.

One of the guys I’m working with notices my bowl of mashed potatoes and he asked if those were mashed potatoes and I said yes, but no salt/pepper/butter and he said they looked good and smelled good.  Now this guy is a health nut and it was nice to receive a reassuring nod from him.

So work went off without a hitch and I ate my potatoes, as many as I wanted and when I felt full, I put them away and waited until I was hungry again.  When I got home late that night (I work until 11pm) I was hungry and so I helped myself to the mashed potatoes and finished my bowl along with finishing off at least 1/2 gallon of water.

I know most people say not to go to bed with food on your tummy but it seems I sleep a little bit better with some food on my tummy and a very cold room.  Thankfully the weather was cooperating with me and my room was cold.  See it wasn’t a very exciting day…oh who am I kidding.  It was a GREAT day, I lost 5 pounds.  I know that will not happen again tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll probably gain some of that weight back because that is an awful lot of weight to lose in one day, so tomorrow reality will slap me in the face.


Today’s value:


WEIGHT:    215.0

Sorry no blood pressure, I just forgot to take it as well as take my meds on day 2.


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